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Day Trips from Vienna: Salzburg City

Day Trips From Vienna: Salzburg, Bratislava, Budapest, Prague, Wachau

How To Explore from Vienna And Enjoy Your Trip

Day trips from Vienna are incredibly varied. Half a dozen top landmarks, UNESCO World Heritage sites and European cultural capitals huddle together within a radius of 200 miles.  Let me share a few day trip ideas to neighbouring cities and the countryside with you.

Mini Danube Cruise To Bratislava

Day trips from Vienna: BratislavaDay trips from Vienna. Can you imagine that you overlooked a beautiful spot just 56 kilometres from your door step for 41 years? That is exactly what I did. During the time of the Iron Curtain, Bratislava was further away for my local family than Rome. After that, cities like Budapest and Prague had that magnetic lure… In 2012, I finally embarked on a 75-minute boat ride to the Slovakian capital for a day. So good I was there! Read what I experienced in Mini Danube Cruise.

Vienna Salzburg Day Trip

Day trips from Vienna: Salzburg's Mirabell GardensDay trips from Vienna. Salzburg and Vienna have that unspoken rivalry of which of them is the most beautiful city of Austria. You will see why when you go there. The small old town is another UNESCO World Heritage site, and great for a stroll, sightseeing, eating and shopping.

You can go by car or train to Salzburg, or take one of these organised Vienna tours to Salzburg. Don’t feel your travel time is wasted. You will travel through the beautiful landscape of Salzkammergut on your way there (if going by car).

Vienna Budapest Day Trip

Vienna Budapest Day Trip: Fisher BastionDay trips from Vienna. If you have seen one city of the Golden Triangle (Vienna, Budapest, Prague), you should see at least another one. They share a few centuries of common history under the Habsburg Emperors. Compare Vienna with Budapest, for example, and you will get insight about Central Europe’s striking similarities and delicate differences: from architecture and music to cakes and people themselves. You can embark on a self-guided tour by rental car, train or bus, or book a guided day trip from Vienna to Budapest.

Vienna Prague Day Trip

Day Trips from Vienna: Prague's Mala StranaDay trips from Vienna. Prague is probably the farthest capital from Vienna that you can reasonably visit within a day trip. Having said that, you’ll need to be incredibly organised to make the most out of your couple of hours there. Landing on the wrong side of town can cost you a third of your time. Also, make sure you pick an enjoyable route to Prague.

I have joined a guided day tour to and within Prague. Read my review.

Wachau Valley

Day trips from Vienna: Wachau ValleyDay trips from Vienna. I love the Danube valley of Wachau, a UNESCO World Heritage site, for its terraced vineyards and apricot orchards, its historic villages, its top white wines and wineries, and castles scattered across its hilltops. I didn’t see much of it during my postgraduate at Wachau. Recently, I took the opportunity to join a small group tour on a history and wine tasting trip through the most scenic Danube valley. Read my tour reviews in Wachau Valley Tour (small group, wine tasting) and Wachau tour (biking, wine tasting). And don’t miss Melk Abbey.

Vienna Woods

Day trips from Vienna: Vienna WoodsDay trips from Vienna. If you spend a day, or just a couple of hours, in the Vienna Woods, you will discover the Viennese’s historic outdoor and weekend destination. The Vienna Woods are famous for their wine and vineyards, picturesque towns, spas and romantic hiking paths. They will also help you recharge your batteries before you leave for your next destination. 

Access my top tips on spending a day in the Vienna Woods, on your own or as part of a guided tour.

Lake Neusiedl

day_trips_from_vienna_19Day trips from Vienna. Since my first school excursion I’ve gone back a couple of times to the area around lake Neusiedl (Neusiedler See), for numerous reasons. Europe’s largest steppe lake brims with water wildlife. There is a lovely bike path along the lake. The lakeside villages with their wine estates have a strong Hungarian feel. In the summer, you can take a good swim or enjoy an open air operetta on the lake. Find out more about Lake Neusiedl and how to get there.

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