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Things To Do In Vienna August 2023: Events And What Else Is Happening

Things to do in Vienna August 2023. With restrictions largely eased for gatherings, Vienna events in August should be pretty back to normal. For example, the Film and Food Festival on Rathausplatz and the Summerstage at Danube Canal continue in the city centre. In the Vienna Woods, there are a few quiet outdoor corners to discover. Together with small group wine tasting tours, boat trips on the Danube, and a segway tour through Vienna you’ll get good breathing space.

1. Film and Food Festival on Rathausplatz

film festival on Rathausplatz in ViennaThings to do in Vienna August 2023. While the city’s most popular outdoor event goes into its second month with much the same setting as in July, the free film program holds a few new highlights in store. Although most music films start at 9.00 pm there are also earlier live music events from Thursdays to Sundays.

2. Boat Trips on the Vienna Danube

Wachau boat ride in a ZilleThings to do in Vienna August 2023.Over the past few years I have done boat trips both to Bratislava and in Wachau Valley, and loved them. Definitely the most exciting boat ride takes place in a traditional Zille (see photo).

During a tour along villages and castle ruins you can even taste the local wines that Wachau is so famous for.

Find out if one of these boat trips is for you and read my reviews on mymini Danube cruiseto Bratislava and about aone day Wachau trip with boat ride.

3. Urban Beach:Strandbar Herrmann

Things to do in Vienna August: Strandbar HerrmannThings to do in Vienna August 2023.Did you come to Vienna to see an artificial beach? Probably not. You shouldn’t miss one of the most popular summer hangouts in the city, though. Strandbar Herrmann is an urban beach that encapsulatessummer in the cityalong the Danube Canal. It is a magic mix of a relaxed beer garden, a chic bar and restaurant, and a social meeting point with daily events ranging fromlive DJ musicfrom late afternoons to Saturday brunches and kids’ ‘Punch and Judy’ shows.
Location: Herrmannpark, A-1030 Vienna (close to Urania)
Opening Times: since 15th May; daily 10am to 10pm; cocktail happy hour 7 to 8pm

4. Bike Tours Through Vienna

Things to do in Vienna August: city bike tourThings to do in Vienna August 2023.Biking beneath the leafy avenue of Ringstrasse, through the alleys of theold town, and atPraterand theDanube Islandtakes swollen feet off summer sightseeing. There are two half day guided tours which cover different routes at different times, and can be combined. Learn whichVienna tours by bikeare available.

5. Segway Tours Through Vienna

Things to do in Vienna August: segway tourThings to do in Vienna August 2023.Mycity segway touralong Ringstrasse avenue and then right into the city centre was the most fun sightseeing tour I ever did. And I thoroughly refreshed my knowledge about Viennese history.

The other segway tour I took with my 13-year old nephew took us through the woodlands of theVienna Prater. Driving all along broad Prater Hauptallee we joined weekend bikers and runners while enjoying ample space. At historic Lusthaus pavilion at the other end we rewarded ourselves with hot chocolate and cream before returning back.
Learn about the bestsegway tours in Vienna.

6. Small Group Wine Tasting Tour – Wachau Valley

things to do in Vienna August: Wachau Valley wine tourThings to do in Vienna August 2023. A summer city trip doesn’t need to end up on glowing asphalt. Get on a bike and head out to UNESCO world heritage siteWachau valley, one of the Viennese’s favourite outdoor places. There is a highly appraised bike wine tasting tour that takes small groups of individuals to taste local wine and other produce at a series of wine farms and small producers.
More information about thesmall group wine tasting tour.

7. Classical Events in August

Grafenegg summer concertThings to do in Vienna August 2023. Just click on the link, type in your travel dates and find out what is on stage during your trip. Special tip for Mozart fans: the violin and piano sonatas at St. Peter’s crypt. For an off-path experience in classical music hear the marvellous musicians at baroque St. Peter’s.

And if you are searching for a reason to venture out into Lower Austria’s lush countryside, why not head for renown Grafenegg classical music festival? It actually never ceases to amaze me how this quiet picture book castle manages to attract such a plethora of amazing musicians from all over the world. In this photo you can see the contemporary open air stage Cloud Tower lending its amazing acoustics to a classical orchestra. Learn more about a day trip to Grafenegg castle.

8. Sigmund Freud Museum

Sigmund Freud Museum: Freud's studyThings to do in Vienna August 2023. What would you do if 100,000 visitors stormed your private apartment each year? In the case of Vienna’s Sigmund Freud Museum in Freud’s former apartment and practice, architects painstakingly modernized the museum while preserving the attraction’s original character. Not just the library of psychoanalysis onsite was renovated. Freud’s former practice on the raised ground floor, where he worked for 12 years, has become available to visitors again. On top, a new elevator makes the premises barrier free.

Opening Hours: daily, 10.00 am to 6.00 pm
Location: Berggasse 19, 1090 Vienna
Admission:EUR 10 (free entry with VIENNA PASS)

9. Historic Outdoor Pool Neuwaldegg

Things to do in Vienna August: Neuwaldegger BadThings to do in Vienna August 2023. Feel like exploring history in your swimsuit? There is nothing like plunging into the fresh waters of a 1920s outdoor pool in Vienna. Just where the Vienna Woods start, at the terminal of tramway 43, a private vintage pool has been attracting locals since 1925.

Established in the typical Vienna Woods style, the small complex tells a story of Austrian bathing culture, our love for nature and a contemplative lifestyle. Find out more in Vienna Swimming Pool.

10. Special Tip:Mozart Requiem

Things to do in Vienna August 2023. Listening to Mozart’s Requiem under the richly decorated dome of baroque Church St. Charles Borromeo is stirring, spiritual and intense. It was his last composition and seems to carry all the emotions of this genius’ short life. Expect more than40 soloists and choir membersto get under your skin.
Access further details ofMozart requiem at St. Charles Borromeo.

11. Vienna Woods and Mayerling

Things to do in Vienna August: Heiligenkreuz AbbeyThings to do in Vienna August 2023. The Vienna Woods have those tranquil places that make even Vienna seem hectic. The Cistercian Abbey of Heiligenkreuz from the Middle Ages is such a place. It is still run by Cistercian monks, who once entered the international music charts with their Gregorian Chorals! The valley of Helenental is not far from where I grew up. At its end is Mayerling and the Habsburg’s former hunting lodge, well known for the tragic suicide of Habsburg Crown Prince Rudolf and his bourgeois fiancee Mary Vetsera.
You can visit these places and more on a half day tour to theVienna Woods and Mayerling.

12. Things To Do InVienna With Kids

Things to do in Vienna August: multimedia history showThings to do in Vienna August 2023. Are you taking your kids to Vienna and wonder how to add some fun into a classical experience? My kids and my local nephews have tried and tested a few exciting places and activities that your children may like, too. One of them is a multimedia history show (see photo) that will pave the way for sightseeing tours. Have a look intoVienna with kids.

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