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Vienna City Guide PDF: Maps, Walks and More To Download

Vienna City Guide PDFLet Me Boost Your Wien Plans Buy City Guide PDF and Essential Resources Guide for just  USD 9.90 BUY NOW! BUY NOW! BUY NOW! BUY NOW! BUY NOW! BUY NOW! BUY NOW! BUY NOW! BUY NOW! Why Is It... "I just returned from a week in Vienna and you are my always dependable source for tips and …

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Is There A Vienna Language? Viennese Dialect Explained

What language is spoken in Vienna, and Austria? Since Austria is a German speaking country, Vienna talks German, too, with its own soft accent. Viennese German is large phonetically different, the vocabulary and grammar are almost identical. Because most Austrians learn English in school they speak it fairly well. In Vienna, you will definitely get by speaking English. More specifically, …

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Vienna Prague Day Trip: What You Should Know

Vienna Prague Day Trip: Mala Strana from Charles Bridge

Vienna Prague Day Trip. From Vienna to Prague it is little more than 250 km. Some busy Europe travellers visit Prague from Vienna in a day. If you have the same plans make sure you are perfectly organised to get the most out of your day. I joined a guided day trip by coach to find out how Prague shaped up in …

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Shopping In Vienna Austria: Finding Shops You Like

Shopping in Vienna: Mothwurf

Insider shopping in Vienna can be hard for the average traveller. Just assume you want to buy quality with a local flavor that you can’t buy anywhere else. On a quiet weekday afternoon I visited just two shopping streets in the fourth and fifth districts and discovered a dozen exciting places. If you like Austrian craftsmanship and local luxury design, …

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Day Trips From Vienna Austria: Where To Spend A Gorgeous Day

Day Trips from Vienna: Salzburg City

If you have an extra day or more these 9 day trips from Vienna increase your radius beyond the capital’s culture. Within a radius of 200 miles half a dozen top landmarks, UNESCO World Heritage sites and European cultural capitals huddle together.  Let me share a few day trip ideas to neighbouring cities and the countryside to explore in a small group or …

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Vienna Segway Tour Review: Key Spots and Hidden Gems

Vienna Segway Tour Review. If you have never used a segway, criss-crossing Vienna that way sounds exotic. But I found it was the ultimate treat for my legs, and big fun! Forbidden Strauss Vienna Segway Tour Review. Before we headed off I refreshed my skills on a quiet stretch of Ringstrasse’s bike path. My  tutor steered me by boldly walking in …

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Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra – How To Get Concert Tickets

Things to do in Vienna December: Musikverein

Clearly, there are no more elusive musicians than the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Because of their outstanding fame, experiencing the Wiener Philharmoniker live has turned into a life goal for many classical music fans.  If you want more than TV and live streaming,  find out how to bag tickets for one of the most famous orchestras in the world. Wiener Philharmoniker …

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Congress Vienna: Objectives, Participants and Outcome in Brief

Congress Vienna cartoon

Congress Vienna. To understand European history it’s hard to ignore the Congress of Vienna. For 10 months, Vienna became the center of the world thanks to this historic event. This overview lays out the objectives, participants and the outcome of the congress of 1814/1815. Significance Briefly put, the Wiener Kongress was one of the most significant international political summits in Europe.  After the Congress of …

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How To Handle Hofburg Palace In 7 Smart Steps

New Year's Eve Concerts: Hofburg Palace

Before you start wondering about the name of that palace in Vienna, there are two different Imperial palaces: Hofburg and Schönbrunn Palace. In fact, this post will answer your questions about Hofburg Palace and map out the entire palace compound. First and foremost, the Wiener Hofburg is as vast as it is old. For more than 600 years, the Habsburg …

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Sacher Torte – History and Recipe of Our Sacher Cake

Sacher Torte:

There is so much hype around our Sacher Torte. Though I honestly think other Austrian desserts deserve at least the same attention, I can’t deny I like this cake. Therefore, here is my total guide to the Sacher Cake. The original cake derives its special hype from three sources: First, its ingredients and method of preparation. Second, its controversial history. Third, its cult brand. …

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