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Vienna Coffeehouses Favourites: Cafe Frauenhuber

Vienna Coffeehouses Favourites Of My Hometown

My Wiener Kaffeehaus Shortlist

Vienna Coffeehouses Favourites. There are hundreds of Vienna coffeehouses, each with their own style, menu, cultural offer and therefore their own special audience. To save you a tour de force to have your Vienna coffee in style, screen the shortlist of my favourite coffeehouses below. It is the result of two decades of relentless research and testing. You can also download it as a neat pdf together with my best tips for restaurants, cake shops and wineries, as part of my Vienna City Guide.

Café Sperl

Vienna coffeehouses favourites: Cafe SperlVienna Coffeehouses Favourites. Spacious Wiener Kaffeehaus with good lunch menu and cosy interiors, run passionately for decades by Herr and Frau Staub (see photo); mostly attended by locals, though the café also stocks international papers like International Herald Tribune, Financial Times, The Times, Le Monde, Corriere della Sera; friendly staff but ask for the bill right when you get served, if you are short on time;
WLAN access: yes
Location: Gumpendorferstrasse 11, A-1060 Vienna
Opening hours: Mon to Sat 7am to 11pm;

Café Museum

Vienna coffeehouses favourites: Cafe MuseumVienna Coffeehouses Favourites. I love the cosy boxes, red velvet upholstery and large retro-style mirrored globes hanging from the ceiling of café Museum. And it is legendary: The painter Gustav Klimt and other famous Austrian artists and writers frequented Vienna coffeehouses such as the Museum in the early 20th century. The Kaffeehaus has so much improved since the owners re-installed the 1930’s style design of Josef Zotti a couple of years ago, and since it turned to no-smoking. The area is quite spacious and the Museum has a quiet separate room in the back for business and other talks. The pastry offer is overwhelming. Located on Karlsplatz, the Museum is a good starting point for my Art Nouveau walk.
WLAN access: yes
Location: Operngasse 7 / Karlsplatz
Opening hours: daily, 8am to midnight

Vienna Unwrapped symbolCulinary Sweet Tour Of Vienna

Vienna coffeehouses favourites: Patisserie DemelThere is so much more to say about the UNESCO-recognised Viennese coffeehouse culture with all its stories and anecdotes than fits in here. Join Herrn Auinger, Frau Minnich or Frau Trost when in Vienna. They will not only take you on a coffeehouse, patisserie and pastry shop tour but will deliver the big picture on local cafe history, pastries, and sweets of Vienna. This tour is also popular with Austrians.
Learn more about the culinary sweet tour.

Café Griensteidl

Vienna coffeehouses favourites: Cafe GriensteidlVienna Coffeehouses Favourites.  Located at Herberstein Palace, the Griensteidl is simply elegant, airy, and one of the few 100% non smoking coffeehouses in Vienna. The plush red upholstery and the original Thonet coffeehouse chairs around the marble tables make you want to linger there forever. In the summer, you can sit on the outdoor terrace, with a view on the Imperial Palace’s Michaeler Gate, which also leads to the Spanish Riding School. This is a great place for having Viennese breakfast.
WLAN access: yes
Location: Michaelerplatz 2, A-1010 Vienna
Opening hours: daily between 8am and 11.30pm

Vienna Unwrapped symbol My tip: Join my monthly social dining events at some of the coolest and best cafes in town. At the Vienna Coffeehouse Conversations you share dinner, coffee and an inspiring conversation based on a menu of questions with a local.

Café Hawelka

Vienna coffeehouses, favourites: Cafe HawelkaVienna Coffeehouses Favourites.  The Hawelka is a Viennese institution that has been frequented by intellectuals such as Friedrich Torberg for almost a century. The café has managed to guard its authentic culture of Vienna coffeehouses despite a fair share of travellers among the guests. I love its shabby charm, with the highly cosy red velvet upholstery and original woodenThonet chairs, and the vintage posters on the walls. Hawelka has a nice offer of pastries, among them the late Mrs. Hawelka’s legendary Buchteln (yeast buns filled with plum jam). Rather unusually for Vienna coffeehouses, I have only experienced extremely friendly waiters and great service there. The Hawelka is just five minutes from Vienna attraction Stephansdom and a great place to rest during your Old Vienna walk.
WLAN access: yes
Location: Dorotheergasse 6, A-1010 Vienna
Opening hours: Mon to Sat 8am to 2am; Sun and public holidays 10am to 2am; (you are more likely to get a table during the week before lunch or in the evenings)

Create Your Own Coffee

Vienna coffeehouse favourites: MyMeinlDid you know that you can mix, match, personalise and order your own Vienna coffee blend online? Iconic Austrian coffee brand Meinl has created MyMeinl, a fun website that lets you select your own roast and blend, and then add your name (or someone else’s) with a message to the pack.

Café Central

Vienna coffeehouses favourites: Cafe CentralVienna Coffeehouses Favourites.  Its marble columns, vaulted and painted ceilings, and large paintings of Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Sisi make Café Central one of the most elegant Vienna coffeehouses. In the early 20th century, this Wiener Kaffeehaus had been a legendary meeting point for Austrian artists and writers such as Oskar Kokoschka, Adolf Loos and Hugo von Hofmannsthal. Yes, there are usually loads of tourists. Having said that, I regularly used the Central for jours fixes in my student days. The home made cakes and Austrian savoury meals are excellent, though the waiters are not always the friendliest. There is live piano music every day from 5pm. Another good place to rest towards the end of your Old Vienna walk.
WLAN access: yes
Location: corner Herrengasse/Strauchgasse , A-1010 Vienna
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 7.30am to 10 pm; Sunday and public holidays: 10am to 10pm

Café -Restaurant Diglas

Vienna coffeehouses favourites: Cafe DiglasVienna Coffeehouses Favourites.  The Café-Restaurant Diglas is of the best Vienna coffeehouses in the category ‘pastries’, including fabulous red currant cake topped with fluffy baked whipped egg white; quirky pieces of decoration mix well with traditional look and feel; have dinner from the café’s fully fledged Austrian menu on Tue, Wed, Fri or Sat evenings with live piano music (8 to 10.30pm)
WLAN access: yes
Location: Wollzeile 10, A-1010 Vienna
Opening hours: daily, 8am to 10.30pm

Kleines Café

Vienna coffeehouses favourites: Kleines CafeVienna Coffeehouses Favourites.  The big bonus of the Kleines Café is undoubtedly its splendid outdoor space on a tiny old square 5 minutes from Stephansdom. The small shabby charm space inside is nice, too, and great if you are not claustrophobic. This Wiener Kaffeehaus is also a good place to trial Austrian sourdough bread with different bread spreads and toppings. I use to have a simple slice of dark bread with butter and chopped chives there.
WLAN access: no
Location: Franziskanerplatz 3, A-1010 Vienna
Opening hours: daily, 10am to 2am

Café Drechsler

Vienna coffeehouses favourites: Cafe DrechslerVienna Coffeehouses Favourites.  A real institution among Vienna coffeehouses that has evolved without loosing its charm, thanks to UK star architect Sir Terence Conran. The Café Drechsler was once THE coffeehouse for booth sellers from Naschmarkt in Vienna: Mr. Drechsler used to cross the street with a big tray of Vienna coffee mugs at 4 am (!) to serve his market clientele. Now it has turned into a trendy spot for young local urbanists. The Café Drechsler is also the best address for late night hunger and thirst attacks (see opening hours). I especially like the cool urban chill out tunes from the coffeehouse’s home made compilations. This coffeehouse is a great stop if you visit theNaschmarkt or do the Art Nouveau walk. The lunch menu is contemporary Austrian: Go for the pumpkin goulash and soft cheese strudel with warm vanilla sauce!
WLAN access: yes
Location: Linke Wienzeile 22, A-1060 Vienna
Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday 8am to midnight; Friday and Saturday: 8am to 2am;

Cafe Prückel

Vienna coffeehouses favourites: Cafe PrueckelVienna Coffeehouses Favourites.  You feel the years of this early 20th-century Wiener Kaffeehaus legend along the Ringstrasse Vienna, in a nice way. The scuffed armrests of the 1950’s wooden chairs, the faded upholstery of the benches, and the well treaded linoleum floor create the atmosphere of a long-loved social meeting point. While the 1950’s area of the Café Prückel with its signature Oswald Haerdtl chandelier is for smokers, the Art Nouveau-style part with gold plated stucco ceilings and comfortable rattan chairs is non-smoking. There is live piano music every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 7pm and 10pm, and you can buy our famous Kaffeehaus newspaper holders there.
WLAN access: yes
Location: Stubenring 24/Lueger Platz (opposite the Museum of Applied Arts/Contemporary Art) A-1010 Vienna
Opening hours: daiily from 8.30 am to 10pm, except 24th, 25th and 26th December

Café Heuer

Vienna coffeehouses favourites: Cafe HeuerVienna Coffeehouses Favourites.  The restaurant and café Heuer replaces Kunsthalle Café. The contemporary interiors mix traditional Thonet coffeehouse chairs with elegant leather and a clean look. The Heuer is mostly frequented by young to mid-aged urban professionals, and students. The Heuer loves to serve home made products. Even its lemonade and ice tea are made by the chef’s team.
WLAN access: yes
Location: Treitlstrasse 2, A-1010 Vienna
Opening hours: daily, 10am to 2am (kitchen open 10am to midnight)

Das Möbel

Vienna coffeehouses favourites: Das MoebelVienna Coffeehouses Favourites.  Das Möbel Café allows you to touch and feel young local design while having a sip of coffee and a snack. From the chair you sit on to the table and lamps: Every piece in the café is for sale. Das Moebel has become a real design institution which has helped a few young designers to establish themselves. A separate furniture and design shop was added to Das Möbel which is located close to Café Sperl in Gumpendorferstrasse. I wish Das Möbel would go back to presenting quirky single pieces, as it did in its early days, instead of more conform objects ready for serial production, but it is still worth a visit during your Art walk, and if you want to experience new style Vienna coffeehouses.
WLAN access: yes
Location: Burggasse 10, A-1070 Vienna
Opening hours: daily, 10am to to midnight

More Vienna Coffeehouses Favourites

Vienna Coffeehouses Favourites.  There are still new coffeehouses that I discover in Vienna. My latest best finds include traditional Café Frauenhuber (see feature photo) in the city, cool Café Ansari in Leopoldstadt, and neighbourhood Café Hummel In Leopoldstadt.

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