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Vienna Woods Hotel – Guide to Best Places In My Native Area

Find The Perfect Vienna Woods Hideaway

The perfect Vienna Woods hotel can be a 19th century palace hotel in a spa town, a romantic tavern in a historic market town, or a hideaway wine growing estate in a sleepy village. Having said that, it’s not that easy to find a great local hotel. I have used my own local experience to help, as I grew up in Baden in the Vienna Woods (the epicentre of nice hotels).

Four Star Hotels

Suitehotel Kahlenberg

The suite hotel on Kahlenberg mountain is an excellent Vienna Woods hotel that is also closest to Vienna. It’s in fact still part of it. I particularly like the contrast of the stylish modern hotel located right on top of green Kahlenberg mountain. From many rooms and from the panorama terrace, you’ll get an excellent view of Vienna, the Danube and the Danube Island. Locals love to hike there, and use the nearby nature adventure park. A bus and the metro take you to Vienna’s city centre in 50 minutes.
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Hotel Schloss Weikersdorf

This is my favourite elegant Vienna Woods hotel. It’s big on charm. My sister celebrated her wedding in this palace that dates back to the 13th century, and I sometimes have Sunday brunch on the terrace with my family, overlooking the rosegarden of adjacent Doblhoff park. The Vienna Woods and the city centre of Biedermeier spa town Baden are a ten minutes walk from there. Another ten minutes walk, and the Opernbus takes you to Vienna’s city centre in 40 minutes. A great romantic hideaway!
Where to book: Get rates and customer reviews for Hotel Schloss Weikersdorf.

Villa Gutenbrunn

The Villa Gutenbrunn is a stone’s throw from my dad’s flat, so I know it quite well. The 18th century villa with its 37 rooms is spacious, fresh and mixes traditional interiors with contemporary chic. What makes it special is the grand salon with its piano and white arcades, and the daily classic and jazz hours in Gerard’s cosy salon. As with Schloss Weikersdorf, the Vienna Woods start ten minutes walk from there, Baden’s city centre is a five minutes walk. A sweet weekend getaway from Vienna.
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Hotel Krainerhütte Helenental

Another hotel around the corner where I grew up is Krainerhütte. The mid-shot aerial view just shows woods, meadows, and this contemporary hotel. People use it to relax, go hiking, biking, joining seminars, and visiting the spa town of Baden with itsGrand Casino, the Habsburgs’ Mayerling hunting lodge, and Heiligenkreuz Abbey. Krainerhuette is a Vienna woods hotel with the most peaceful setting, similar to Hanner Hotel. A contemporary resort for nature lovers.
Where to book: Get rates and customer reviews for Hotel Krainerhütte.

Hotel Höldrichsmühle

Höldrichsmühle is a solid four star hotel in a perfect location for a Vienna Woods hotel: The 18th century house with contemporary interiors sits on top of Hinterbruehl market town, right along the best hiking and bike paths to the Vienna woods region of Anninger. Like Baden, the forest paths in this area are scattered with little 19th century stone temples, wooden pavilions and wayside crosses. A quality no-nonsense hotel for people who want to venture out into the Vienna Woods while staying close to Vienna (at 10 km distance).
Where to book: Access rates and customer reviews for Höldrichsmühle.

Relais et Chateaux Hanner

At this Vienna Woods hotel you really feel right in the middle of the woods, and you are. Hotel Hanner, a member of the Relais et Chateaux group, is located in Mayerling, around 30 km south west of Vienna. Mayerling is best known as the location of the tragic double suicide of Crown Prince Rudolph and Mary Vetsera. The most stunning element of this otherwise quite simple hotel is its gourmet restaurant(one of the best in Austria), and its huge natural swimming pool/biotope next to a lavish lounge area and a sculpture garden. The surroundings are good for hiking and visiting nearby historic towns, and Heiligenkreuz Abbey. A great summer spot if Vienna gets too hot.
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Romantic And Historic Vienna Woods Hotel Selection

Hotel Landhaus Moserhof

If you are after a romantic and stylish hideaway in the Vienna Woods, do check out Moserhof. The Bugelnig family has done a pretty good job in turning their 600-year old estate into a charming countryside bolthole. (I’d love to stay there but what would I tell my sister who lives almost next door?) Rooms are spacious and individual – you can choose between those with vaulted ceilings, terraces, in historic Biedermeier or modern countryhouse style. Moserhof also has a fantastic outdoor pool.
I love that Renaissance vintner village of Gumpoldskirchen, which is full of excellent wine taverns. The Grand Casino Baden and the Beethoven house are 5 km from there.
Where to book: Get rates and reviews for Hotel Landhaus Moserhof;

Freigut Thallern

When I was a child, I would visit Freigut Thallern with my parents to have one of their famous breaded chickens. Since then, the 12th century winegrowing estate has moved on to offer a few exclusive and really charming rooms. The old tavern still exists. A perfect place for wine lovers – there are several wine tasting sessions, where you can try different wines from the 30 hectare estate. The adjacent Renaissance vintner village of Gumpoldskirchen and the lush hills of Anninger with their hiking paths are another big plus for this place.
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Carl Michael Ziehrer Haus

This Bed and Breakfast is no ordinary Vienna Woods hotel. The Carl-Michael-Ziehrer Haus is named after the famous Austrian operetta composer, and was a former recreation home for musicians. You are still likely to meet Austrian musicians and members of the Austrian theatres’ trade union there, as they get a discount. The B and B is simple but placed in a wonderful location right in the spa town of Baden‘s Kurpark. The romantic garden has a charming wooden pavilion, and is next to the hiking paths of Kurpark.
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