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New Year's Eve Concerts: Hofburg Palace

Vienna Walking Tours: Places To Visit In Vienna On Foot

Vienna Walking Tours. I love to hear stories and learn something new as I roam places to visit in Vienna. My home city offers dozens of walking tours. Find out about my top guided walking tours for first time visitors. You can also access my personal tour reviews of very unusual tours below. Have fun!

Introducing Vienna

Vienna Walking Tours: HofburgVienna Walking Tours. Tour guide Herbert leads this walk. He is an attraction in its own right, according to his glowing customer reviews. Herbert provides first time visitors to Vienna with an ‘excellent’, ‘informative’, ‘entertaining’, ‘cheerful’ yet ‘relaxed’ overview of the city, its people, culture and food, and will help you connect with the best places to visit in Vienna. You will step right into the Imperial Palace (Hofburg), a town within a town. Follow Herbert through baroque alleys and historic squares of Michaelerplatz and Josefsplatz, to the Vienna State Opera. Vienna’s landmark St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Mozart house right next finish off the tour. Don’t hesitate to ask about current developments in Vienna and Austria. You will get a great response. The 2-hour tour is available in various languages. Find out more about the tour.

Small Group Walking Tour

Vienna Walking Tours: Hofburg Imperial PalaceVienna Walking Tours. If you better absorb history, architecture and culture with just a few people around you, this tour is great. It is limited to six people, so it’s really personal. No following the herd. Unlike most city walking tours, this one covers the best parts of Ringstrasse Vienna boulevard. You will cover a vast range of landmarks such as St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna’s oldest church, Freyung Square, Hofburg Imperial Palace, the Austrian Parliament and more. You will walk old narrow streets, romantic squares and large representative avenues. That tour feels less than the regular three hours, thanks to an entertaining and knowledgeable tour guide. Learn more about the small group walking tour.

Walk With An Expert Intellectual

Vienna Walking Tours: Austrian ParliamentVienna Walking Tours. What are the best places to visit in Vienna if you are a history fan, work in art, media or love writing? Consider exploring Vienna at the hand of a like minded person.

This Vienna walking tour is guided by historians, professors, art critics, journalists and doctoral students. They see Vienna through different eyes, and so will you. The tour covers key highlights such as Stephansdom, Graben and Kohlmarkt boulevards, Museumsquartier, Ringstrasse, church St. Charles Borromeo, Belvedere Palace and historic Naschmarkt. Expect to see iconic gems such as modernist Loos House. Check dates, prices and further information about this expert intellectual walking tour.

Vienna City Walking Tour

Vienna Walking Tours: Swiss GateVienna Walking Tours. The city walking tour is both informative and fun. You will join people who love to hear hard facts AND historic anecdotes. The 2.5 hour walking tour covers highlights such as St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Heroes Square in front of the Imperial Palace, Vienna City Hall, and the Austrian Parliament. You will also explore on of the most mystic places to visit in Vienna: Minoritenkirche, where parts of the Da Vinci Code were filmed.

The tour is popular with young to middle aged people and a good way to connect with other travellers. Find out more about the tour.

 Themed Vienna Walking Tours

Themed walking tours cultivate your personal interests. You can choose to dive into architecture, neighborhood shopping, films or Jewish history. Here are my tried and tested BEST OF.

Vienna Jewish Tour

Vienna Walking Tours: Jewish SynagogueVienna Walking Tours. When my grandmother’s cousin married a jew from Vienna in 1934, the city’s Jewish life was blooming and very different. Do you have Jewish ancestors in Vienna, too?

During this private Vienna Jewish Tour I could basically call the shots. The tour was individually put together. In my case we visited the Jewish Museum in Vienna, the area of the Jewish Temple and other monuments and places where Jewish history happened.

If you prefer a group tour, join the Jewish Vienna walk. I participated in that, too. The tour guide was from one of the best tour companies in Vienna, what a passionate and knowledgeable lady.

Insider Shopping in Vienna: Vintage And Luxury

Vienna walking tours: vintage and luxury shopping tourVienna Walking Tours. You will definitely have discovered shops while sightseeing. If you are serious about unique authentic gifts and local craftsmanship join one of Vienna’s best shopping guides. During a morning or afternoon she will take you to independent stores and family businesses offering lovely vintage finds, top regional delicacies, quality jewelry and much more. These shopping tours are fantastic for buying original souvenirs and for treating yourself. Since I joined that passionate tour guide on a private walk do read my review where to buy when shopping in Vienna.

Third Man Movie Tour

Vienna Walking Tours: MoelkerbasteiVienna Walking Tours. Highly interesting, wildly funny, truly engaging: I am a big fan of the Third Man movie with Orson Welles. That tour was just the right thing. Apart from learning more about the making of the film, I have turned into an expert on post war Vienna. We went right through the city center most of the time. Whether you have seen the film or not, the stories and anecdotes shared during this tour will resonate with you for a while.

The two-hour tour is conducted in both German and English. More information about the tour.

Jean Nouvel Buildings: Gasometers

Jean Nouvel Buildings Gasometers: Gasometer City ViennaVienna Walking Tours. This unusual tour to Gasometer city is a must for architecture fans. The listed Gasometers are among the best off-path places to visit in Vienna. The buildings beautifully blend 19th century industrial design with contemporary updates. My favourite takeaway from the tour was to learn about the exceptionally closely knit urban community of Gasometer City.

Vienna’s four iconic gasometers host stunning interiors designed by architects such as Jean Nouvel and Coop Himmelblau. Find out what to expect from a guided tour.


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