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Vienna Tours in English: Best Offers In My Hometown

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Vienna tour guide and group

There are dozens of different Vienna tours. They help you turn every stone there, get pointers or just have fun, explore the city in a small group, in private, or in a larger group. I have screened and tested a few tours to help you do just that. Here is my guide of the best guided tours on foot, by bike, car and segway.

Vienna Unwrapped symbolVienna travel tips: Book Vienna tours early on during your city break. Vienna guides usually provide tips on what else to see and do. Choose the right size group for you.

Walking Tours

Vienna Tours: Hofburg Imperial PalaceMost of Vienna’s must-sees cluster in the city centre’s pedestrian area, from Hofburg Imperial Palace to St. Stephen’s Cathedral. If you are a first time visitor, start with a city highlights walking tour. Group tours usually have a maximum of 30 participants. There are also small-group tours and private tours available.

Themed walks allow you to explore Vienna from a special angle, for example Jewish Vienna, Imperial Vienna, classical music tours, or a historic courtyards walk. Most include a visit to some of our most beautiful neighbourhoods. Learn more in  Vienna Walking Tours.

Tours By Bike

Vienna Tours: city centre bike tourThe city is largely flat, has more than 1,000 km of bike paths and lush green surroundings. Guided bike tours in the city cover the highlights of the historic old town as well as the Vienna Prater and the Danube Island. Extend your radius and sign up for a wine tasting tour at UNESCO world heritage site Wachau Valley, cycle along the popular Danube bike path, and visit the national park around Lake Neusiedl (our little ‘seaside’). You can even bike to other nearby European cities such as Bratislava, Budapest, Prague, and Krakow on a guided tour. Vienna Tours By Bike

Tours By Segway

Vienna Tours: Segway tourLocal bike paths are increasingly humming with Segways. They are mostly used by small groups of visitors and a few locals who want to give it a try. (It took me and most other group members 15 minutes to work it out.) Segway tour operators usually accept children from 12 years of age.

You can choose between booking a Vienna tour with a proper tour guide to see the inner city, going on a nature trail through the woodlands of the Vienna Prater or touring the Danube island. Learn more in my review. Vienna Tours By Segway

Vienna by Hot Rod

Vienna tours: hot rod on RingstrasseVienna tours. These little tour cars are getting extremely popular in Germany, Spain and now Austria. They are based on original models from the 1930’s. After World War II young people with some money loved to do high-speed racing in these cars. You won’t need to go crazy over speed. Take your time and move round Vienna in a guided small group of other hot rodders. During two hours, you will see all the key sights o Vienna. The cars are easy to drive and you’ll get instructions and safety helmets. Book either a daylight tour or a moonlight tour. (You will get your full money back in case of bad weather.)

Vienna Tours Private Sightseeing

Vienna tours: private guideThere are loads of private tours and tour guides in town but they are not easy to find. A savvy private tour guide can package Vienna according to your personal interests.

Private tours range from luxurious to down-to-earth. You can tour the city in a luxury limousine with private chauffeur, take themed walks and photo safaris in private or in small groups or do hiking tours in the surroundings. You can even team up with a passionate local for the ultimate sneak behind the surface of good old Vienna. Private Tours

My Tour Reviews

There is a series of special tours through my hometown. I have joined and reviewed a few of them:

Vienna Bike Tour

Vienna tours: city centre bike tourThis is an excellent pointer tour that is a little more relaxed. Other than most sightseeing tours, it allows you to venture out into popular green space you may not otherwise have gone to. You start biking from the Danube canal into Ringstrasse with the City Hall, Burgtheater, Volksgarten and Parliament, then pass the Imperial Palace, our key baroque church St. Charles Borromeo before riding to Gaudi-esque colour blob Hundertwasserhaus, the Prater woodlands, and the Giant Ferris Wheel.
Read my review of the Bike Tour.

Otto Wagner Church Tour

Vienna tours: Otto Wagner ChurchVienna’s Otto Wagner church is a masterpiece of Art Nouveau architecture. It is located in what some would call an ‘Art Nouveau historic theme park’ in the West of Vienna. Visiting the church, the adjacent Jugendstil hospital and pavilions, and the derelict Art Nouveau theatre transports you straight back to Vienna 1900. You learn all about the essence of Viennese Art Nouveau and Otto Wagner’s wonderful world of shapes and ornaments. Read my tour review.

Third Man Movie Tour

Vienna tours: MoelkerbasteiDiscover a different Vienna by following in the footsteps of The Third Man, Graham Greene’s 1949 cult film. The walking tour is fun as it references a lot of film production flaws and cheating on various of the original locations that you will visit.

It is also highly informative as you get to know interesting parts of the city centre you probably wouldn’t have visited. Third Man Movie Tour

Gasometer City Tour

Vienna tours: Gasometer cityFrench star architect Jean Nouvel and three other renowned Austrian architects have put their stamp on Vienna’s most exciting urban re-design project, Gasometer City.

This tour will take you to experience contemporary local architecture and design which transformed four giant 19th-century bricked community gas containers. Gasometer city is also a showcase for contemporary urban living: Vienna’s closest knit community came into existence long before the Gasometers were finished. Gasometer City

Self-Guided Vienna Tours

If you want to tour Vienna on your own, the best options are:

  • Taking a tour on the Vienna Ringtram. The tramways tour the Ringstrasse with all its state buildings and grand hotels, and are equipped with excellent audio guides and LCD screens.
  • Rent a bike with a bike rental firm. There are a few bike rental firms that supply you with tour maps and also deliver the bikes directly to your hotel.
  • Rent a Vienna Citybike. The city’s public bike rental scheme has dozens of pick-up and drop-off points in town and is open to visitors.
  • Take a simple walk. I have mapped out a few of my favourite Vienna walks that may inspire you.

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