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Vienna Travel Planning: insider spot

Vienna Travel Planning – Get A Trip Planner And Travel Consultant

Vienna Travel Planning. You probably travel to Vienna for the first or second time. You don’t know if and when you will return. Here is the SINGLE trick that will get things right for you in my home country. Get a trip planner or travel consultant to develop your itinerary.

I have been doing trip planning and travel consulting for many years and for different occasions. I have found out it works for short trips, for decent vacations, for round trips, for special occasions, for trips with elderly parents, and for young families. Here are a few examples:

  • Andrew from the UK wanted a special week of classical events with his wife in Vienna.
  • Leiah travelled solo to Vienna and wanted to make sure she had lots of fun and feeling at ease when dining out.
  • John from the UK got stuck with arrangements for a Vienna ball, and time was running out.
  • Lois from the US needed help with researching family roots and touching base with local Viennese.
  • Justin from the US simply wanted a well thought through itinerary of insider things to do in Vienna with his daughter.
  • Sharon and her friends went on a Danube river cruise and wanted off-the-beaten-path itineraries with private guides for Vienna, Wachau Valley, Bratislava and even Passau.
  • Nelson from Hong Kong was keen to perfectionate his honeymoon arrangements in Vienna and Salzburg.
  • Jane from Singapore wanted help organising day tours and private transfers in Austria for her and her family.

Vienna travel planning: Spitz in Wachau“Barbara, I do not know where to start, and thank you seems such a small word for an extraordinary trip.  We could not have done it without you.  We thought of you in Vienna, we thought of you on the train to Spitz, we thought of you in the vineyards, it was a trip of a lifetime one that I will cherish always.   Your opinions, comments, tips and tours, what castles to see they were all spot on.  Our favorite memories…dancing the waltz in the Imperial Palace and Spitz.  It is a village that captured our hearts. Mauritius Hof was perfect for us.” (Gisèle Giroux, Canada)

Vienna Travel Planning. Neither of these travellers had the time nor the insider knowledge, language skills and local connections to make Vienna really work for them. And neither of them wanted one-size-fits-all vacation packages.

Wrong choices can ruin your dream vacation: I so wished for a reset button to press when I found myself at a tourist dinner show in Spain. (You can get this in Vienna, too.) Many of the best Vienna attractions have extravagant opening hours. And the best insider places remain invisible to even the most dedicated travellers. An Austrian trip planner and travel consultant can make things happen.

“Our trip to Vienna was wonderful. Gertrude was a sweet and lovely private guide and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with her. The highlights of the itinerary were the Mozart Concert at the Karlskirche and the Spanish Riding School Vienna. As with all itineraries we made some last minute changes but they were all good. Thank you again for all of your help.” (Warner Fox, USA)

The Difference To Travel Agents

Vienna Travel Planning. Until now the only way to get  help with planning a trip to Austria has been to call on a travel agent or tour operator. If you are unlucky they package up mainstream tourist experiences. You may end up visiting those attractions and events that depend on tourism, and pay hefty commissions.
Vienna travel planning: Barbara Cacao

That’s why I share my trip planner and travel consultant service with you – the VIENNA TRAVEL CONCIERGE. I am the trip planner and travel consultant, you do the travelling.

* Authentic Advice: What makes this travel planning service different to any other out there is that your plan is honed by a native Viennese who is right at the pulse of her hometown. I will always tell you when I think an event is just staged for tourists.

* You First. Everyone can visit landmarks, but beyond that – you don’t know what you don’t know. Tell me about yourself and the things you like, and you will find the Vienna that matters to you.

* Extra Insight: You will receive insider tips that I don’t even share on Vienna Unwrapped.

* Personal hotline: Many of my clients email me additional questions hours before or even during their trip – they always get a resourceful answer within 24 hours. Weekdays or weekends, doesn’t matter.

Vienna Travel Planning: How Does It Work?

  1. Drop me a simple email with what you are after and when you will travel.
  2. Get the ball rolling after reviewing Terms and Conditions and payment.
  3. Fill in a simple questionnaire, or talk to me over phone or Skype.
  4. Review your personal travel itinerary.
  5. Email me your comments and I will finetune the programme until you are absolutely happy.
  6. Use the booking links to fix your programme.
  7. Need help with reservations? Let me know!
  8. Use your personal hotline before and during your trip – I’m right at the other line.
  9. Pack your bags, and enjoy Vienna!

Vienna Travel Planning. Here’s just a “1-day taster itinerary”of what you’re about to get…beneath each day itinerary lie two handfuls of practical links that connect you straight with booking pages and other relevant information.

This page is taken from Roxanne and Scott’s 9-day Vienna programme…based on their personal trip preferences.

Vienna travel planning: trip plan

Roxanne and Scott also received a bespoke online map that reflected their itinerary day by day.

Vienna travel planning: trip map

“My daughter and I have really enjoyed our stay in Vienna. Thank you for arranging a fantastic stay for us!” (Jo-Ann W., Canada)

Discover Your Favourite Neighbourhood

Vienna travel planning: insider spotVienna Travel Planning. Once you have discovered Vienna’s historic centre and Schönbrunn get under the city’s skin. Where would you like to live if you could live in Vienna? Do you care about local high streets and markets, boutique museums and town palaces, independent shops, quirky cafés (see photo) and restaurants, insider wineries, hiking and bike paths? A trip planner and travel consultant will help you explore the best of your favourite neighbourhood in a couple of hours.

More Client Feedback

“The itinerary you worked out for us was fabulous! It was one of my best ever trips. We loved everything: the Vienna ball, the waltz dance lesson, the walking tours, two church concerts, the Fledermaus operetta, the Vienna Boys Choir and restaurants. Tour guide Brenda Horvath was delightful. Barbara, we could not have done this without you – no question about it.   We are grateful for your knowledge and helpfulness.” (Diane Palmer, USA)

“We had a marvellous time and your itinerary was very helpful indeed. Your assistance was superb and it made the whole journey much easier. Many thanks for helping make our first trip to Vienna such a success.” Andrew W., United Kingdom

“We enjoy taking our time and feeling like locals when we travel.  Thank you again for your wonderful ideas and expertise….”  Dianne S., United States

“Your Vienna travel planning and itinerary made my stay in Vienna the most happy and successful of the Europe sector of my Northern hemisphere extended holiday. My days and evenings in Vienna were absolutely amazing thanks sole to your written itinerary. I also really enjoyed the food and the beer recommendations. The high temperatures introduced me to your “Spritzer” which I found more refreshing than my usual cold beer. I have recommended your operation to many people as I was so satisfied. Thank you again for your great service.” (Robin Angus, New Zealand)

“My 12 year old daughter and I wanted to experience Vienna as if we were locals, while not missing out on the major tourist attractions. Doing fun things, having our own personal guide occasionally and getting reservations for both insider eateries and gourmet restaurants were big on our wishlist.  In addition, my daughter wanted to make sure we saw a few locations of The Sound Of Music in Salzburg. Given that we only had a few days to spend in Austria, we needed someone familiar with Vienna to help organize our travel so that we didn’t miss anything.

Barbara came up with a rich and fun travel itinerary that ticked all our boxes and went beyond what we had expected. I think we benefited from the fact that she is a culture and food lover, mom and passionate native herself. She found a lovely personal tour guide for us, arranged reservations for a mix of awesome restaurants, fitted in a small group day tour to Salzburg’s Sound of Music locations, and met us on the ground when we arrived. Without Barbara’s assistance, our experience of Vienna wouldn’t have surpassed our expectations.” Justin K., Virginia, USA

“Our trip to Vienna was wonderful. We had a great time and the itinerary that you created for us was just fantastic. We are already talking about visiting Vienna (perhaps not in the winter) again and will reach out to help us plan that trip.” Rolf D., USA

“I love, love, love your itinerary!” Karen E., Canada

Trip Planner And Travel Consultant Costs

Vienna Travel Planning. Most European travel planners charge a minimum fee of $310 for a SINGLE DAY itinerary for just 2 people (source: Condé Nast Traveler).

“I love your site, but don’t get the time to research all the options”, as Andrew put it.

Exclusive Offer For Vienna Unwrapped Readers

As an exclusive offer, available to Vienna Unwrapped readers only, you  can delegate your Vienna travel planning for just $190 (1-3 days) and $390 (4-10 days). This saves you up to 18 hours of research, delivering a

  1. full-fledged itinerary with booking links,
  2. 1:1 assistance from me with local reservations and
  3. your personal hotline before and during your trip.

Remember, this covers you for 6 travellers. If you’d like a bespoke online trip map like Scott’s just add $60 (1-3 days) or $80 (4-10 days).

So if you’re ready to get your Vienna vacation right the first time, and fast, fill in the quick form below and click the Contact Me button. In fact, I’m so confident that the Vienna Travel Concierge will work for you, that if you don’t like the suggested itinerary and alternative options presented, just send me an  email with your requests  and you will get a second itinerary for FREE.

Travel Tips And Research Hotline

Vienna Travel Planning. Need to fill gaps in your existing travel planning? If you have questions on completing your perfect trip, let me know. I personally provide special insider travel tips that exactly match your travel timetable and your preferences: from restaurants, little known local attractions, concerts and other events, including research of opening hours and booking links: $59 (up to 3 tips); $99 (4 to 6 tips). Use the form below to touch base and get the ball rolling.

As independent travellers, we think we need to fix everything ourselves to get an authentic experience. But this is not the case. Connect with a Viennese like me, and commission your Vienna Travel Concierge Service today.

Do touch base with me using the form below,  for a no-obligation review of your needs:

First Name*

Email Address*


I want
1-3 day itinerary ($190)4-10 days itinerary ($390)up to 3 bespoke travel tips ($59)4-6 bespoke travel tips (99)

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