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Austrian Parliament, Votiv Church in Vienna

Vienna Travel Card – Discount Vienna City Card Vs Vienna Pass

Which type of Vienna travel card will help you spend an amazing time in Wien? In fact, it depends on your travel style and what you’d like to get out of a city pass.

The two main city passes for my hometown are the Vienna City Card and the Vienna Pass, and their offers are pretty different. To help you make the right choice I have compared the two city cards and each of their variations.

Vienna Travel Card Options: General Differences

Vienna Travel CardThe Vienna City Card is a discount card with transport, covering 210 discounts for Vienna museums, attractions, shops, restaurants, coffeehouses and guided tours. When it comes to added transport options, the Vienna City Card offers two versions: the red Vienna City Card for use of public transport, including the underground, buses and trams; and the white Vienna City Card if you prefer a Hop On Hop Off Bus instead. You will also get a discount on the train and buses from and to the airport.

In contrast to the Vienna Card, the Vienna Pass is an All-Inclusive city pass. Rather than offering discounts, it covers the full ticket prices for a range of attractions. While the red Vienna City Card provides free access to public transport, you need to pay extra for this option when getting the Vienna Pass. Conveniently, Vienna Pass owners get fast track entrance to their chosen attractions included in the Pass.

If you travel with small children, do bear in mind that kids under the age of 6 can use local public transport for free. Children under 15 years of age travel free on public transport during Vienna school holidays, Sundays and public holidays.

  Red Vienna City Card White Vienna City Card Vienna Pass Vienna Pass With Travel Card
Public transport like the locals while getting a few discounts on key attractions;

Hop On Hop Off Bus instead of public transport;

Liking guided city walk

Hop On Hop Off Bus instead of public transport Public transport in addition to Hop On Hop Off Bus;
Travel Style

Smart ‘Local’

To choose my sightseeing and restaurants independent from big tourist discounts, while some extra savings are welcome;

To determine my own pace and feel good when spending time in another coffeehouse or do some shopping in between;

Laid Back Tourist

Travel by tourist bus to key attractions

Classic Sightseer

To see a maximum of key tourist attractions while saving a maximum amount of money;

To save extra time through fast track access to popular attractions;

Comprehensive Traveller

Play it by ear whether using public transport or Hop On Hop Off Bus;

24 Hours EUR 13.90 EUR 28 EUR 59 / EUR 29.50* EUR 66.60 / EUR 36.60**
48 Hours EUR 21.90 EUR 31 EUR 79 / EUR 39.50* EUR 92.30 / EUR 52.80**
72 Hours EUR 24.90 EUR 35 EUR 99 / EUR 49.50* EUR 115.50 / EUR 66**
Key benefits

Free use of public transport in Vienna, one of Europe’s best and densest city transport networks;

One child (6 to 14 years) per ticket travels free

One child per ticket under the age of 15 years travels free on the Hop On Hop Off Bus

All key attractions fully included;

6-day-pass option available;

Tourist guide book included;

Children below 6 years do not need a VIENNA PASS if accompanied by an adult holding one;

Opt to get off the tourist track and discover additional hidden gems and neighbourhoods by public transport;
EUR 1 to 4 per ticket on average; in addition to discounts in certain restaurants and coffeehouses, see coupon book. Same as Red Vienna City Card Free tickets, e.g. for Schonbrunn, Hofburg, Spanish Riding School, Albertina and Belvedere Museums; Same as VIENNA PASS
Break Even per adult (24 Hours)

 3x use of public transportdiscount for combi ticket Schonbrunn/Sissi Museum/Furniture Collection

discount for Museum of Fine Arts

discount for Albertina Museum

Discount for guided city walk

TOTAL: EUR 14.90

 Hop On Hop Off Bus tour

Guided city walk (discounted price)

TOTAL: EUR 36.50

 Hop on Hop Off Bus tour

Schonbrunn Palace

Museum of Fine Arts

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

TOTAL: EUR 59.90

 Hop on Hop Off Bus tour

Schonbrunn Palace

Museum of Fine Arts

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

3x use of public transport

TOTAL: EUR 66.50


*) price for children between 6 and 18 years of age.

**) price for children from 6 years of age.

How To Get the Cards

You can easily order the Vienna City Card online and collect it together with the 96-page coupon book at a customer service desk at Schwechat airport. This means you can start saving right when you arrive. For example, use it first to get a discount on the CAT airport train to town.

Likewise, buy the Vienna Pass online. You can also opt for the additional travel card as an add on.

Vienna Unwrapped symbolMy tip: If you decide for the Vienna City Card, maximise it for transport, museums and attractions. Carefully select the discount opportunities on restaurants, wineries and shops. Many of them are institutions frequented mostly by mainstream tourists. Trust your own choices of restaurants in Vienna and select your food, drink and shops that you are comfortable with.

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