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Vienna Concerts: Free Concert At Schonbrunn Palace


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We will visit Vienna at the time of the free Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra concert at Schonbrunn Palace on 7 June 2012. Is it possible to tour Schonbrunn Palace on the day? If so, what time would you suggest that we do such a tour and then stay or come back for the concert?

Dear Naomi,

thank you for your enquiry. It is possible to tour the palace and gardens on the day. I would suggest you do a tour in the afternoon. Schonbrunn Palace is open until 5.30pm. Touring the inside of the palace will take you between 30 and 60 min, depending on the kind of tour you take. I would suggest that you then tour the park and gardens, possibly the zooas well if you like, which is part of the gardens.

My favourites there are the palm house, the Gasthaus Tirolergartenwhich is located in front of the zoo entrance, and the Cafe Gloriette. The belvedere view on top of the Gloriette is open until 6pm. You could book a place for dinner at the Gloriette which also serves a few light meals. It is open ‘until sun set’ which is a little vague but this means it should be open until at least 8pm in June. And you will have a fabulous view of the palace and Vienna! Their email is office@gloriette-cafe.at

Other local cafes and restaurants to consider are the Tirolergarten and Kaiserpavillon, but they are only open until 6ish, the Kutschergwoelb closes at 5pm. The Cafe Residenz and Schonbrunner Stoeckl are a little touristy but are open longer. I never had dinner at those and understand that they do not serve big meals but may be wrong since they call themselves ‘restaurant’.

Have a lovely day and enjoy the concert!


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