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Vienna Nightlife – Best Young Clubs And Student Bars

Vienna nightlife: club singer

Guest Post, by Sam As old as the city is, some Vienna nightlife takes years off it. In case you find yourself in Wien, the nightlife is your best bet to get fully acquainted with the city. Since Vienna Unwrapped has talked about some of the best bars in Vienna  for the over 30s here I am going to take a look at …

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Keller Vienna Restaurants: Are They As Good As They Seem?

keller Vienna restaurant Brezl Gwoelb

Keller Vienna Restaurants. Do you find cutting your Schnitzel beneath vaulted ceilings an irresistible thought? Located mostly in the city center, Vienna’s romantic keller restaurants let you fork up history and (food) culture in one big bite. However, the ongoing international stair run down the Kellers has created two types of cellar restaurants: those that cut it with guidebooks and …

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Siege of Vienna 1529: Why It Mattered In European History

Ottoman exhibition at Wien Museum

What is the Siege of Vienna? With the Siege of Vienna, the Ottoman Empire attempted to crown its first major territorial expansion to Central Europe. Initially, Ottoman commander-in-chief Sultan Suleiman (Süleyman) I The Magnificent aimed at gaining control of Hungary, a Habsburg territory. After defeating the Hungarian Habsburgs in the Battle of Mohacs, Suleiman decided to head further west. By that …

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Vienna Central Station: Our Railway Hub Explained

Vienna Central Station, train

With 5 levels, 12 platforms and 90 shops the city’s main railway hub Vienna Central Station is complex. In German, the train station is called Wien Hauptbahnhof, Wien HBF or Bahnhof City Wien. To get around, see the central station map, Hauptbahnhof’s exact location in Vienna, nearest hotels, restaurants and attractions, and fastest routes to the center and airport below. …

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Vienna Ferris Wheel – 8 Insights Before You Board

Vienna Ferris Wheel

Would you enjoy a ride in the Vienna Ferris Wheel? By all means, add the Wiener Riesenrad to your list if you love nostalgic places, engineering breakthroughs, a gentle pace, and panoramic views. To prepare for your ride and everything around, gather insight and practical information below. 1. How Old Is The Vienna Ferris Wheel? Dating from 1897, the Giant …

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What To Do In Vienna For Valentine’s Day 2021

dinner waggon at Giant Ferris Wheel

What are the best things to do in Vienna Austria for Valentine’s Day in 2021? My hometown is scoring high on romantic terms, with its music, waltz, baroque swirls, palaces, cakes and charming streets. NOTE: Because of ongoing restrictions in many areas of public life please double check availabilities and opening times before you visit locations. 1. Clip Clop, Eat …

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4 Things You Should Know Before Buying Travel Insurance

You have booked your ticket and you’re probably asking; what else have I not done? Travel insurance is one of the things you must have in your to-do list. You may think that all is going to be well; you won’t get sick- after all, you don’t remember the last time you were under medication. Travelling comes with many complications …

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Wine Tasting In Vienna: 3+ Top Finds Underground

Wine tasting in Vienna

As for guided wine tasting in Vienna local Austrian wine shops often beat vintners. Why? Simply because the latter are either busy cultivating wine, or serving food and drink in their wine taverns. In the city center, a small deli and wine store regularly pours out its knowledge about Viennese and Austrian wines. On top, you get to know one …

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Vienna Alps – Austria’s Semmering and Rax In A Day

Vienna Alps: Rax Alp vista

Vienna Alps. Did you know that the Alps are just an hour’s drive from Vienna? At the foothills of Europe’s largest mountain range, the Rax and Semmering create Alpine feelings. That said, you will find easy hiking paths, lovely historic villas and lush surroundings as well. In fact, the kind of things Empress Sissi, Sigmund Freud, baron Rothschild and many …

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Vienna Music Festival Guide 2022: Hear Wien

Vienna music festival: Wien Modern, Konzerthaus

What are the best music festivals in Vienna in 2022? As always in Vienna, do have your ear on the ground in this ‘city of music’. If you are serious about music why not pick a Vienna music festival and then treat yourself to a daily dose of gorgeous tunes? To help you do that I have pulled together a …

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