Vienna Concerts: Vienna Symphonics at Konzerthaus
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Vienna Concerts 2023 – 18+ Examples To Avoid Tourist Traps

Every day, my home city stages one to three dozen Vienna concerts. To make things more complicated, the ‘capital of music’ hosts events with varying levels of quality. Let’s assume you are after quality music events and would like to avoid tourist traps. To facilitate your choice I’m sharing a list of great and good concerts below: from Vienna Philharmonic to organ concerts. Where there are caveats I will say so. In fact, there can be a fine line between a concert popular with tourists, and a tourist trap. As a guideline, use this checklist to find a fantastic Vienna concert that is worth its money.

Vienna Concerts: Quality Music Event Checklist

Advent and Christmas Concerts

Vienna concerts: Christmas concert PeterskircheIn the run up to Christmas classical music gets special vibes through trumpets, choirs, and clearly Christmas Carols. Many of them take place in our sumptuous baroque churches and at St. Stephen’s Cathedral. (There is a BIG difference to department store Christmas crooners!)

To give you examples, here are the best concerts and chamber music events in 2023. For further details and booking, visit the Advent time concert calendar or click on the links below.

Vienna Boys Choir At Christmas in Vienna Grand Concert
Dates: 15th and 16th December 2023
Location: Wiener Konzerthaus, Lothringer Strasse 20, 1030 Vienna

Magic Trumpet at St. Anne’s Church
Dates: from 30th November 2023 
Location: Annakirche, Annagasse 6, 1010 Vienna

Right in the center of Vienna, its landmark St. Stephen’s Cathedral opens up space for divine sounds. Every Friday and Saturday in the run up to Christmas, one of Vienna’s best orchestras will uncork fine classics that Europeans already enjoyed 300 years ago. Among them are selected pieces from Bach’s Christmas Oratory, festive chamber music by Mozart and selected pieces by Joseph Haydn.

Dates: 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th and 23rd December 2023 (tbc)
Location: Stephansplatz 1, 1010 Vienna
Tickets: get tickets 

Sound of Christmas at the Imperial Capuchin Church
Dates: from 29th November 2023
Location: Kapuzinerkirche, Neuer Markt, 1010 Vienna

Advent, Christmas and New Year at St. Peter’s
Dates: from 20th December 2023 to 4th January 2024 (exc 24th December and 1st January)
Location: Peterskirche, Petersplatz 1, 1010 Vienna

New Years Eve Concerts

Vienna Concerts : MusikvereinThe first thing to remember is that Vienna’s new year’s eve concerts are rare prey for MANY locals and travellers. In general, they cover both classical and contemporary music. Many contemporary concerts are free and form part of Vienna’s big street festival ‘Silvesterpfad’, while the classical concerts take place in warm concert halls. If you want to properly arrange the evening before you travel you can book some classical concerts together with a dinner package. Learn more about New Year’s Eve concerts in Vienna.

New Year’s Day Concerts and feedback on the Vienna New Year Concert

New Year’s Day is the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra’s annual New Year’s Concert, which is broadcast all over the world. Since the New Year’s concert is so popular that tickets are sold via an online draw. You can apply for tickets between 1st and 28th February. If you weren’t lucky at the ballots, you can buy tickets via third party ticket providers. Because it takes various parties to ensure tickets are available after the drawing, prices are quite elevated for this level of classical experience.

To find out whether ticket prices are worth the expense I have spoken with a local Viennese and with a traveller who attended the concert. Read their feedback in Vienna New Year Concert. For obtaining practical tips, find out more in Vienna New Year’s Concert ticket information.

Spring Concerts

Vienna Concerts : Johann Strauss statueBetween March and June 2023, you are up for a few classical music delicatessen in Vienna. While Easter Sunday marks several highlights at Musikverein, Konzert and Wiener Staatsoper make sure you check the concert calendar for particular highlights.  Alternatively, listen in on Vivaldi’s baroque masterpiece Four Seasons, which relates to amazingly to Vienna’s baroque scenery. 

Right on Easter Sunday morning the Vienna Boys Choir will sing at the Imperial Court Chapel – probably Spring’s best wake up call.

Summer Night Concert Schönbrunn Palace

During the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra’s free annual concert in the gardens of Schönbrunn Palace, thousands of music fans celebrate on the lawns. Expect  a spectacular show with top quality classical music and fireworks.

Time: 8th June 2023
Location: Schönbrunn Palace, palace gardens, in front of Neptune fountain; Schönbrunner Schloßstrasse 47 1130 Vienna,
Tickets: free admission

Summer Concerts

Vienna concerts: Schonbrunn PalaceSummer is a tricky time for serious music fans in Vienna: Many local classical orchestras and venues take a summer break in July and August. While all-year-round Vienna concerts continue at elegant town palaces such as Wiener Kursalon, Palais Auersperg and Palais Palffy they are often considered tourist traps.

With this in mind, consider alternative options such as church concerts and summer operettas, or a special music treat at the Schloss Grafenegg Festival. Find a summer concert during your stay.

Access the Vienna concerts calendar for Summer Music Events in Vienna.

Daytime Concerts

Annoyingly for some music fans, the vast majority of classical concerts in Vienna take place in the evenings. If you know where to dig, however, you will find amazing matinees, lunchtime concerts and afternoon concerts. Some take place fairly regularly, some offer a limited number of tickets, and some music events are even for free. In Vienna Daytime Concerts, find out where to look and how to attend.

Classical Concerts With Small Children

Which classical concerts are the best to visit with children? In order for the whole family to enjoy a classical music event, you can either attend a classical concert adapted for children, or an event for adults that is suitable for kids as well. In Vienna, both options exist. Click on Classical Vienna Concerts With Small Children to find inspiration.

Concerts Throughout The Year

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

concert at Minorite churchDid you know that Vivaldi lived in Vienna for some time, and is buried here? At baroque church St. Charles Borromeo (aka Karlskirche) his spectacular Four Seasons will come and go as regularly. Amidst the church’s airy heights, a violin virtuoso together with the Vienna Chamber Orchestra conjure thunderstorms, barking dogs, sleeping shepherd boys and icy cold rain.
Vienna Unwrapped logoTip: When at Vienna’s Museum of Fine Arts (Kunsthistorisches Museum) watch out for painter Arcimboldo’s famous Summer and Winter allegorical heads and remember them when you attend the concert.
Dates: various dates
Location: Minoritenkirche, Minoritenplatz, 1010 Vienna
Bookings: get tickets for Vivaldi – The Four Seasons

Vienna’s Secret Classical Music Treat

Vienna's Peterskirche at nightTo begin with, music from ensembles can connect you more deeply with tunes and composers. For example, the quartet at the crypt of St. Peter’s pulls literally all their strings to revive the world’s best classical music – and they do it masterfully. ‘The fingering on some of the pieces was like the birds singing.’ (source: TripAdvisor). In fact, many of this ensemble’s musicians have excellent track records. Prepare for signature pieces of Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Vivaldi and more by Classic Ensemble Vienna. To get the full story, read my review in Vienna Secret Classical Music.

Dates: weekends and certain weekdays throughout the year; 8.00 pm

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Vienna concerts : Musikverein‘It’s the special sound’, say some. ‘It’s the world class conductors’, say others. As a matter of fact, the Philharmonics attract thousands of music connoisseurs each year. Not to mention the millions of TV spectators watching their New Year’s Concert each 1st January. Is it worth getting tickets at Musikverein? How to reliably get Vienna New Year’s Concert tickets when you haven’t won the online drawing?

Despite a few hurdles it is not impossible for a prepared traveller to experience this orchestra live. For this reason, I’m sharing my special guide on the most elusive of Vienna attractions, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. For practical advice, visit Vienna New Years Concert ticket information.

Vienna Boys Choir

Vienna Boys ChoirVienna Concerts. Sometimes I imagine my own boy sing like a Wiener Sängerknabe. Surely the choir boys of this 500-year-old institution have exceptional voices, which are regularly heard in Wien. While most expect the Wiener Sängerknaben to sing Mozart, Haydn, Bruckner and Schubert, the Vienna Boys Choir also excels in modern choir music. In spite of their extensive world tours, you will likely meet them when in Vienna as the Sängerknaben split into four different choir groups.

Access the concert calendars of three different locations in Vienna on the Vienna Boys Choir page.

Concerts at Musikverein

Vienna concerts: foyer of MusikvereinBecause composers like Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart, Schubert and Vivaldi wrote many excellent pieces for chamber music this event is a lovely opportunity to listen to them. For example, Mozart’s happy Milanese Quartet revolves around a recurring theme that is utterly playful. In Haydn’s Frog Quartet the four strings entertain a ‘conversation’ that covers the whole spectrum of sentiments. Despite its chamber setting, the event also includes an unusually powerful performance of the Four Seasons by Vivaldi, who spent his last years in Vienna.

While the world’s classic fans know the Musikverein’s Golden Hall from countless New Year’s Concert broadcasts, the smaller Brahms Hall is massively underrated. When the hall opened in 1870 the local press and critics described the Greek Renaissance interiors in red, gold and green as a ‘true little treasure chest’. This pictures shows the Musikverein’s foyer. To see photos of the Brahms Hall just click on the link below.

Dates: various concert tickets.

Mozart Piano Sonatas At St. Peter’s

Vienna Concerts: PeterskircheIn a similar fashion to the classic ensemble above, you can indulge in an even more focused way in Vienna’s music:  On Saturdays and Sundays, the same church St. Peter opens its crypt to a small group of Mozart fans. Amidst a simple but elegant setting, international pianists perform Mozart piano sonatas solo on a Steinway piano. Since Vienna’s master composer performed regularly in churches the environment provides an authentic setting.

Addtionally, the crypt’s acoustics are great and the atmosphere serene. The concerts start in the early evening and last just 45 minutes – great for busy travellers and families.

Dates: throughout the year

Mozart Requiem

church St. Charles Borromeo in Vienna at nightWhile more Mozart is served in this concert series prepare for an utterly different experience. In the gothic hall of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, 40 musicians and a choir create a monumental sound cloud made of Wolfgang Amadeus’ famous Requiem. In that case, it’s all about the spectacular side of art and music, as you will experience in this sumptuous church packed with colourful frescoes.

In the past years the Mozart requiem has turned into one of the most popular Vienna concerts.  Every Saturday, the musicians of  the Orchestra 1756 (Mozart’s year of birth) play on historical instruments, replicating the ambiente of the Requiem’s premiere in the 18th century. Because of the quality of this concert you will likely be in the company of other travellers avoiding Mozart ‘varieté shows’.

Dates: 28th and 31st October 2023, special concert on the anniversary of Mozart’s death on 4th December (St. Stephen’s Cathedral); anniversary concert 4th December (midnight): get tickets

Mozart And Beethoven Quartets

Vienna concerts: St. Anne's churchVienna Concerts. Never underestimate the power of four instruments. Since Mozart wrote 23 pieces for string quartets, and Beethoven 17, this concert series pays tribute to a key classical music format. Beneath the colourful baroque frescoes and pink marble columns of St. Anne’s Church musicians of renowned local orchestras spread pure bliss with two of Mozart’s and Beethoven’s most elegant chamber music.

Dates: various

Johann Strauss Music

Johann Strauss and his orchestraEvery now and then I put on a Strauss CD for Sunday breakfast. And I do get emotional in Austrian Airlines when hearing the Blue Danube Waltz while landing in Vienna. But where would I listen to live Strauss music in Wien, without falling into a tourist trap? The truth is, you’ll need to be VERY selective with picking the right venue and orchestra. If you ask me as a Viennese the best place to enjoy Strauss music is watching an operetta at Volksoper Vienna. To explore not just the best music venues but also Strauss places in Vienna read my Johann Strauss Vienna Guide.

Cathedral Music

Vienna Concerts: St. Stephen's CathedralThanks to its acoustics and beauty, our landmark St. Stephen’s Cathedral is one of the best places for classical Vienna concerts. Equally important, the music ensembles are good quality. Sometimes the acclaimed ensemble of the Vienna University of Music and the Arts performs there as well.

If you are lucky your trip dates will coincide with one of the cathedral concerts in the attic. In any case, expect regular Vivaldi’s Four Seasons concerts during the summer and early autumn. On top, the cathedral will regularly stage pompous organ music on its brand new Giant Organ. By all means visit the Advent and Christmas concerts if you are around. Learn more about current music events in Stephansdom.

Free Organ Concerts

Vienna concerts: organ of AugustinerkircheBesides Sunday masses, some Viennese churches regularly stage organ concerts, such as the Church of the Augustines, the University Church and Church St. Peter. Additionally, the concert series at Schottenkirche combines organ with piano, violin or a voice soloist. Although these concerts are generally free most guests make a small donation.

Since free organ concerts take place infrequently, it’s worth starting your research upfront. Watch out for amazing organ music from Wolfgang A. Mozart, Joseph Haydn and Franz Schubert. In order to facilitate your search visit the website of the Association of Viennese Organ concerts.

Maestro Masterclass

Vienna Concerts: Austrian conductorWhen in Vienna, you can now explore the city’s rich music history with an expert at hand. Off the big stages, renowned Austrian conductor and pianist Christoph Campestrini will discuss classical Viennese music with private clients and small groups: from Mozart and Beethoven to Schubert, from Strauß to Mahler. All you need to bring is a love for classical music.

Vienna Unwrapped reader Lillian Martin and her son Ethan spent an evening with Maestro Campestrini on the piano, and later at a concert. Find out more about this Vienna music experience.

Vienna Unwrapped symbolMy Vienna Concert Highlights 2023

Almost every month, there is a music festival or a one special one off concert that you shouldn’t miss. Some of them take place at the Vienna Musikverein, the illustrious home of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

If you’d like to listen to a particular type of music check my favourite local festivals in the Vienna Music Festival guide. To find out about special one-off concerts, visit my monthly highlights for

January: Things to do in Vienna, January
February: Things to do in Vienna, February
March: Things to do in Vienna, March
April: Things to do in Vienna, April
May: Things to do in Vienna, May
June: Things to do in Vienna, June
July: Things to do in Vienna, July
August: Things to do in Vienna, August
September: Things to do in Vienna, September
October: Things to do in Vienna, October
November: Things to do in Vienna, November
December: Things to do in Vienna, December

For most classical Vienna concerts there is no need for ‘black tie’ dressing unless you attend the New Year’s Concert. Specific dress codes for certain concerts, if any, will be indicated when you buy the tickets.

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