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Vienna New Year Concert: Reviews And How To Get 2018 Tickets

Millions watch the illustrious Vienna New Year Concert by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra on TV each year. Concert tickets are tricky to get and carry a price tag. Is it worth the time and money to experience the Neujahrskonzert? And how to get tickets if you were not successful in the online drawing?

I asked Daniel Richter, a local Viennese, and Emmanuel G., a US traveller, what they thought.  Both visited the Vienna New Year Concert in 2016.

A Local About The Vienna New Year Concert

What did you like about the Concert?

Daniel Richter: The concert was attended by a diverse crowd of Austrian and international music lovers and also some celebrities. All were in the most cheerful mood. The concert hall itself is one of the best of its kind and for this special occasion was beautifully decorated with flowers everywhere. The atmosphere at the concert was vibrant and very positive, with people celebrating New Year in this festive location. It was already a very special New Year’s Eve when you knew that the next day you would first attend the New Year’s Concert – there is no better way to start the new year!

During the break – different from what was shown on TV – you could not see the ballet; instead you had the opportunity to have a glass of champagne or coffee at the bar in Musikverein.

How did your experience relate to your expectations?

D.R.: Although having watched the New Year’s Concert on TV as a family tradition for many years the experience of being at the live concert was even better than expected; a sight and sound to remember for years.

What makes a visit of the New Year Concert special?

D.R.:  It is the great atmosphere, the perfect performance of the world famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and the people’s extraordinarily happy mood.

What would you change about the concert if you could?

D.R.:  I would change nothing at all. The New Year’s Concert is the perfect experience as it is.

Which practical tips around the concert would you share with visitors?

D.R.:  Have a nice Viennese breakfast at a traditional café, such as nearby Café Schwarzenberg or Café Museum. Do arrive early at Musikverein to enjoy the buzzing atmosphere of the Golden Hall that is so unique of that place.

A Traveller About The Concert, And Getting Tickets

“Am Neither Patient Nor Lucky”

“Attending the concert in Vienna was in the realm of fantasy, especially considering the official way to get tickets. I am neither patient nor lucky, so I decided to look for alternative ways to procure concert tickets. Many Internet outfits claim to be able to source the tickets but scams abound. Who to trust? During my research I found an article on Vienna Unwrapped that listed Chris as a trusted source. The entire experience was flawless. Chris was extremely responsive and answered all my questions. He worked his magic and was able to obtain 4 seats together, which is not easy. On the day of the concert the tickets were waiting for us at our hotel, as planned. No surprises, no delays.

The event itself was beyond our expectations, truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for my parents, my wife and I. The mystical concert hall, the fantastic acoustics, the musicians, the conductor, all conspired to give us a fantastic musical experience that delighted us and gave us memories to cherish. Thanks to Chris and Vienna Unwrapped, wouldn’t have done it without you. ” (Emmanuel G., January 2016)

How To Get Tickets

Unless you were lucky enough to win tickets at the ballots, you can buy tickets through third party sellers. Make sure you pick a trusted seller to ensure your tickets WILL arrive at your door. Chris has been delivering tickets for Vienna Unwrapped readers for years now – fill in the form to get in touch with him.

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