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Where is Vienna Austria: view from Leopoldsberg

Where Is Vienna Austria? Map, Climate And Nearest Cities

Where is Vienna Austria in Europe exactly? What do its surroundings look like? How far is it from Vienna to the nearest major cities?

Vienna is located in Central Europe. Austria is bordering eight countries: Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Italy and Slovenia. With Vienna being located in the Eastern part of Austria, some Eastern European cities are closer to Vienna than other major Austrian cities.

At an area size of 414.87 square kilometers (157.65 square miles) Vienna is about as large as Cairo, Jaipur, or New Orleans.

Where Is Vienna Austria On The Map?

Latitude and Longitude of Vienna 16° 21′ O, 48° 13′ N

See Vienna’s geographical location on this map. It includes most of Austria’s neighbouring countries.
Where is Vienna Austria: Map of Europe

Where is Vienna Austria? Can you go skiing or swimming or take a boat trip close to Vienna? The answer is yes. Vienna is located between the Eastern fringe of the Alps, the Western fringe of the Vienna Basin, and the Pannonic Lowlands which stretch far into Hungary. The Danube crosses Vienna in the North. The Vienna Woods embrace the city from the northwest to the southwest. At about 60 km south east, the Neusiedlersee borders with Hungary.

Vienna Climate Zone

Where is Vienna Austria in terms of the climate zone? Vienna is part of the Middle European Transition Climate Zone. This means, we get our weather from either the Atlantic, or from other parts of the European continent. The result is a mixture of wet weather, cool continental winds from the north and east, or warm weather from the south and south west.

Where Is Vienna Austria Compared To Nearby Cities?

Where is Vienna Austria? Orientate yourself with this list of selected nearby cities and other major European destinations. Many of them are among the best places in Europe to travel. This will also help you to plan a European round triptrain journeys to and from Vienna and flights to and from Vienna within Europe. The nearby cities are well connected by highway and can be a good option for a day excursion by car.

  • Vienna – Bratislava: 56 km / 35 miles
  • Vienna – Budapest: 233 km / 145 miles
  • Vienna – Salzburg: 252 km / 156 miles
  • Vienna – Prague: 252 km / 156 miles
  • Vienna – Munich: 354 km / 220 miles
  • Vienna – Venice: 434 km / 269 miles
  • Vienna – Frankfurt: 601 km / 374 miles
  • Vienna – Milan: 623 km / 387 miles
  • Vienna – Rome: 765 km / 475 miles
  • Vienna – Paris: 1,037 km / 645 miles

Where In Austria To Travel From Vienna?

Other than Vienna and Salzburg, Austria remains largely unknown for many culture travellers. Native Austrians like me have it easy to find the best spots. Let me share my top 21 locations in Austria with you. I have also included transport options in my Austria Travel Guide and how long it will take you to get there.

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