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Trains to Vienna

Trains To Vienna: Airport, from Prague, Bratislava, Budapest etc. via Central Station

New Central Station And Best Europe Rail Connections

Trains to Vienna. Should you fly or take the train to Vienna? Are you planning a Europe round trip and want a stop over in my hometown? What is the European city with the fastest connection to Vienna?

To help you find out, I have put together six of the most popular Europe rail journeys to Vienna, along with facts, ticket information and a train connections tool. The most popular routes to Vienna are all connected via highspeed trains.

Vienna Central Station

Trains to Vienna. Vienna’s new Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) has turned into a key European transport hub. Europe round trips via Vienna have become easy: There are more and faster connections from other European (and Austrian) cities, and you can change between trains from one spot. You arrive directly at Hauptbahnhof (and Wien Meidling) no matter from which European intercity destination you started.

Trains To Vienna Airport

The easiest way to travel to Schwechat airport is by City Airport Train. It connects Central Vienna with the airport in 16 minutes. Find out more about trains to and from Vienna International Airport (Schwechat).

6 Most Popular Europe Rail Journeys To Vienna

Trains to Vienna. The 6 most popular Europe rail routes for trains to Vienna are as follows. (I have added the Austrian town of Salzburg, as this domestic connection is too good to be missed.)

1. From Salzburg to Vienna

Type: Railjet, OEBB IC
Changes: none (best option)
Duration: 2 hours 32 minutes
Departure: Salzburg Hauptbahnhof
Arrival: Wien Westbahnhof
Frequency: two to three per hour (including trains run by private operator Westbahn

2. From Budapest to Vienna

Type: Railjet
Changes: none (best option)
Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes
Departure: Budapest-Keleti pu
Arrival: Wien Südbahnhof (Ostbahn) or Wien Meidling
Frequency: every two hours

3. From Prague to Vienna

Type: EC
Changes: none (best option)
Duration: 4 hours 43 minutes
Departure: Praha hl.n.
Arrival: Wien Meidling
Before you go to Prague, get some travel ideas from Prague local Ales, who runs the Prague Online Guide

4. From Munich to Vienna

Type: Railjet
Changes: none (best option)
Duration: 4 hours 17 minutes
Departure: München Hauptbahnhof
Arrival: Wien Westbahnhof
Frequency: every two hours

5. From Venice to Vienna

Type: ‘Vienna-VENEZIA Express’
Changes: none
Duration: 11 hours 10 min
Departure: Venice Sta. Lucia
Arrival: Wien Westbahnhof;
Frequency: once a day (overnight train)

6. From Paris to Vienna

Type: TGV/ice; TGV/EN; CNL/Railjet
Changes: one (best option>
Duration: between 12 hours 17 min and 15 hours 55 min
Departure: Paris Est
Arrival: Wien Westbahnhof; Wien Meidling
Frequency: two departures in the morning, two in the afternoon, one in the evening

Train Connections And Tickets


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Trains to Vienna. Within Central Europe, there are lots of fast and comfortable connections to Vienna. If you are located in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg or the Netherlands, choose a highspeed railway journey with Intercity Express (ICE), or with Railjet if you are based in Budapest or Munich.

You can also take one of the over night trains to Vienna from several destinations in Germany, Italy, Poland and Switzerland.

The Austrian Railways (OEBB)are offering a discount card (VORTEILScard) for different target groups such as families, adults, people aged under 26 or over 60. If you order the card online, you will get a 50 percent reduction on your rail journey. Further information on the VORTEILScard and how to buy

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