Music Tips

Viennese Waltz – Straightforward Explained

Viennese waltz at Opernball

Learning more about Viennese Waltz not just finetunes your ears and motor skills. You also get to know another UNESCO Immaterial Cultural Heritage. Like many young Viennese women I learned Wiener Walzer in dancing school when I was 15 and have since waltzed across a few Viennese ballrooms. To up your musical and ballroom dance knowledge this guide introduces you …

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Vienna Daytime Concerts – Secret Matinées, Lunch and Afternoon Classics

Vienna Daytime Concerts: Wiener Konzerthaus

Curiously, classical music in plain daylight is harder to find than nighttime concerts in Vienna. If dinner, young children or simply sleepiness get into your way, visit Vienna daytime concerts. Most take place fairly regularly, either at lunchtime or in the afternoons or early evenings. 6 Ideas For Matinées and Lunchtime Concerts The most popular musical wake up calls are …

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Classical Vienna Concerts With Small Children – Where To Take Your Kids

Vienna concerts with small children: Vienna Boys Choir

To enjoy classical Vienna concerts with small children pick events with the right format at the right time of day. Unless your kids are night owls they will probably be calmer during day-time concerts. As for the set up, also consider smaller ensembles of one to four musicians. Sometimes, a few instruments will captivate their attention more than a grand …

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Grafenegg, Austria: Castle & Concert Day Trip From Vienna

Grafenegg Castle, Austria

Grafenegg. For a fresh air of sophistication during a day trip from Vienna, head for Schloss Grafenegg. As a child I couldn’t get enough of the castle’s magical Christmas markets. Later on, my daughter and I enjoyed Grafenegg’s magnificent state rooms and a garden picnic in two of its deck chairs, on our way to Wachau Valley. And most recently, …

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Vienna Music Experience With Private Conductor

Vienna Music: Maestro Christroph Campestrini

Vienna Music Experience. Where do you find the best classical music when in town? Honestly, it’s a bit like sightseeing: the best places to visit in my home city are easy to identify. But how do you get the most out of these places? And how do you get the most out of classical music, especially in the city of …

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Beethoven in Vienna – 2020 Anniversary and Concert Tips

Beethoven installation in Vienna Austria

Beethoven in Vienna. Did Beethoven live in Vienna? In fact, Beethoven spent almost two thirds of his life in Austria’s capital. While Mozart spent just 10 years in Wien, Beethoven lived in the capital of music for 35 years. Becoming Viennese by choice, Beethoven’s nationality was actually German. With the Beethoven 2020 anniversary approaching fast, classical music fans should therefore …

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Vienna Music Festival Guide 2020/2021: Hear Wien

Vienna music festival: Wien Modern, Konzerthaus

What are the best music festivals in Vienna in 2020 and 2021? As always in Vienna, do have your ear on the ground in this ‘city of music’. If you are serious about music why not pick a Vienna music festival and then treat yourself to a daily dose of gorgeous tunes? To help you do that I have pulled …

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Puppets Theatre Vienna Review: Marionette Opera Magic Flute

Marionette Theater Vienna in Schonbrunn

Puppets Theatre Vienna. Since the marionette opera in Vienna is fun and enchanting it’s a sure fire way for your children to enjoy classical music. When I introduced my kids to opera I took them to see Mozart’s Magic Flute at the marionette theater of Schönbrunn Palace. Her is our review. The Puppets Theatre In Schönbrunn Puppets Theatre Vienna. Tucked …

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Volksoper Vienna: Best Vienna Theatre for Operetta Musicals

Volksoper Vienna: Strauss operetta Die Fledermaus

Volksoper Vienna. Dear opera and theater lovers, what about looking behind the scenes and exploring Wien’s popular operetta genre? Watching an operetta musical at a Vienna theatre like Volksoper entertains and enlightens in a very local way. Ever since I could think my late grandparents and their friends raved about this popular Wiener opera house. Now also my generation rediscovers operetta …

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Johann Strauss Vienna Guide: What To See And Do For Strauss Music Fans

Johann Strauss apartment in Vienna

Johann Strauss Vienna Guide. Honestly, not even the most fervent Johann Strauss II fans will detect Strauss at every step in Vienna. Too hidden are his former apartments, too secluded exhibitions about him, and too tucked away or irregular are Strauss music events. Hence, here is the top guide to Vienna for fans of the King of Waltz. Who Was Johann …

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