Things to do in Vienna October: Albertina Museum

Things To Do In Vienna October 2019 – Top Events

Things to do in Vienna October: Which of the many Vienna events in October 2019 should you make time to visit? Surprisingly for a quiet season, you will find a string of amazing seasonal concerts, a film festival, great exhibition and more.  If you are around at the end of October, join the Austrian National Day Parade!

Long Night Of The Museums

Things to do in Vienna October 2019. Actually, this event aims at encouraging local Viennese to visit more museums, but there is no reason you shouldn’t benefit from it. On the 5th October, you can spend a night at more than 700 Vienna Museums and galleries with one ticket only!

Specifically, the offer also includes certain guided tours, such as the Third Man Canal Tour, for a limited number of participants. On top, you will get the unique opportunity to visit places usually closed to the general public, such as lovely Palais Liechtenstein. Besides, many sites stage special events.

This year, the Austrian Broadcasting Station ORF will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its Long Night of Museums. 

Date and Time: 5th October 2019, 6.00 pm to 1.00 am
Participating Museums: visit website
Tickets: EUR 15; tickets can be bought at the Information Point of each participating museum.

Vienna 1900 And Sigmund Freud

Things to do in Vienna October: Sigmund Freud MuseumThings to do in Vienna October 2019. What was Vienna like at the turn of the 20th century? How did the Habsburg Empire deal with Jewish intellectuals? Did Emperor Francis Joseph support Sigmund Freud’s theories? Where did Freud himself live and work, which coffeehouses did he frequent and who were his friends? When I met tour guide Gertrude she opened up a very different Vienna. Just before our walk ended she took me to the Sigmund Freud Museum.

Whether you are a Freud fan or love the Fin de Siecle you will put together all the historic puzzle pieces at the end. Find out more about the Sigmund Freud Museum and Tour.

Maria Theresa’s Gold Coins

Vienna Art Museum: Kunsthistorisches MuseumThings to do in Vienna October 2019. As we move from plastic cards to crypto currency Maria Theresa’s coins and medals roll into Kunsthistorisches Museum. During the last days of this fabulous exhibition you can not only admire glitz but understand how much power, propaganda, diplomacy, and art melted into the gold and silver tokens of the Empress.

If you miss the exhibtion there is always the museum’s splendid coin collection to see, as well as the picture gallery, Kunstkammer and other collections.

Date and Time: throughout October;
Location: Museum of Fine Arts (Kunsthistorisches Museum)
Admission: included in adult museum ticket of EUR 16

Mozart, Beethoven and Vivaldi At St. Peter’s

Vienna Secret Classical Music at church St. Peter's
© Bwag/Commons

Things to do in Vienna October 2019. On four evenings each week you can hear a fabulous classic ensemble pluck the strings. From Mozart’s Little Night Music, Haydn’s Serenadenquartett and Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Beethoven’s String Quartet in C-Minor. 

As a venue, baroque Peterskirche in the center provides a gorgeous setting. And if you clap hard enough the musicians will appease you with a slice each of Mozart’s sultry Hungarian Dances and Johann Strauss’ electrifying Pizzicato Polka.

Date and Time: throughout October;
Location: Peterskirche (Church St. Charles Borromeo)
Tickets: get tickets

Vienna Boys Choir At The Spanish Riding School

Things to do in Vienna May : Tribute to ViennaThings to do in Vienna October 2019. Usually, you’ll have to switch places to see each the Vienna choir boys and the white lipizzaner stallions.

In October, they will come together at the baroque winter riding hall to perform. Since it started the concept has been immensely successful. Learn more about ‘A Tribute to Vienna‘ and how to get tickets.
Date: 4th October 2019

Piano, Strings And Symphonies

Things to do in Vienna October 2019. Some of the best Vienna events in October 2019 will happen between Musikverein and Konzerthaus: If you have a weakness for piano and violin music you can nurture it perfectly. For example, a violin concert by Shostakovitch at the Musikverein’s Golden Hall and two Vivaldi string concerts. At the same time on the 13th, Schubert’s lovely Symphony no 5 will flood across Konzerthaus. In fact, Austrian composer Schubert is also behind those dreamy piano sonatas on the 28th.

Another piano event of amazing quality is Grieg’s super romantic piano concerto, followed by Rachmaninov’s Symphony no. 2 on the 16th. 

Marathon Record Challenge

Things to do in Vienna October: Ineos ChallengeThings to do in Vienna October 2019. Do you want to see a world record being broken? If you line up along the Hauptallee on October 12th, you may witness history in the making. There, the world’s best marathon runner, Eliud Kipchoge, will attempt a challenge no one has achieved before: to run a marathon in under two hours.

Essentially, Kipchoge will be supported by a team of pacemakers. If you watch marathons, you will recognise some from the Olympics! As usual for these events, you can come and watch for free. Find out more.
Date: 12th October 2019 (depending on weather conditions)
Location: Prater, Hauptallee

Austrian National Day Parade

Things to do in Vienna October: National Day ParadeThings to do in Vienna October 2019. When Austria celebrates its National Day on the 26th October we commemorate the first day of independence and political neutrality. Back in 1955, the last of the foreign troups of the post World War II Allied Forces left Austrian territory on that day.

To capture the local spirit, use this day to watch a military parade on Ringstrasse. Right at Heldenplatz in front of Hofburg Imperial Palace, competitive military exhibition will take place. After that, why not walk into the office of Austria’s State President at Hofburg?

You can also get free entrance to the Vienna Museum and the museums of the Austrian National Library. In addition, a few other state museums offer reduced ticket prices.

Date and Time: 26th October, from 9.00 am
Location: Ringstrasse, Heldenplatz, Imperial Palace, various museums

More Things to do in Vienna October: VIENNALE

Things to do in Vienna October: UraniaThings to do in Vienna October 2019. Ever wondered what’s going on beyond classical Vienna? At the VIENNALE festival you will win the perfect opportunity to do so. During our prime film festival, Vienna presents the most exciting, independent films of the year. Many of the recently produced films reflect the distinct political situation of their respective locations.

Major films on show are La Mort De Louis XIV (Albert Serra), Paterson (Jim Jarmusch) and Certain Women (Kelly Reichardt).  Films are mostly in original language with German or English subtitles.

Date: 24th October to 6th November 2019
Programme: go to VIENNALE website
Locations: various

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