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Vienna private tours: Yvonne Heuberger

Vienna Tours Private Sightseeing: My 10 Best City Tours And Day Trips

Vienna Tours Private Sightseeing. Are you not a tourbus person? Do you think there is more to a city than a print guide? I have put together the 10 best small group and private tours for you to screen.

Private City Highlights Tour

Vienna tours private sightseeing: GriechengasseVienna Tours Private Sightseeing. What I like about this tour is that it comes in neat digestible packages. During the three-hour core tour, the local tour guide will show you the essentials, from Ringstrasse boulevard and Schonbrunn Palace to artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser’s iconic blobby building in the district of Landstrasse. This is the easy-peasy mini-van tour. If you can spare two more hours and like to walk, he will take you into the city centre, including the Imperial Palace, the Jewish quarter and St. Stephen’s Cathedral. The full-day tour (seven hours) builds upon the five hour tour, and includes more hidden places in the city centre, and then to the wineries of Grinzing and the Wienerwald.
Learn more about the Private City Highlights Tour.

All of Vienna Sightseeing Tour

Vienna tours private sightseeingVienna Tours Private Sightseeing. This is a brilliant family tour that will change the way you thought about Vienna. If I had a transfer company, I would do the same tour because it is so diverse. I tested it and found the mix of Imperial landmarks, Art Nouveau buildings, romantic vintner villages, and charming neighbourhood allotments irresistible. You can tweak the tour route, include a lunch break, get a licensed tour guide or just driver, and more. Read my Vienna Sightseeing tour review.

Private Limousine / Luxury Van Tour

Vienna Tours Private Sightseeing: Luxury Limousine TourVienna Tours Private Sightseeing. Not everyone is blessed with a pair of legs that walk 15 km a day without wear and tear. Before you succumb to a tourist coach, consider hiring a private guide who drives you around while feeding you with stories about the city. It is like your private hop-on hop-off tour. You call the shots or get a menu of key landmarks to see. Do use this opportunity to also venture beyond the centre to Schönbrunn Palace, visit Hundertwasserhaus, River Danube and Ferris Wheel. More about the tour. 

Vienna Art Wine Tour

Vienna Tours Private Sightseeing. Does surrounding yourself by art treasures on a historic winery estate sound like time well spent? It did to me when I headed for Klosterneuburg monastery, which hosts Austria’s oldest wine cellar and has been producing its own wines for 900 years. I went with private tour guide Regina, a Klosterneuburg local and site expert. Find out more in my review of her Vienna Art Wine Tour.

Sigmund Freud And The World Of Yesterday

Vienna Tours private sightseeing: tour guideVienna Tours Private Sightseeing. Some travellers join local guide Gertrude’s tour because they like Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis (remember David Cronenberg’s blockbuster A Dangerous Method). And some travellers are simply after sites and stories about Vienna 1900 and the ‘World Of Yesterday’ (Stefan Zweig). Gertrude’s tour follows Freud’s footsteps when he lived and worked in the city for almost half a century. You will visit many places with a reference to Freud, including the Sigmund Freud Museum. What I liked most about the tour were the many stories about Freud’s contemporaries, including Empress Sisi, Emperor Francis Joseph, and Gustav Klimt.
Read my review of this tour and the Sigmund Freud museum.

Imperial Vienna Tour

Vienna tours private sightseeing: Austrian National LibraryVienna Tours Private Sightseeing. Do you plan to watch out for signs like ‘Imperial Vienna landmark’ once in town? The Habsburgs left obvious traces such as their two local palaces. However, there are dozens of other Imperial puzzle pieces that are easily passed (they don’t carry signs…). They will show you where the Emperors got married, how they displayed their power, what books meant to them, where their families lived, and who works in some of their rooms today.

A local tour guide took me on a private tour to finetune my insight on Imperial Vienna, and Central European history. Learn more about the Imperial Vienna tour.

Secret Vienna Tour

Vienna tours private sightseeing: Secret courtyardVienna Tours Private Sightseeing.  What is it like to see Vienna backstage? Stepping into 18th-century courtyards, turning into alleyways with signs and inscriptions, and listening to ‘backstage stories‘ about Wolfgang Amadeus  Mozart and other famous Viennese? It was ok when I went on my own discovery (no stories). But it was marvellous when I took a guided tour.

Find out more about the Secret Vienna Tour I did.

Vienna Jewish Tour

Vienna tours private sightseeing: Jewish SynagogueVienna Tours Private Sightseeing. Are part of your roots in Jewish Vienna? Would you like to visit old and contemporary places that celebrate Jewish culture and commemorate its heritage and difficult history in town? I joined this private tour, which started at the wonderful, dynamic Jewish Museum. Don’t miss a walk through former Jewish quarter Leopoldstadt.  Find out more.

Music Tour Vienna

Vienna tours private sightseeing: Augustine ChapelVienna Tours Private Sightseeing.  Fans of classical music can follow some of their favourite composers through Vienna on this insider tour. Vienna as the capital of classical isn’t just a well-hugged cliché…

What I most enjoyed was stepping through the historic centre and seeing all those landmarks, but through the lense of a classical music fan. Since then, listening to Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn and Vivaldi has got a distinctive Viennese touch. Read the story about my music tour.

Private Wine Tasting Tour Through Wachau Valley

Vienna tours private sightseeing: Danube valley of WachauVenturing out to the countryside while on a city break usually means extra logistics: You will either have to prepare your own route or accept large tour groups. Unless you join private small group tours, like I did: I went for two wine tasting trips to Wachau Valley, a super comfortable one in a mini-van, and an active one by bike. The bike tour was a little more crowded but still enjoyable. In all, the tours made it easy to connect with fellow travellers and share your experiences on the way. Venturing through this romantic valley in a small group also opened up ways and views we wouldn’t otherwise have been able to see.

Find out more about my Wachau Valley tour by minivan and my Wachau tour by bike.

Vienna Tours Private Sightseeing: Is It For You?

Vienna Unwrapped symbolMy tips: Private tours can become an affordable alternative to guided tours if you travel in groups as small as three people.
Find out with the tour guide or tour operator whether they are able to  adjust your customised tour during the journey if need be.

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