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Vienna Sights: Secession building

Vienna Secession Building: History And What To See

Art Nouveau Architecture Gem

Vienna Secession: main entranceVienna Secession. Whether you love good design, Art Nouveau or the smell of revolution. The Secession deserves a red flag in your travel itinerary.

The Secession is the most successful provocation by Viennese architects and artists. It blends early Modernism and late Art Nouveau architecture like no other. The building’s stern white cubes boast gold-plated laurel leafs, owls and twirling lines, topped with a giant globe of golden laurel. The Viennese call it ‘Krauthappel’ (cabbage head).

How The Vienna Secession Started

Vienna Secession: vase and Ver Sacrum inscriptionThe Secession is one of the few Vienna attractions that ripped local tastes apart: It was designed by Joseph Maria Olbrich and revolutionary artists of the Association of Visual Artists of Austria, among them Gustav Klimt, Josef Hoffmann and Koloman Moser, as their own exhibition house in 1898. The Secessionists wanted to break with the art of Historicism that you find mostly on Ringstrasse. Their motto, which decorates the main entrance: ‘To every age its art, to art its freedom.’

Originally among the most shocking Vienna sights, the Viennese Council banned the project from its intended location on Ringstrasse boulevard to ‘second row’ at Friedrichstrasse.

What To Watch Out For

Vienna Secession: detail with owlsThe three female reliefs above the entrance symbolise architecture, visual arts and sculpture. The Secessionists wanted to unify those three art forms in one harmonious oeuvre.
Vienna Unwrapped symbolMy tip: Walk around the building to see the owls (photo), decorative lines and ornaments at the exterior walls. The interior is dedicated to temporary modern exhibitions, and quite plain in itself, apart from the absolutely marvellous Beethoven frieze.

Gustav Klimt’s Beethoven Frieze

Vienna Secession: Beethoven FriezeWith the Beethoven frieze, Gustav Klimt visualised Richard Wagner’s interpretation of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. The 34 metre long fresco runs round the walls of an entire room and is so beautiful you could wrap yourself in it. The frieze groups different allegoric characters into a cycle, which symbolise the search of man for happiness: joy, passion, violence, illness, madness, death, the arts, lust and unchastity. (photo: Wikimedia Commons).

Opening Hours And Guided Tours

Location: Friedrichstrasse 12 (close to Karlsplatz and Naschmarkt), A-1010 Vienna
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 6pm; closed on 1 May, 1 November and 25 December; 24 December :10am to 4pm; 1 January: 12 to 6pm.
Guided tours: Saturdays, 3pm; Sundays 11am;

Vienna Secession Art Walking Tour

Vienna Secession: entranceThis tour gets you closer to Viennese Art Nouveau and Modernism, which shaped key parts of Vienna’s look, next to historistic and baroque architecture. The tour guide is a well-versed art scholar and licensed guide, so expect to thoroughly deepen your insight into Wiener Jugendstil.

Start at the Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art, my all time favourite for modernist furniture and design. Move on to learn about the Wiener Werkstätte arts and crafts movement, visit Otto Wagner’s famous Austrian Postal Savings Bank (Österreichische Postsparkasse), followed by the Wiener Secession and the characteristic metro entrances designed by Wagner.
Learn more about the art walking tour.

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