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Vienna New Year's Concert, Daniel Barenboim
© Terry Linke / Wiener Musikverein

Vienna New Years Concert: Ticket Information 2019

The Vienna New Year’s Concert is blasted live across millions of TV screens worldwide every New Year’s day. If you are a classical music fan, you’ll want more than watching this glorious event canned. Here is what to do to see the New Year’s Concert 2019 live.

Try Your Luck At The Online Drawing

As the demand for Vienna New Year’s Concert tickets outstrips the number of available tickets in crazy dimensions, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra has introduced an online ticket drawing. This is used for all three concerts: the New Year’s Day Concert (what you see on TV) on 1st January, 11.15 am; the New Year’s Rehearsal on 30th December, 11.00 am; and the New Year’s Eve Concert on 31st December, 7.30 pm. You can register for the online drawing between 2nd January and 28th February 2018 for the New Year’s concert 2019 via the Vienna Philharmonics’ website. Notifications of winning applications will be sent out in March.

Hunt Down Remaining Tickets

If you haven’t been successful at the ballots but determined to get Vienna New Year’s Concert 2018 tickets on 1st January, you can buy remaining tickets through trusted and legitimate third party sellers. Those tickets are rare and not cheap but may help you fulfill a long cherished dream. I know of one third party ticket seller that can be trusted.

Chris and his team supply Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra tickets for the New Year’s Day concert, the New Year’s Eve Concert and the Preview Performance on 30th December. While Chris’ prices are within the standard range for third party tickets, he walks the extra mile to find scarce Philharmonics tickets for his clients, from corporates such as American Express, VISA, and Quintessentially to private clients from the United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Chile to China. See reviews of the Vienna New Year Concert and Chris’ service.

Vienna New Years Concert Ticket Information

New Year’s Day concert (1st January):  from EUR 895 (standing room) to EUR 4,295
New Year’s Eve concert (31st December): from EUR 495 (standing room) to EUR 2,095
Preview Performance (30th December): from EUR 445 (standing room) to EUR 1,395

Touch base with Chris and find out more about his registered company, available tickets and prices:

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