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Vienna Coffee Houses – History, Best Viennese Coffee Shops

My Guide To Vienna Coffee Shops

Vienna Coffee Houses. I am not a coffee addict, but I adore the Viennese coffee culture: the cake vitrines, the wooden newspaper holders, and the waiters floating between faded plush seats and the espresso machines behind the counters. My favourite cafés are those that have that special community atmosphere, great music, free Wi-fi, and tasty cakes and snacks.

Best Vienna Coffeehouses

Have a look at the best Vienna coffeehouses and check what places you’d like to visit. My shortlist covers traditional cafés, with red plush seats, globe lamps and wood pannelled window bays; some 1950ies retro style; and some purely contemporary. If you want to focus on cakes, check my list Cake Shops Vienna.

Making Of The Wiener Kaffeehaus

Vienna Coffee Houses: GriensteidlVienna Coffee Houses. There is still much nostalgia around Viennese coffee houses. That is because they have always been more than a place where to have coffee, basically since their invention in 1685, two years after the Turks left some coffeebeans when they finally gave up on besieging the capital for the second time.

Local residents have been extending the social function the Wiener Kaffeehaus to an extreme. A 100 years ago, many resident artists, writers, architects and other intellectuals worked in coffee houses, read news papers extensively, took private telephone calls or had their private mail sent there. All that often for the price of an Einspänner or a Melange which they sipped for hours.

Austro-Jewish writer Friedrich Torberg describes the coffeehouse microcosm of early 20th century Vienna brilliantly and very funnily in his classic Tante Jolesch or the Decline of the West in Anecdotes.

After the Second World War the local café scene nearly collapsed. Their main regular customers, Jewish intellectuals and artists, had gone. The Sixties and Seventies saw a revival of Vienna coffee houses, driven again by Austrian writers and artists. They were not after glamour but again comfy space for discussion. Go to Café Hawelka or Café Altwien and you will understand.

Vienna Coffee Houses: Cafe DiglasVienna Coffeehouse Future

Today, most Vienna coffee houses have blended in some changes, such as restaurant-style food, modern coffee variations such as Latte and Macchiato, and free internet access in the shape of Wi-fi hotspots. All coffeehouses have now got non-smoking areas or are entirely non smoking zones; as a consequence of an EU wide regulation rather than economic necessity. Taking over a coffee house is now also made easier through certain tax reliefs. However, what is missing for many is the Big Idea to secure their future in the long term.

Create Your Own Coffee

Vienna coffeehouse favourites: MyMeinlDid you know that you can mix, match, personalise and order your own Vienna coffee blend online? Iconic Austrian coffee brand Meinl has created MyMeinl, a fun website that lets you select your own roast and blend, and then add your name (or someone else’s) with a message to the pack.


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