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Vienna Concerts and Restaurants With Children

by Ava

Concert at Musikverein


Concert at Musikverein

Vienna Concerts

We will travel Vienna for the first time. Our boys are 9 and 11. Do you have restaurant recommendations for traditional food? Also, they are keen to dress up and see a classical concert. Would you recommend any one in particular or any location in particular? Any further information would be much appreciated! Thank you!

Dear Ava,

Here are my thoughts:

1. Suitable concerts: The best occasions to dress up for a concert are classical music events at the Wiener Musikverein or the Wiener Konzerthaus. The Musikverein is the home of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, but there are also other famous orchestras playing there. As your boys are about the same age as the boys of the Vienna Boys Choir, they may be interested in hearing them sing. Click here for the event calendar of the Wiener Musikverein, including ticket booking facilities.

The other location is the Wiener Konzerthaus, home of the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra, which has a great selection of both classical and contemporary concerts. One of the classical concert series performed there is The Best Of Mozart And Strauss. You can access the concert calendar of the Konzerthaus and ticket booking facilities here.

2. Traditional restaurants: My two favourite taverns/brasseries are Zu den Drei Hacken (serving the best Vienna Sunday roast) and Silberwirt. For a slightly more elegant setting (but not stiff!) go to Plachutta in Wollzeile. They have various outlets but I think the one in Wollzeile in the city centre is the nicest. See further recommendations fortraditional taverns here. A good place for traditional food are also thelocal wineries. They are about 30 to 45 minutes from the city centre, by public transport.

Wish you a great stay!

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