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Vienna cooking classes: kosher cooking

Vienna Cooking Classes With Private Dining: Off-Track Local Experience

Just to be clear: Vienna cooking classes with private dining are neither about instructions nor privacy. On the contrary. They are the loveliest pretext to dive into local life, make Viennese friends, and learn about Wiener habits and culture beyond the guide books. Among a few options food blogger Angelika’s Vienna Cooking Classes stick out like a fresh mushroom in a forest glade.

cooking classes and private dining in ViennaCooking and eating with a private host is set to develop into a well traded travel secret in my home city. Unlike apple strudel shows for tourists Angelika’s cooking and dining events roll out typical Viennese Cuisine ‘hands-on’ in a private setting. In fact, your Viennese cooking class will take place in the house or apartment of a local hobby cook: someone who is not only keen to pass on his grandmother’s favourite recipes for Tafelspitz, Wiener Schnitzel and apple strudel to the next generation but to visitors like you.

Together with your host and cooking instructor you will either prepare a full Viennese menu or just a fine dessert like Apfelstrudel. What I like about the whole concept is the simple local experience. In addition to recipes, tips and tricks you will make individual contacts and touch base with contemporary life in Vienna. I was once invited to a similar event in a local art historian’s home and loved our chat about Wien and everything that connected us. Whether you are a solo traveler, a couple or a group of friends, venturing beyond guide book attractions deeply enriches a travel experience.

Kosher Vienna Cooking Classes

Vienna cooking classes: preparing doughIf you are a member of the Jewish community you will likely know about kosher cooking. And you will likely have found out that the best chats all happen in the kitchen. In that case, Angelika’s friend Maschi, actually called Margarete, will be right up your street. During her kosher cooking classes Mashi’s Delishkes you won’t only find out how Viennese cook their blintzes, hazilim, halushkes, egg salad, latkes and rugelach. More than that, you will touch base with private Jewish life as it happens today in Vienna. By the way, if you’d rather just join in when dinner’s ready, that is fine, too. Each kosher cooking class is open for up to three attendees, but more dinner guests are welcome to join. Check cooking dates and online booking for Mashi’s Delishkes. Prices start at EUR 40.

How To Book A Cooking Class With Private Dining

cooking classes and private dining in Vienna: kosher diningDepending on the host’s apartment, up to six people can cook and eat during each event. On Angelika’s website Vienna Cooking Classes you will find current dates for various happenings. If those don’t coincide with your travel dates, she will be happy to arrange an individual date with you. Cooking and dining takes between three and five hours and comes from EUR 42 per person.

Check current dates for cooking classes and online booking. Do also inquire for individual classes if your stay falls outside available dates.

Note: This post is kindly supported by Angelika. All opinions expressed and English language mistakes are explicity my own.

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