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Vienna restaurants booking tool: Delinski

Vienna Restaurants Booking Tool: Fast Table Reservations

Vienna restaurants booking review: Delinski, main pageVienna Restaurants Booking Tool. Over the years I have found an easy way of booking the best restaurants in Vienna. Some travellers find that securing good restaurants makes up a chunk of their travel planning time so I’ll share my experience with my favourite Vienna restaurants booking site with you.

Delinski allows you to book tables at selected local restaurants, from down-to-earth insider gems to popular gourmet temples. Any other booking site does this. What I find so appetising about this site is its user-friendly layout. That slide show of recently booked places at the start is the perfect opener of where to eat in Vienna.  (A bit of spontaneity spices any travel plan.) If you know your travel dates, use the quick search facility just underneath.

Alternatively, scroll down for a list of Vienna restaurants by district. Fine tune that list by type of cuisine and price. If you have some time in Vienna at your hands, searching by cuisine and price may lead you to charming local areas you’d otherwise never have discovered, such as the second, fourth, seventh, eighth and ninth districts.

Vienna Restaurants At A Discount

Vienna restaurants booking review: Delinski's discountVienna Restaurants Booking Tool. Each booking costs EUR 5 though you receive a 25-30 per cent discount on your restaurant bill. This means that even at an unexpensive restaurant such as Oberlaaer Dorfwirt in a down-to-earth local neighbourhood two people tend to save around EUR 16 net. When you visit the restaurant your discount should automatically show up on your bill. (When I payed at my last ‘Delinski restaurant’ in February 2016 it worked perfectly well.) From my experience it works better to advise the waiter that you booked via Delinski before he brings the bill, to make sure they get it right the first time.

The restaurant’s location is indicated on a Google map, and there are direct links to the restaurant’s website on each booking page.

My tip: Wait until two to one weeks before your trip to book. You will find a richer selection of great places.

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