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Vienna Nightlife – Best Young Clubs And Student Bars

Guest Post, by Sam

As old as the city is, some Vienna nightlife takes years off it. In case you find yourself in Wien, the nightlife is your best bet to get fully acquainted with the city. Since Vienna Unwrapped has talked about some of the best bars in Vienna  for the over 30s here I am going to take a look at clubs, student bars and other venues of Viennese nightlife for the younger generation.

Hip Hop and RnB Clubs

Loco and Ride Club

Vienna nightlife: Loco BarWhile being two distinct clubs in their own right, I grouped Loco and Ride Club together thanks to their similarities in music, environment, and overall experience. These two clubs are both perfect for you if you are into Hip Hop and RnB, and looking out for some unfettered partying and affordable drinks.

Clearly, the crowd here is young, and the location may not seem welcoming if you’re over 25. That said, regardless of age, Loco is where you go if you want to have a Hangover type experience where you have so much fun, you leave the next day with a terrible headache and no idea whatsoever of what happened the last night. But then that is how you experience a great Viennese nightlife.

Address: Club  Loco – Währinger Gürtel 172-174, 1090 Vienna; Ride Club – Stadtbahnbögen 175, 1090 Vienna

Vie Ai Pee

For some good RnB and Hip Hop club time Vie I Pee is your spot in Vienna. Above all, the flower-embellished interior and epic lighting effects create a fantastic environment. Located near the Prater amusement park Vie Ai Pee always draws an international crowd. Drinks here are not too expensive and, despite the name, you don’t need to get too fancy with your dressing.

Usually, the club is packed, with extra tight security, buy if you don’t mind spending some time on a line, Vie Ai Pee is definitely a fun place to be in Wien.

Address: Csardastraße 135, 1020 Vienna

Techno Clubs

Grelle Forelle

Talk about a banging place! Being loud as hell, Grelle Forelle (Loud Trout) is one of the liveliest most hyped night clubs in Wien. If you’re looking to have a laid back time and just chill through the night, Grelle Forelle is not for you. To enjoy wild techno craziness without a care in the world, you’re definitely in the right place.

Other amazing attributes are the great cocktails and street art of Spittelauer Lände along the Danube Canal. Please note that taking pictures in Grelle Forelle is not permitted.

Address: Spittelauer Lände 12, 1090 Vienna

Rock Clubs


Vienna nightlife: Chelsea clubAnother best of the best on Gürtel, Chelsea offers a similar, but at the same time more distinct experience as B72. While not as overtly fancy as the rest, the Chelsea Club has the distinction of being one of the oldest, and most distinguished of the Gürtel lineup. In fact, it arguably started the whole trend. At any rate, Gürtel boasts of a host of renowned DJs and live performances that will ensure you rock all night without knowing that so much time has passed. Oh and of course, the beer is also fantastic.

Address: U-Bahnbögen 29-30, 1080 Wien, Austria


First of all, there is no way you make a compilation of the most important nightlife spots in Wien without making mention of the Gürtel line-ups. Fast approaching legendary status, these bars, clubs, and joints are some of the most complete experiences Vienna has to offer when it comes to spending the night.

And among the top Stars of this all-star street is the B72 where you have a mix of guitar, electronic, and most importantly great rock music. There is absolutely nothing in the world like rocking out all night at B72. And if you find yourself in Vienna wanting to take in everything Gürtel has to offer, B72 is a terrific place to start.

Address: Hernalser Gürtel 72-73, 1080 Wien, Austria

Addicted to Rock

If it isn’t obvious, Addicted to Rock is a place made specially for people who are, well, addicted to rock! Until you’ve rocked out all night you haven’t experienced the Vienna nightlife. And Addicted to Rock is one of the guaranteed places to have this experience easily. Another exciting aspect of the bar is that, well, it isn’t just rock you get addicted to here, you also get addicted to the amazing burgers. They are so well made that some may even say they’re the best burgers in the whole of Wien.

At any rate, this place is great for rock, burgers, cocktails, and its cosy atmosphere.

Address: Getreidemarkt 11, 1060 Wien, Austria

Experimental Clubs


Without visiting four or five places on Gürtel you haven’t had a full taste of the awesome Vienna nightlife, and Venster99 should definitely be on your list here. Another among the unbelievable clubs and bars of the infamous Gürtel ring road, Venster99 is for the curious, the ruthless, the experimental.

The club is also as hip as it gets, wildly appealing to millennials and upcoming generations. Another reason Venster99 is popular is its social activism philosophy. Under the motto is “Music for Social Change,” many music events are dedicated to social causes. So if you’re young, anxious for some change and looking to vibe all night at the same time, this place is it.

Address: Bögen 99-100, Währinger Gürtel, 1090 Wien, Austria

Student Bars

Kitsch Bar

Kitsch Bar is for young people – 16 years of age and above. At Kitsch you have everything you’d require of a student bar, and then some. You have relatively cheap drinks, even free at certain time of the day (before 8pm), a clean and well-maintained environment, and of course great outside view.

If you’re in the mood for a more measured experience of the nightlife in Wien, the Kitsch Bar is a great choice.

Address: Ruprechtsstiege 1, 1010 Wien, Austria

Travel Shack 

One of the underrated gems when it comes to bars and nightlife spots in Vienna, Travel Shack is a student bar that comes highly recommended, and would be a blast for anyone brave enough to give it a try. The crowd is young and quite eclectic, full of charming souls from all over the world, and the party here goes on all night, right until dawn. As for food and drinks, the menu is creative with enough variety; with reasonably priced drinks – like you’d expect from a student bar. Thanks to a host of fun activities like billiard, karaoke, and table soccer, visitors socialize easily there.

Address: Mariahilfer Gürtel 21, 1150 Wien, Austria

Vienna Nightlife At The Café

Kaffee Alt Wien

The best part about the Kaffee Alt Wien is its traditional ambience of an archetypical Viennese coffeehouse (Kaffeehaus). Established as far back as 1922, it has resisted the urge to over-modernize, choosing instead to retain all the quaint attractiveness of traditional Vienna restaurants.

It promises numerous allure, but one of the most pertinent here is the fact that it is a perfect place to spend the night and take in the wonderful Vienna nightlife. Here you also get to enjoy some nice music, and get familiar with the line-ups, thanks to the numerous concert pictures on its walls.

As for the food, it’s as tasty and affordable as good foods get. The gulash and pork Wiener schnitzel are to die for. They also serve apple strudel, potato salad, and other delicacies, all in a beautifully decorated interior.

Address: Bäckerstraße 9, 1010 Wien, Austria

Open Space For Nightlife

Enzi lounges at Museumsquartier in ViennaMuseumsquartier

Just as they do in parks, folks sometimes visit the beautiful courtyard of Museumsquartier at night with their own drinks and just relax with friends while watching the beautiful Vienna night unfold. The MuseumQuartier, of course, is also famous for its outdoor Enzi and Enzo seats. Both are variations of slick, delightful furniture arrangements that give an outdoor “homely” feel.

There’s probably no better place in the whole of Wien to just relax, be comfortable, and while the night away.

Address: Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien, Austria

About the Author

Sam has been to Vienna several times and loves it. If he doesn’t try out another Vienna sausage stand he turns night into day at one of his favorite clubs. Back in Vietnam, he runs destination site Ultimate Vietnam.

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