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Visit Viennese Cafes That Re-Invent Their Past

Vienna Coffeehouse Conversation, Cafe Ministerium

Vienna coffeehouse future. Vienna’s coffeehouse culture is not just Einspänner, Velängerter and Melange; the water glass next to your coffee; window boxes with plush seats, Thonet coffeehouse chairs, and papers clipped into newspaper holders: It is essentially about leisure, thinking and socialising. These three elements have received lots of fresh wind in the past couple of years, but remain hidden to many Vienna travellers.

Here is some help for you to get off the beaten track and enjoy the way cafés re-invent their past as they enter the future: better ways to relax, learn, get to know new people, and share news and views.

Conversation and Debate: Connect With A Local

Vienna Coffeehouse Future: Vienna Coffeehouse ConversationsVienna coffeehouse future. This sounds daunting: Would you really walk over to a table of locals and ask whether you can join them? What if they don’t even speak English? If you want to socialise with locals in the Vienna coffeehouse tradition of clever debate, join a Vienna Coffeehouse Conversations event. You will be paired with a local Viennese who speaks English and is eager to have a conversation with someone from abroad and learn about different views. A menu of questions exploring travel, inspiration, friendship and work will help the two of you to break the ice.

Contemplation: eRead Your Favourite Paper

Vienna coffeehouse future. Six traditional cafés offer a digital media service that allows you to read 122 international and Austrian papers from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Just log into the cafe’s free Wifi and open the online reader of Kiosk-FreeLounge. No need to download an app.
Coffeehouses offering the service: Café Hummel, Café Landtmann, Café Museum, Café Prueckel, Café Sperl, Café Weimar; (as of summer 2013).

Learning: Book Heaven In Urban Lifestyle

Vienna Coffeehouse Future: Cafe PhilVienna coffeehouse future. Café Phil may not play the old-world-charm game, but there is no better place to connect with contemporary coffeehouse culture. The popular cafe is an oasis for learning and contemplation. This hybrid between cafeteria and bookshop lets you choose from a vast selection of books to read while you have your coffee and snacks, and then probably buy them.

Getting Social: Join Off-The-Beaten-Track Events

Vienna coffeehouse futureCafé Korb and Café Prückel store a little secret down in their basements. They stage regular live jazz and world music concerts, cabarets, and lectures.

Café Schmid Hansl has made a name of itself for providing a contemporary platform for the Wienerlied (Viennese Song). Café G’schamster Diener is another insider tip for friends of authentic folk music.

Quotes On Vienna Coffeehouse Future

“Before, the Vienna coffeehouses generated the future, they represented the latest streams of fashion, and integrated new trends in their furniture. They were the city’s catwalk. (…) The communication that now happens via Facebook must have a real touchdown from time to time. These [new Vienna] coffeehouses could turn into the points of action.” Gregor Eichinger, architect and coffeehouse guru (ORF, OE1 Kulturjournal, 01/03/11)

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