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Vienna Culture: elegant ball

Vienna Culture Guide: 7 Ways To Connect You With Local Life

Vienna Culture Guide. While Schönbrunn Palace and the Giant Ferris Wheel are lovely attractions, they will not connect you with local culture. Discover seven ways that will join you up with our way of life.

Vienna Wineries

Viennese winery BergerVienna Culture Guide. Would you want to miss out on a wine tavern in the only world city with a notable wine growing industry? My hometown’s wineries became famous through the musical theme of The Third Man Movie, played by local winery musician Anton Karas.

In general, wineries are very popular with both locals and travellers. My local friend Babsi has shared her favourite neighbourhood wineries with me. Most wineries now serve warm meals with the wines, so you can go there for lunch or dinner.
Get Babsi’s list of her favourite neighbourhood wineries.

Vienna Waltz

Viennese Ball at HofburgVienna Culture Guide. Waltz and all the traditions around it are real, but steeped in tourist cliches: Dance balls (such as the Opera Ball), the New Year’s Eve waltz and carnival street dancing. Do exploit my insider knowledge as a native to give you the best experience. I can help you avoid tourist traps.

To begin with, read my primer on waltz, best waltz music and composers, how to dance waltz, and the best dancing lessons for travellers in town.

Controversial Viennese Art

Vienna Culture Guide. We Viennese are generally addicted to harmony. Because or inspite of this, we love scandals, especially in the art world. You will either join our outrage, or shake your head in disbelief. Build a few controversial pieces of art and architecture into your sightseeing programme, and have fun!
Access the most controversial local art every traveller should see.

Local Theatres

Vienna Culture Guide. Vienna’s more than 100 theatres cover a variety of glamour, burlesque, and underground; drama, comedy, concert and musical; operas and operettas; German and English language.

You can even attend a Saturday night clubbing or watch Mozart’s The Magic Flute played by historic marionettes.
Read more about the best local theatres and those best to attend if you are not a German speaker.

Best Place To Live: Test Vienna

Vienna Culture: Cafe EilesVienna Culture Guide. Vienna has consistently been ranking as the world’s most livable city. As a traveller you often stand beside local life, unaware of the hidden goodies that make living there so special. You won’t need much time to add a few local things to do – weave them into your sightseeing agenda.

In this post, I show you how you can test the seven key factors that make Vienna the most livable city on the planet – go to Best Place To Live.

Literature: Stefan Zweig And More

Vienna Culture: literature illustrationVienna Culture Guide. Reading books by famous Viennese writers gives you a feeling for local culture that no travel guide can provide. Stefan Zweig and Friedrich Torberg are among the best authors to evoke Vienna at in the early 20th century until the Second World War. Fritz von Herzmanovsky-Orlando describes life in baroque Vienna in a brilliantly funny way. Elfriede Jelinek, an internationally acclaimed contemporary writer, digs deep into dark Viennese souls. All books I recommend are also available in English. Read about the best books by Stefan Zweig and more Viennese writers. (image: illustration of Herzmanovsky-Orlando’s Tragic Demise Of A Faithful Court Official)

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