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Wachau Valley Cruise

by Sheila

Wachau Valley Cruise

We are planning to travel to Austria in the summer and are interested in a Danube cruise. I would like to know if there is any one day cruiseavailable, not from Vienna, but maybe from Melk or somewhere in the Danube Valley?

I would appreciate if you can give more information. Thank you very much


Dear Sheila,

thank you for your enquiry.

I recommend for you to do a one day cruise in Wachau Valley, a beautiful hilly region famous for its vineyards and apricot specialities. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. (I studied there for two years and am an absolute fan!)

The best cruise ship in the Wachau Valley is Brandner Schiffahrt. They do cruises from various locations in the Wachau Valley, for example Melk.

If your Austria travel dates are in June, try and book an evening boat tour to experience the wonderful Summer Solstice at Wachau Valley and Nibelungengau Valley, which is celebrated each year with fireworks and festivities along the Danube. The summer solstice celebration dates for 2013 are:

15th June, Nibelungengau area
22nd June, Wachau area

Brandner usually offers solstice evening boat tours at Wachau Valley. Nibelungengau (solstice) boat tours are offered by MS Marbach (contact site owners directly as site in German only) and Donau Schiffahrt Ardagger (contact site owners directly)

Other tour operators offering local Wachau roundtrips are DDSG andWachau Schiff.

Please let me know if this was helpful.

Enjoy the Danube!

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