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Vienna Private Tours

The Guides Behind My Favourite Tours

“I have searched for Vienna private tours but would like a personally recommended guide. Can you help?” Many users have asked me this question. But private tours are only as good as the guides who do them. Beyond knowing the facts, they should have an excellent narrative, and connect well with you. Check out my three favourite tour guides, in alphabetical order. Find out their strengths and what kind of people they are. The profiles are based on my personal experience and just cover a small part of their repertoire.

Gertrude Frantal

Vienna private tours: Gertrude FrantalVienna Private Tours.  Gertrude likes travellers who ask questions. She wouldn’t loose her calm if a stampede of lipizzaner stallions was close on her heels. Gertrude is a history fan with a special ability to verbally re-stage historic events. She just uses her narrative and the right sites.

The true Viennese is equally familiar with Imperial Vienna, Habsburg Emperors, Sigmund Freud, Prince Eugene of Savoy and other celebrities. If you want to get an easy grip on Austro-Hungarian history while strolling through town, Gertrude is a safe bet. My favourite is her Vienna 1900 and Sigmund Freud tour. Equally, Vienna Unwrapped users liked her Jewish Vienna tour, and her private day trips out of Vienna, such as the Danube valley of Wachau and the Slovakian capital Bratislava. Find out more about Gertrude’s tours on her My Vienna Tours website.

Email: gertrude.frantal@aon.at

Regina Engelmann

Vienna Private Tours: Regina MachoVienna Private Tours.  The best guides produce insight that connects their knowledge with both space and their guests. As we collected secret courtyards in town, Regina fed me with a dozen additional stories that lay on the way: The history of Art Nouveau, popular legends and superstitions, morals at the Imperial Habsburg Court.

Landmarks along the route become a natural part of any insider tour with her, and vice versa: You will not miss out on insider anecdotes during your city highlights tour. As we edged towards the end of the tour, Regina had steered me effortlessly towards my next meeting point in town; that is efficiency. If you want a guide for indoor visits to all big museums, churches, the Imperial Palace and Schönbrunn, or love to hear about composers, Regina can help. Email her to find out more.

Email: regina.engelmann@aon.at

Inquire About Vienna Private Tours

All individuals are licensed Vienna guides. They are ready to answer your questions, discuss their best tours, consider your personal preferences and deliver quotes. Just drop them an email!

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