Summerstage in Vienna
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Things To Do In Vienna July 2021 – Where To Go Now

What are the best things to do in Vienna in July 2021? As Austria along with other European countries gradually reintroduces normality, outdoor festivals and music events will win the day. Other than that, consider venturing out to the countryside in Wachau Valley with a small group, for wine tasting and sightseeing.

1.Open Air Fun At Food and Music Film Festival at Rathaus Platz

kaiserschmarren at Vienna's Rathausplatz FestivalThings to do in Vienna July 2021. One of the best food fairs in Vienna and one of my seasonal highlights. Summer life in the city centres around this extremely popular annual film and food festival. For two months, the large square in front of the City Hall (Rathaus) is filled with gourmet food stalls selling warm and cold dishes from around the world and of course Vienna. From around 9.15-9.30 pm, you can watch opera and concert films on a large screen in the area closer to the City Hall. 

NOTE: To make this event safe, the square consisted of two clearly separated areas allowing a controlled number of guests last year: the open air cinema area in front of City Hall offering 500 seats in decorated boxes for 2 and 4 people; and the food stalls behind, offering space for another 500 guests. Across the whole area visitors found hand disinfection bottles and face masks. This year’s safety concept will be announced towards the end of June 2021.

Vienna Unwrapped symbolMy tip: Try the freshly prepared Viennese Kaiserschmarrn – warm fluffy thick pancakes in big chunks served with plum compote and caster sugar – prepared in a large iron pan.
Dates: 3rd July to 4th September 2021
Location: Vienna City Hall; entrance of open air cinema via Lichtenfelsgasse;
Admission: free

2. Experience A Classical Concert

Ehrbarsaal concert venueJust click on the link in the headline, type in your travel dates and find out what is on stage during your trip. Special tip: the fabulous classical music events at St. Peter’s church. For Mozart fans: the violin and piano sonatas there in the early evening. Luckily, the Vivaldi – Four Seasons cycle on Saturday evenings at Stephansdom will start from 18th July. On Thursdays and Fridays, the Four Seasons will sweep across the baroque nave of church St. Charles Borromeo, starting from 2nd July 2021.

3. Watch Out For Live Pop Acts in Neighborhoods

Things to do in Vienna July 2021. To bring the annual Danube Island Festival right into the neighborhoods this summer, a tour bus will stage a total of 240 shows in each of Vienna’s 23 districts. Starting from 1st July, a mix of Austrian pop music and cabaret will entertain locals and visitors. Find out more in my Vienna Music Festival guide.

4. Discover the Charms of Summerstage

Things to do in Vienna July: SummerstageThings to do in Vienna July 2021. Not just the Vienna Danube – in certain parts – has its charms. In fact, sipping a glass of wine at Danube Canal’s Summerstage lets you discover a real neighborhood favorite. When I lived in Vienna it was my summer garden. From the seven restaurants there, the Wiener Weinpavillon wine bar is my favourite. It serves local Viennese wines (yes, we do grow them in the outskirts) and Austrian food. If you are with friends, create your own little degustation menu from the small cold and warm dishes on the menu.
Dates: 15th May to end of September 2021
Timing: Monday to Saturday 5.00 pm to 1.00 am; Sunday 3.00 pm to 1.00 am
Rossauer Lände, 1090 Vienna (take U4 metro to Rossauer Lände)

5. Attend the Premiere of AMADEUS Festival Wien

Where once renown medical doctor and hygiene pioneer Ignaz Semmelweis ran a women’s health clinic, a classical music festival will delight fans from Bizet to Mozart. At the premises of international school AMADEUS top artists unite with young aspiring talents on warm summer nights during one week in July.

Dates: 3rd to 10th July 2021
Timing: Monday to Saturday 5.00 pm to 1.00 am; Sunday 3.00 pm to 1.00 am
AMADEUS International School,Bastiengasse 36-38, 1180 Vienna
Admission: buy tickets

6. Go City Sightseeing by Bike

Vienna bike tour: RingstrasseThings to do in Vienna July 2021. The moment I started to pedal off on my city tour bike one hot July afternoon I knew it was the right thing to do. Catching a cool breeze during summer sightseeing was so pleasurable! Besides, we saw much more than during a walk and worked off all that patisseries and coffeehouses had to offer…

To find out more about the whole experience and whether you can still jump onto the saddle, click on my story about the city bike tour.

7. Embark On A Small Group Wine Tasting Tour To Wachau Valley

Duernstein in Wachau ValleyThings to do in Vienna July 2021. July and August are also good months to bike out to the Austrian country side. This one day wine tasting bike tour is one of the most popular in and around Vienna. It is fairly easy going: You will cycle along the mostly flat Danube bike path to UNESCO World Heritage Site Wachau Valley. The group makes regular stops at small wineries to taste wine, apricot liqueur and jam, and other local produce. Read more in small-group wine tasting tour

8. Light Festival On The Old Danube

Things to do in Vienna July 2021.  Each year the tranquil Old Danube switches on sound and light during its Lichterfestival. Dozens of decorated and illuminated boats float to Radio Wien’s popular tunes through the evening. This is a perfect opportunity to experience Vienna’s recreation paradise. At around 10.00 pm fireworks will light up the night sky. Rent a boat (best one of these amazing sofa boats) and watch the show from the water while you dine. Alternatively, glide amidst the fireworks on a stand up paddling tour.

Location: Old Danube
Date: 31st July 2021
Time: 7.00 pm to 11.00 pm

9. Explore The Danube Flood Plains By Boat

Danube Flood PlainsThings to do in Vienna July 2021. To capture the most savage authentic stretch of the Danube, go where the cruise ships can’t. In the summer, you can take the small National Park boat from the city to the Danube National Park of Lobau. It’s so close to Vienna, yet it’s as if you are in a wetlands jungle. From the National Park Centre you can take short and long hiking and biking tours, or go deeper into the Danube’s side arms by canoo.
Dates: 2nd May to 26th October; 9.00am (return arrival at 1.30 pm)
Danube Canal at Salztorbrücke/Franz-Josefs-Kai
EUR 12 (adults) EUR 6 (children 6-15 years); you need to book in advance; nh@ma49.wien.gv.at;

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