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Michelin Star Restaurants Vienna: The Big Five

5 Reasons To Go Beyond Wiener Schnitzel

Michelin star restaurants Vienna: Silvio Nickol

If you like Michelin star restaurants Vienna is holding a few gems. Our love for hearty local cuisine has made space for the creative delights of fine gourmet dining. Viennese and Mediterranean food still take centre stage.

Michelin Star Restaurants Vienna: meal at Walter Bauer'sOur Michelin star chefs have modernised and lightened up Viennese cuisineWiener SchnitzelPalatschinken (a type of crepe) and other fried dishes now get by on the bare minimum of frying oil. Cream sauces are either replaced or lightened up with vegetable broths. Meat cuts have slimmed down. Finally, bread and potato dumplings have changed proportions with vegetables cooked firm to the bite.

Most haute cuisine chefs deliberately source their ingredients from high quality Austrian farms. They use Austria’s rich variety of home grown vegetables, mushrooms, meat, bread and dairy products. Heinz Reitbauer, chef of Austria’s best restaurant, the Steirereck im Stadtpark, gets his vegetables from carefully selected suppliers. Among them is the Higher School for Gardening Education in Schonbrunn Palace, a private grower of dandelions, a supplier from Vienna’s Rochus market, and a specialist supplier for wild vegetables. “For me, the producers are the new important stars”, he says “they are often the roots for a new trend.” (source: Falstaff)

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Michelin Star Restaurants Vienna: The Big Five

With five Michelin star restaurants Vienna offers a small but fine selection of gourmet eateries serving Austrian cuisine (there are others serving international food). They are all independently located rather than forming part of hotels. We currently list three one-star and two two-star restaurants,

Michelin restaurant Steirereck im Stadtpark (two stars)

Michelin restaurant Silvio Nickol (two stars)

Michelin restaurant Walter Bauer (one star)

Michelin Star Restaurants Vienna: Mraz und Sohn family cooksMichelin restaurant Mraz und Sohn (one star): This Viennese family business serves highly creative cuisine that wildly experiments with Viennese food: expect things such as octopus with greaves dumplings and chicoree, or breast and thymus from veal in egg nogg with licorice cabbage and truffled rice. Third-generation Lukas Mraz learned the ropes with Dutch cooking wizard Johnnie Boer. The legere ambiente made of a mix of country style, contemporary chic and a dash of pop art seems to have organically grown over the years. Mraz and Sohn is located across the Danube in the 20th district.

Price: (3 courses) approximately EUR 65 (excluding drinks)
Location: Wallensteinstrasse 59, A-1200 Vienna
Opening hours: Mondays to Fridays 11am to 3pm; 6.30pm to midnight; closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
Bookings: call +43 (0)1 330 45 94 to book a table

Other Michelin Star Restaurants In Vienna

There are two more star restaurants serving Austrian/eclectic cuisine.

Dom Beisl: Go for this fine dining place if you want excellent food in an informal setting right in the city centre, from tender deer back to fluffy soft cheese nougat dumplings.

Price: (3 courses) approximately EUR 58 (excluding drinks)
Location: Schuler Strasse 4, A-1010 Vienna (behind St. Stephen’s Cathedral)
Opening hours: Mondays to Fridays 5.30 to midnight; closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
Bookings: email to book a table

Restaurant Vincent: local favourite serving exquisit Austrian and international food in trendy district Leopoldstadt. Choose the restaurant for a traditional ambiente, and the winter garden for a modern feel.

Price: (3 courses) approxmiately EUR 80 (excluding drinks)
Location: Grosse Pfarrgasse 7, A-1020 Vienna
Opening hours: Tuesdays to Saturdays from 5.30pm; open on public holidays
Bookings: email to book a table




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