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Vienna restaurant Plachutta: interior

Vienna Restaurant Plachutta: Best Place for Tafelspitz

The Vienna restaurant Plachutta is my number one local restaurant in the middle range. I don’t know how often I have been there. Being a picky meat eater, I want top cuts or nothing. Before I went to Plachutta I used to steer clear of boiled beef: too boring, and dry on top. Big mistake.

Where Our Cows Go To Heaven

The family business celebrates the tradition of Viennese Tafelspitz, a specific beef cut that is boiled in a savoury vegetable broth before being enjoyed with roasted potatoes, spinach, and various sauces. Tafelspitz was a favourite of Emperor Francis Joseph.

Tafelspitz and other cuts at Vienna restaurant Plachutta

The Plachutta family runs a total of six restaurants in different parts of the city. Well established in Viennese society, the reputation of the Plachuttas received more than a few scratches following a scandal about alleged unjust treatment of staff. (When I was there last time in the summer of 2014, there were hardly any local visitors any more.)

How To Enjoy Your Meat At Plachutta

Vienna Restaurant Plachutta. First, choose which cut of beef you would like to have. The menu is as good a guide as the friendly waiters. The beef will arrive in a bouillon soup with cooked vegetables. It is your starter and your beef’s bath water.  Sip it with vegetables and a choice of soup inlays.

Tafelspitz at Vienna restaurant Plachutta

For your main course, the waiter takes the beef from the big copper pan and serves it right on your plate. The meat itself comes with side dishes such as potato rösti or creamy cabbage. If your cholesterol levels allow, try the bone marrow on toasted dark bread with a pinch of salt.

Vienna Restaurant Plachutta: Practicalities

Plachutta also sells its own cook books, one of them, PLACHUTTA The Best of Viennese Cuisine is available in both English and German.

Price range (for main course): EUR 20 to EUR 25


  • Plachutta Wollzeile; Wollzeile 38; A-1010 Vienna
  • Plachutta’s Gasthaus zur Oper; Walfischgasse 5 to 7; A-1010 Vienna
  • Plachutta Hietzing; Auhofstrasse 1; A-1130 Vienna
  • Plachutta Nussdorf; Heiligenstädterstrasse 179; A-1190 Vienna
  • Plachutta’s Grünspan; Ottakringer Strasse 266; A-1160 Vienna
  • Mario, Pasta-Grill-Bar; Lainzer Strasse 2; A-1130 Vienna

Opening hours at Wollzeile: daily; from 11:30 am to midnight; kitchen closes at 11:15 pm (inquire separately when booking for the other locations)

Bookings: (required) make your reservation here

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