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How To Handle Hofburg Palace In 7 Smart Steps

New Year's Eve Concerts: Hofburg Palace

Before you start wondering about the name of that palace in Vienna, there are two different Imperial palaces: Hofburg and Schönbrunn Palace. In fact, this post will answer your questions about Hofburg Palace and map out the entire palace compound. First and foremost, the Wiener Hofburg is as vast as it is old. For more than 600 years, the Habsburg …

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Sacher Torte – History and Recipe of Our Sacher Cake

Sacher Torte:

There is so much hype around our Sacher Torte. Though I honestly think other Austrian desserts deserve at least the same attention, I can’t deny I like this cake. Therefore, here is my total guide to the Sacher Cake. The original cake derives its special hype from three sources: First, its ingredients and method of preparation. Second, its controversial history. Third, its cult brand. …

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Battle Of Vienna – Key European History For Travellers

painting of Battle of Vienna 1683

Why Was The Battle Of Vienna Important? The big Battle of Vienna, aka the Second Siege of Vienna, marked a milestone in defeating the Ottomans in Europe. It ensured Vienna and Europe maintained their Christian culture for the next couple of centuries. Most significantly, it marked the beginning of the end of the Great Turkish War (1663 to 1699) against …

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Vienna Restaurants on New Year’s Eve

by Jim (Dublin) I’m going from Ireland to Vienna with my wife and two boys (13 and 16). What would be a good restaurant to eat in on New years eve that would ring in the New year nicely? I don’t mind paying for a good night but don’t want to go for the Gala dinners, which would cost over …

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Michelin Restaurant Walter Bauer: Before You Go

Michelin star restaurant in Vienna: Walter Bauer

Michelin restaurant Walter Bauer represented a neat little nest hidden in a charming narrow street in old Vienna: brilliant material for a triumphal discovery of a ‘hidden restaurant gem’. For years, the traditional Viennese restaurant ranked top with not only locals and travellers, but the media and food guides. The Settings At Walter Bauer After an endless search for a …

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Famous Opera Singers At The Vienna Opera House

Famous Opera Singers At The Vienna Opera House My shortlist of the world’s most famous opera singers such as Renée Fleming, Anna Netrebko, and Charles Castronovo is a cross cut through contemporary opera singing. The celebrities on this list share on thing: They all perform regularly at the Vienna Opera House. The list of 10 of the ten most popular contemporary …

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Austrian Food – A Native’s Guide to Austrian Recipes

Austrian Food: Gulash

If you like hearty, flavorsome, and sweet dishes you will love Austrian food. To provide you with an overview I’m sharing my guide to the best local dishes of my home country, including links to Austrian recipes. In general, food from Austria mixes Central European produce, textures and flavours. Most of these influences date back to more than six centuries of Habsburg Empire. While …

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Vienna History – 11 Key Milestones You Need To Know

Vienna History: view of Vienna from Josefstadt, 1690

Vienna history. Whether you plan a trip to my hometown, work on a school report or simply want to fill a gap in your knowledge of European history: Knowing the key events in Vienna’s history will help you understand the fabric of politics and culture in Austria’s capital and beyond. War, glamour, and diplomacy run through the key stages of …

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Things To Do In Vienna April 2024: Easter in Wien and More

Styria event in Vienna

What are the best things to do in Vienna in April 2024? This month kick-starts outdoor activities in Vienna. Restaurants, cafés and wineries move tables and seats outdoors, boat operators re-open their trips on the Danube, and Vienna tour operators re-start their bike and segway tours. For the best indoor classical music, find out what I recommend in Vienna concerts. …

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Vienna Hotels For Christmas – How To Stay Close To Markets and Concerts

Sacher in the winter

Vienna Hotels for Christmas. If you are in Vienna for Christmas, do you want a place near Christmas markets, or a romantic hideaway? I have found a few perfect places right next to Christkindlmärkte, seasonal concert venues, churches and Christmas shopping. Alternatively, look at my finds in tranquil outskirts with village character for a romantic hideaway. Here are my top choices for Christmas in …

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