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Vienna Classical Music Tours – My Favourite Musical Walks

Vienna Classical Music Tours. While you will love visiting a concert or opera in Vienna, it won’t tell you the full story. Since the Habsburg Emperors, Wien has been running a classical music industry second to none. Top composers from Beethoven, Haydn and Mozart, to Schubert, Strauss and Vivaldi nurtured their talents here. Actually I’m not the best person to feed you with those intriguing stories, but there are a few excellent tour guides who can. To facilitate your search, here are my top favourites:

Classical Music in the Habsburgs’ Vienna

Vienna classical music: DreimaederlhausVienna Classical Music Tours. How did music and its composers rise to fame and power in Vienna? Which classical celebrities were friends with the Habsburgs and how did this influence their creations? On one side, this private walk connects you with the world of Beethoven, Mozart and Haydn. On the other side, you will get insight into the musical ambitions of various Habsburg Emperors and dynasties. In the photo you see a house where Schubert famously gave piano lessons to three sisters of a middle class family.

Although three hours long, the tour includes regular pauses for you to listen to classical music examples on your headphones. Find out more about my own experience in  music tour Vienna review.

If you love classical music use your time in Vienna for other extraordinary music experiences, such as the Maestro Masterclass

Vienna Music Tour

Vienna Classical Music tours: Beethoven's graveVienna Classical Music Tours. Provided you can devote six hours to Vienna’s musical heritage, this tour widens and deepens your knowledge in the best possible way. I had earlier joined a shortened private tour which covered the essentials of our music history and Vienna-based composers, along with top sites such as the Vienna State Opera.

During this in-depth tour, you will also visit the elegant graves of Beethoven, Johann Strauss, Brahms and Schubert at Vienna Central Cemetery. While many shorter tours skip indoor visits, this one includes Mozarthaus. Read on.

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