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Vienna Restaurant Silberwirt: Review

Viennese Neighbourhood Eatery With A Twist

restaurant Silberwirt in Vien

Vienna restaurant Silberwirt. Are you searching for an established local eatery that beams you right into the center of residential Vienna?

At this 200-year-old tavern (‘Beisl’) you will have your Sunday lunch next to local families, and enjoy your dinner alongside business professionals and blue collar workers unwinding from their busy days. I have been there several times when I lived in Vienna. Now, whenever I go back to my hometown, a dinner at Silberwirt feels so nostalgic.

Building And Interiors

Vienna pictures : lunch at the inner courtyard of Vienna restaurant and tavern Silberwirt, AustriaVienna restaurant Silberwirt. The most outstanding thing about Silberwirt is its location in a historic building complex that dates back to the 14th century. The building has been branded ‘Schlossquadrat’ and houses another restaurant and two bars. The interiors have been updated recently. There are still the green painted wood panels, wooden chairs and tables that make this place so cosy.

The outdoor seating in the historic inner courtyard is one of the most beautiful in Vienna, a real must for warm summer days. The courtyard is one of Vienna’s typical Pawlatschen courtyards. and is recommended by city walking tour guides.

Traditional Austrian Food And Drinks

Vienna restaurant Silberwirt. Austrian tavern food can be pretty innovative while staying close to its roots. Silberwirt excels both at traditional and creative food from Austria: start from boiled beef, pork roast (Schweinsbraten) and Schinkenfleckerl (savoury pasta with ham and grated cheese), or enter new territory with baked spinach and cheese dumplings, mashed potatoes with poppy seeds, and semolina soup with radicchio. The dishes are best washed down with a draught beer, one of the many popular wines or an original Kracherl (home-made sirup diluted with still or sparkling water).

Price: EUR 7 to EUR 15
Location: Schlossgasse 21, A-1050 Vienna
Opening hours: daily from 12 noon to midnight
Bookings: T 0043 (0)1 544 49 07 or info@schlossquadr.at

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