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Visit Vienna Austria: 15 Free Vienna Vacation Tools And Travel Tips

Before you visit Vienna use this page to orientate yourself and plan: Vienna’s exact location, weather, hotels, flights, maps, transport, city cards, booking restaurants, local wifi, and more. You can also use it for inspiration: how to spend 24 hours in Vienna, what to do with kids, Jewish Vienna, how to spend a halal holiday there, and other tips.

1. Where Is Vienna Exactly?

Visit Vienna. Do you plan a European round trip, or want to measure Vienna’s distance to key European cities? Are there mountains around Vienna, and does the Danube flow right through? Get a primer on the city’s geographic location, its climate zone, and Vienna’s distance to 10 key European cities.

2. Hotels Vienna Austria

Visit Vienna: Hotel ImperialVisit Vienna. Where would Natives stay if they were tourists? If you search for accommodation from a Native’s perspective, you’ll get inside Vienna more quickly. In Hotels Vienna Austria I share my take on the best hotels of all categories, as well as Bed and Breakfasts and apartment rentals. All tips include links to independent customer reviews.

3. Flights To Vienna Austria

Visit Vienna. I fly to Vienna a couple of times a year and have found my favourite tool to compare flight prices and book flights. It’s free and simple to use. I sometimes use it to compare flights to Bratislava (64 km from Vienna) as an alternative option. To plan transfers to and from your hotel in Vienna, and for general orientation, look into Vienna International Airport. If you plan a stopover in Vienna,  Flights To Vienna Austria includes my family’s stopover itinerary that we followed during a multiple hour time window in my home city.

4. Trains To Vienna

Visit Vienna. It makes a lot of sense to take the train to Vienna if you are on a European round trip, or plan a trip from Vienna. We are lucky to have one of the most reliable and modern railways in Europe. OEBB trains are comfortable and not expensive. In Trains To Vienna learn more about the best city connections by train. You can also use a route planner and buy train tickets directly from the page.

5. Vienna Travel Card

Visit Vienna: Vienna CardVisit Vienna. The Vienna Card is a powerful discount city card that can shave dozens of Euros off your travel bills. With this card you can use public transport for free and get discounts for all the major museums and attractions. The Vienna Card ranks among the European city cards in terms of value for money. I use it when I go back to Vienna to visit museums, attend events and do some Austrian shopping.

6. Local Weather: When To Go, What To Pack

Visit Vienna. There are two seasonal extremes in my hometown that travellers chronically underestimate: winter and summer (the sky in the photo is NOT paintbrushed). The Vienna Austria Weather one pager helps you pack the right clothes by season, and decide when to go, if you have a choice. Access the included 10-day weather forecast for Vienna a week before you travel.

7. Vienna Restaurants Booking Tool

Visit Vienna. Online restaurant booking sites are nothing new. But it is not easy to find a good one for Vienna. I have been using my favourite booking site for years before I dared to write about it here. The advantage is that you get up to 30 percent off your restaurant bill. Find out more about my Vienna restaurants booking tool.

8. Map of Vienna x 7

Visit Vienna. Do you want to check out the nearest landmarks to your hotel, or a hotel in the right spot? Do you want to create your own sightseeing route? Need to get an orientation of the public transport network? And where are the best free Wi-Fi spots you can log into? I have pulled together half a dozen city maps, online and in print, in Map Of Vienna to help you smoothen your inner city journeys.

9. Local Transport: Public Transport, City Bike Scheme and Taxis

Visit Vienna: metro mapVisit Vienna. When you visit Vienna, get the most out of its public transport network. It is one of the best AND cheapest in Europe. Consider using our city bike scheme, if you don’t happen to visit in the winter. If you need a taxi, get familiar with the key taxi stands, official tariffs and environmentally-friendly options such as the Green Taxis. I have also included a few tips on how to use the Vienna metro for efficient sightseeing.

10. Car Rental Vienna

Visit Vienna. You won’t necessarily find the best car rental deal if you search on arrival in Vienna (as it’s probably the case elsewhere). If you consider renting a car, my resource guide gives you access to the best car rental search engines. You will find a handy checklist of things to go through with the car rental firm, from highway taxes to contract fees. Finally, you will find my tips for driving and parking your car in town (I practiced this for 12 years on site.)

11. WiFi In Vienna

Visit Vienna: wifi hotspotVisit Vienna. If you like using your cell phone, smartphone, tablet or laptop when travelling take care of your wiFi charges when in Austria. Checking emails and sharing pictures and experiences on the go are among the most popular things travellers do online. I share my two best tips on how to avoid big roaming charges during your visit. I am using both options and think you may benefit from them as well. Read more about WiFi in Vienna.

12. Vienna Tourist Checklist

Visit Vienna. How can a small European capital be so overwhelming? I have put together a simple 8-points Vienna tourist checklist to help you create a smooth and exciting stay.

Visit Vienna Extra:  Vienna City Guide PDF

Visit Vienna: Travel GuideVisit Vienna. Common travel guides give you an idea of what to plan and book, but they don’t make the process easier. My own 400-pages-big site has a lot of reference and booking links but can honestly make planning tedious, or ‘overwhelming’ as a few lovely readers put it politely. Hence I came up with the Vienna City Guide PDF: Download all the key content from the site with ONE click, and get a compact list of essential resource and booking links in an extra bonus supplement.

If you’d still like an additional travel guide in your pocket, here is my shortlist of the best city guides. Read up on a few of the best Viennese authors: Joseph Roth, Friedrich Torberg, Stefan Zweig and more. My recommended books are available in both German and English.

13. Webcam Wien

Visit Vienna: webcam WienVisit Vienna. Use this Vienna webcam to get a live impression of the city. Views include City Hall, Ringstrasse boulevard, the Austrian Parliament, lovely Volksgarten and the hills of the Vienna Woods. My favourite view is the festival square in front of City Hall: it’s either work in progress or full party ahead. The webcam is also great for a current weather check. Access Webcam Wien.

14. Top Ten Travel Bloggers About Vienna

Visit Vienna. An insightful blog post about Vienna is not something you casually stumble upon on the internet. I have scoured through well over 100 of the most popular and of niche travel blogs to find those rare gems that will inspire you further for your trip to Vienna. And ended up collecting 10 wonderfully inspiring stories that will make you click with my hometown. Access the ten travel bloggers with the best Vienna travel blog posts.

15. Visit Vienna: Other Vienna Articles

Visit Vienna. Get more inspiration on what to do in my hometown by other travellers who know the city inside out. In Vienna Articles I’m teaming up with savvy travel writers and bloggers who will share the most unusual places with you.

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