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New Years Eve Concerts in Vienna: Church St. Charles Borromeo

New Years Eve Concerts in Vienna 2018: My Top 6 Events

New Years Eve concerts. There is hardly a better way to let 2017 float past in Vienna than with music. If you are not up to a violinist fiddling into your ear at an Austrian dinner show, you may find my list of the top six ‘Silvester’ classical concerts useful.

Silvesterkonzert‘ by Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

New Years Eve Concerts: MusikvereinNew Years Eve Concerts. The most prestigious of all new years eve concerts in Vienna is the concert by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Like their widely broadcast New Year’s Concert, it is taking place in the sumptuous Golden Hall of the Wiener Musikverein. This year, Italian star conductor Ricardo Muti will conduct the Philharmonics.

Concert tickets are allocated through an online drawing between January and March of the same year. Find out how to get tickets for the New Year’s Eve Concert if you haven’t won the drawing.

Mozart And More

New Year's Eve Concerts: St. Charles BorromeoNew Years Eve Concerts. For a serene New Year’s Eve Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and Vivaldi will leave a powerful ‘audio message’ at church St. Charles Borromeo (Karlskirche).

Italian composer and master violinist Vivaldi, and German genius Beethoven, were among many international musicians who lived in Vienna for some time. 

More than at any other church music venue, there is lots of eye candy in the splendid baroque interiors. On top, the concert will finish early enough for you to go and see the fireworks in town.
Date and Time: 31st December 2018
Location: Church St. Charles Borromeo
Bookings: get tickets

New Years Eve Concert: Beethoven

new_years_eve_concerts_11New Years Eve Concerts. Star conductor Andres Orozco Estrada will lead the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra and the Vienna Singing Academy during their annual Beethoven no. 9 Symphony. 

Not only is this symphony one of Beethoven’s greatest works it also includes the European Hymn, which based on Schiller’s Ode To Joy. Since Beethoven finalised the Ninth in Vienna (1824) the European Hymn was born in Wien. As for the orchestra, the ‘Vienna Symphony’ is renown across the world and is the innovative force of classical music in Vienna. 

Date and Time: 30th and 31st December 2018; 1 January 2018; 7.00 pm
Location: Wiener Konzerthaus, Lothringer Strasse, 1030;
Bookings: get tickets

Silvester’ Concerts At Imperial Palace

New Year's Eve Concerts: Hofburg PalaceNew Years Eve Concerts.With light and breezy classical music by Vienna’s top waltz and operetta composers you can float into the new year. This is the kind of sunny Sunday morning radio music lifting your spirits, and the kind of tunes that form part of our much loved Vienna New Year’s Concert.

The Wiener Hofburg Orchester, which mixes musicians from all the well known local orchestras, will perform music and opera arias by Johann Strauss, Wolfgang A. Mozart, Franz Lehar, Emmerich Kalman and others. Highlights are pieces from Mozart’s Magic Flute, Le Nozze di Figaro, and the Johann Strauss operetta The Bat. Do note that you won’t be the only tourist at this event.
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Schönbrunner Schlosskonzerte

New Years Eve Concerts: Schonbrunn OrchestraNew Years Eve Concerts.  Many visitors to Vienna dream of listening to classical music by Wolfgang A. Mozart and Vienna waltz king Johann Strauss right at fairy tale Schonbrunn Palace. It is an impression of our culture that can hardly be confused with any other city or event.

The Schönbrunner Schlosskonzerte (Schonbrunn palace concerts) perfectly create these impressions at the palace’s historic orangery.

The concert series will also take place at New Year’s Eve, including two ballet dancers, a soprano and a baritone. You will listen to the best of Viennese classical and operetta music, such as ouvertures, duets and arias of Mozart operas The Magic Flute, Le Nozze di Figaro, and Don Giovanni, and Johann Strauss’ Danube Waltz and Radetzky March. An honest comment on the side: As with the Wiener Hofburg Orchester, you will not be the only tourist there.
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