Things to do in Vienna October: Albertina Museum

Things To Do In Vienna October 2024 – Top Cultural Picks

Things to do in Vienna October 2024: As Vienna gears up its cultural offer before the busy winter season, there is much deserved entertainment to look forward to. Surprisingly for a quiet month, you will find a string of amazing seasonal concerts, a film festival, great exhibition and the enlarged Sigmund Freud Museum.  If you are around at the end of October, join the Austrian National Day Parade!

1. Long Night Of The Museums 

Things to do in Vienna October 2024. Actually, the Lange Nacht der Museen was set up to encourage locals to visit more museums. However, there is no reason you shouldn’t benefit from it. With one ticket only you can spend a night at more than 700 Vienna Museums and galleries!

Specifically, the offer includes guided tours, such as the Third Man Canal Tour, for a limited number of participants. On top, you will get the opportunity to visit places usually closed to the general public, such as lovely Palais Liechtenstein. Besides, many sites stage special events.

This year, the Austrian Broadcasting Station ORF will celebrate the 23rd anniversary of its Long Night of Museums. 

Date and Time: 5th October 2024 (tbc)
Participating Museums: visit website
Tickets: EUR 15; tickets can be bought at the Information Point of each participating museum.

2. Sigmund Freud Museum

Things to do in Vienna October: Sigmund Freud MuseumThings to do in Vienna October 2024. Whether you are a Freud fan or love the Fin de Siècle, tracing his life in Vienna holds the key to understanding an essential period of local history. Since its refurbishment the enlarged Sigmund Freud Museum offers access to the Freud family’s private rooms. Freud’s waiting room has been renovated according to memories of Freud’s house maid and to old photographs. And because of the high visitor numbers, you are now able to use a second staircase and new elevator.

But there are many other questions to answer: What was Vienna like at the turn of the 20th century? How did the Habsburg Empire deal with Jewish intellectuals? Did Emperor Francis Joseph support Sigmund Freud’s theories? Where did Freud himself live and work? Which coffeehouses did he frequent and who were his friends? Find out more about the Sigmund Freud Museum and Tour.

Location: Berggasse 19, 1090 Vienna
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10.00 am to 6.00 pm
Admission:  EUR 9; price included in the Vienna Pass

3. Opera And Ballet Highlights

Things to do in Vienna October: State OperaThings to do in Vienna October 2024. Beaming yourself into exotic worlds of powerful tunes, alluring costumes and dramatic action is easy at the Wiener Staatsoper this October. First and foremost, Verdi’s La Traviata tells the story of Violetta, a Parisian courtesan, who sacrifices her own happiness for the sake of love, only to face heartbreak and untimely death. Second, Puccini’s Tosca unfolds a passionate tale of love, jealousy, and political intrigue set in Rome. 

And third, Richard Strauss’ Die Frau Ohne Schatten explores themes of transformation, love, and sacrifice through the story of a spiritless Empress and her quest to obtain a shadow in order to save her marriage. Other than that, the Vienna Volksoper hosts Strauss’ Salome. Based on the biblical story, a seductive and vengeful princess demands the head of John the Baptist as a reward for her provocative dance.

Date and Time: throughout October
Location: Vienna State Opera, Opernring 2, 1010 Vienna
Tickets: get opera tickets /get ballet tickets (updated opera schedule for the 24/25 season expected in early summer 2024)

4. Mozart Requiem, Beethoven and Vivaldi At St. Peter’s

church St. Peter in ViennaThings to do in Vienna October 2024. Almost every day you can hear a fabulous classic ensemble pluck the strings at baroque church St. Peter’s. From Mozart’s Little Night Music, Haydn’s Serenadenquartett and Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Beethoven’s String Quartet in C-Minor.

Above all, this is a prime opportunity to listen to Mozart’s Requiem: the combination of Mozart’s genius, the mysterious circumstances surrounding its creation, the expressive text, the grandeur of the choral and orchestral forces, and its universal appeal have all contributed to its enduring popularity.

As a venue, baroque Peterskirche in the center provides a gorgeous setting. And if you clap hard enough the musicians will appease you with a slice each of Mozart’s sultry Hungarian Dances and Johann Strauss’ electrifying Pizzicato Polka.

Date and Time: daily, except Thursdays
Location: Peterskirche (Church St. Charles Borromeo)
Tickets: get tickets

5. Anniversary Concert Anton Bruckner

Vienna Symphonics concert at Wiener Konzerthaus
© WienTourismus/Peter Rigaud

Things to do in Vienna October 2024. To celebrate Austrian romantic composer Anton Bruckner’s 200th anniversary the Vienna Symphony Orchestra will perform his famous 9th Symphony. Clearly this piece displays Bruckner’s trademark style, characterized by expansive melodies, rich harmonies, and intricate polyphony. Expect powerful and sonorous brass and winds, as Bruckner was a master of orchestration.

Despite being unfinished, Bruckner’s Ninth Symphony remains one of his most celebrated works. Taking place at the Grand Hall of Konzerthaus with its splendid acoustics you will fully experience its grandeur and emotional depth.

Date and Time: 5th and 6th October 2024, 7.30 pm and 11.00 am
Location: Wiener Konzerthaus, Lothringer Strasse 20, 1030 Vienna
Tickets: subscription concert, get in touch quoting the concert to enquire for tickets

6. Austrian National Day Parade

Things to do in Vienna October: National Day ParadeThings to do in Vienna October 2024. When Austria celebrates its National Day on the 26th October we commemorate the first day of independence and political neutrality. The Österreichischer Nationalfeiertag commemorates the declaration of permanent neutrality for Austria on October 26, 1955. Neutrality followed after the occupying Allied Forces had signed the State Treaty after World War II.

To capture the local spirit, use this day to watch a military parade on Ringstrasse. Right at Heldenplatz in front of Hofburg Imperial Palace, competitive military exhibition will take place. After that, why not walk into the office of Austria’s State President at Hofburg?

You can also get free entrance to the Vienna Museum and the museums of the Austrian National Library. In addition, a few other state museums offer reduced ticket prices.

Date and Time: 26th October, from 9.00 am
Location: Ringstrasse, Heldenplatz, Imperial Palace, various museums

7. More Things to do in Vienna October: VIENNALE

Things to do in Vienna October: UraniaThings to do in Vienna October 2024. Ever wondered what’s going on beyond classical Vienna? At the VIENNALE festival you will see a carefully curated selection of international films, including art-house and independent cinema. In fact, the VIENNALE is one of the oldest film festivals in the German-speaking world. Since its première in 1960 its has established itself as a significant cultural event.

During various film screenings, parties, exhibitions and workshops Vienna presents and investigates the most exciting independent films of the year. Films are mostly in original language with German or English subtitles.

Date: 17th to 29th October 2024
Programme: go to VIENNALE website
Locations: various

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