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Vienna Tourism: Volkstheater

Vienna Tourism Tips – 15 Essentials To Know

My Vienna Tourism Essentials collect the kind of insight my friends should get from Vienna: Which events have shaped my homecity, which buildings fill the streets, which artwork fills museums, which parties fill our calendars, which books fill our thoughts, which food fills local tummies? Use these snippets for a deeply rich experience when in Vienna.

Austria’s Capital 

Vienna Tourism: Vienna City Hall from aboveVienna Tourism Essentials. This article gives you a brief overview of the city. Where is Vienna located, information about its population, city government and urban planning. Review what Vienna is famous for. You will receive lots of upfront travel tips.

Finally, I will share some insights on what to look out for when you visit Wien. Read more.

What Is Vienna Known For

Vienna Tourism Essentials. Wien stands out in many ways. If you want to get your head round what makes Vienna so unique and what you need to see, find out about the 20+ highlights Vienna is famous for. I have grouped them up which will provide you with a bigger picture to follow. Go to What Is Vienna Famous For

Vienna History

Vienna Tourism Essentials: 'Heil Hitler' objects at Vienna's Military MuseumVienna Tourism Essentials. Do you use history to provide depth and guidance to your culture travels? In Vienna History you will find the 10 milestones that shaped Vienna in the last 1,000+ years. They should be enough to give practical substance to your Vienna city break.

The articles will also give history buffs lots of ideas what to see in Wien.

Baroque Period in Vienna

Vienna Tourism Essentials: baroque churchVienna Tourism Essentials. Much of what you see in the city centre is 250 to 300 years old. The 18th century produced a vast number of baroque buildings, from churches to town palaces. Well off residents decided to invest their money in new property. There weren’t many economic opportunities. Find out in Baroque Period in Vienna which key pieces of baroque architecture, baroque gardens, baroque costumes and music you should see.

Otto Wagner Vienna

Vienna Tourism: Otto Wagner PavilionVienna Tourism Essentials. Art Nouveau architecture represents Vienna’s other face. Local artist and designer Otto Wagner spearheaded the rebellious movement between Jugendstil and Wiener Moderne in the early 20th century. Thanks to that radical and his works you can add a little less complacent, but still immensely beautiful, Vienna to your agenda.

Gustav Klimt Artwork

Vienna Tourism Essentials: Gustav Klimt, FulfilmentVienna Tourism Essentials. Vienna means ‘Gustav Klimt paradise’ for many international art lovers. We own the largest collection of Klimt art in the world at the Austrian National Gallery. However, Klimt’s works are scattered across town in various museums, palaces and even theatres.

This painting, for example (Fulfilment, 1909) can be found at the Museum of Applied Arts/Contemporary Art. Learn about key pieces of Gustav Klimt artwork and where in Vienna to find them.

Controversial Vienna Art

Vienna Tourism Essentials. Following on from Art Nouveau, contemporary Vienna Art continues to create a stir. While Viennese are addicted to harmony they love scandals, especially in the art world. Build a few controversial pieces of art and architecture into your sightseeing programme with contemporary Vienna Art.

Vienna Balls

Vienna Opera Ball: dance floorVienna Tourism Essentials. Waltzing through ballrooms is our idea of celebrating the carnival season. Vienna Balls are glamorous events that revive the days of the old Empire. They are the key Vienna attractions between January and March. There are a few excellent balls in the spring and late autumn, too. More than with any other attractions, make sure you secure tickets early on.

If you love dressing up, dancing and classical music, let me share my guide to Vienna Balls with you, along with my personal hitlist of the best Vienna Balls.

Vienna Waltz

Vienna Tourism: waltz dancingVienna Tourism Essentials. Waltz and all the traditions around it are real, but steeped in tourist cliches: Dance balls (such as the Opera Ball), the New Year’s Eve waltz and carnival street dancing. Do exploit my insider knowledge as a native to give you the best experience. I can help you avoid tourist traps. To begin with, read my primer on Vienna Waltz, best waltz music and composers, how to dance waltz, and the best dancing lessons for travellers in town.

Vienna Theatres

Vienna tourism: BurgtheaterVienna Tourism Essentials. Vienna’s more than 100 theatres cover a variety of glamour, burlesque, and underground; drama, comedy, concert and musical; operas and operettas; German and English language. You can even attend a Saturday night clubbing or watch Mozart’s The Magic Flute played by historic marionettes. Read more about the best Vienna theatres and those best to attend if you are not a German speaker.

Literature: Stefan Zweig And More

Vienna Tourism Essentials: book illustration by Fritz von Herzmanovsky OrlandoVienna Tourism Essentials. Reading books by famous Viennese writers gives you a feeling for local culture that no travel guide can provide. Stefan Zweig and Friedrich Torberg are among the best authors to evoke Vienna at in the early 20th century until the Second World War. Fritz von Herzmanovsky-Orlando describes life in baroque Vienna in a brilliantly funny way. Elfriede Jelinek, an internationally acclaimed contemporary writer, digs deep into dark Viennese souls. All books I recommend are also available in English. Read about the best books by Stefan Zweig and more Viennese writers. (image: illustration of Herzmanovsky-Orlando’s Tragic Demise Of A Faithful Court Official)

Best Place To Live: Test Vienna

Vienna Tourism Essentials: Cafe DommayerVienna Tourism Essentials. Vienna has consistently been ranking as the world’s most livable city. As a traveller you often stand beside local life, unaware of the hidden goodies that make living there so special. You won’t need much time to add a few local things to do – weave them into your sightseeing agenda.

In this post, I show you how travellers can test the seven key factors that make Vienna the most livable city on the planet – go to Best Place To Live.

Austria Travel Guide

Vienna Tourism: Wachau bike tourVienna Tourism Essentials. Austria is small and packed with picturesque castles and lakes, quaint villages and breathtaking mountains. Within a few hours from Vienna you can experience bliss and cultural treasures that rival many European destinations. I’m sharing my personal top 21 Austrian locations in my Austria Travel  Guide, including distance from Vienna and travel tips. Around half of them can be done in a day.

Austrian Food

Vienna Tourism: Styrian chicken saladVienna Tourism Essentials. What can you expect to get on your plate in Vienna? Austrian food is savoury, hearty, down-to-earth, and powerful. Like this Styrian breaded chicken salad with pumpkin seeds. It reflects cold winter nights as well as sizzling summer days. Use Austrian Food to get inspired with Wiener Schnitzel, Gulash, Dumpling Recipes, Sacher Torte, Gugelhupf and more. Each page includes a few recipes for easy home cooking.

Extra Vienna Tourism Tip: Learn German

Vienna Tourism Essentials: German teacher
photo: Teacher Finder

Vienna Tourism Essentials. Don’t panic. You don’t need to learn German to get around in Austria. If you always wanted to learn it then a visit to Vienna may be the perfect excuse. Living with a non-German speaking husband I know how hard it is to learn my language. In Learn German you can access top sources for German language software, free German language courses online, learn German in Vienna, and a primer on Wienerisch, our Viennese dialect.

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