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Vienna Daytime Concerts: Wiener Musikverein

Vienna Daytime Concerts: Best Live Music During The Day

Vienna Daytime Concerts. Listening to live music during the day in Vienna is possible. I’m sometimes simply too tired in the evenings or want to take my young children to a concert. Some travellers want to keep space for a good dinner or have busy sightseeing schedules. Below I’m sharing my advice on daytime concerts in Vienna that I gave to R. and B., a couple from Australia.

“Hi there, we’ll be visiting Vienna for the first time this June. I was trained in classic piano, so I am very excited to finally go there, but unfortunately, our schedule is quite tight and we have very limited time. We have 2 questions: Is there any concert we can go during the day? We’ve been looking at many websites with event calendar or event search, but have not come across it. We are hoping to see two concerts. So we really want to find a daytime one that we can attend.

Thank you so much for your help in advance!”

“Dear R and B, Wiener Musikverein regularly stages Sunday afternoon concerts with top quality orchestras such as Tonkuenstler Orchester. Almost every Sunday morning you can listen to the Vienna Boys Choir at their Sunday Mass Concerts at Hofburgkapelle. Mozart’s Piano Sonatas at Peterskirche usually start at 6.00 pm. The Students of the University of Music and Performing Arts regularly host free matinees for violoncello, flute, violin and saxophone. On some weekend afternoons, Peterskirche hosts opera and operetta performances for children. Please be aware that Konzerthaus’ Mittagsmusik (midday music) is for subscribers’ only.

Vienna Daytime Concerts: Churches And Cafes

If you like to listen to live music without a grand orchestra try some churches and coffeehouses. Most church concerts at daytime, such as the one in Augustinerkirche, are free organ concerts.

Coffeehouse concerts are mostly piano performances, and are free as well: Cafe Central hosts live piano music every day from 5.00 pm. If you visit Vienna with kids, this is an easy way to expose them to classical music over hot chocolate and a cake. The piano player from Cafe Diglas performs every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. From Thursday to Sunday (evenings) you can hear light entertainment at Cafe Schwarzenberg.

I hope this helps. Have a great stay!”


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