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On Vienna Unwrapped you can do much more than Vienna advertising. You can reach out to Vienna travellers by partnering with me. Do you sell quality products or services for Vienna travellers? Vienna Unwrapped could refer a good number of targeted visitors to your website. Through reviews with referrals and other forms of lead generation through content marketing.

Who Drives Vienna Unwrapped?

Vienna Advertising. Vienna Unwrapped is a passionate human-to-human travel guide about Vienna, Austria: a fine boutique collection of the best things to see and do in my hometown. All of its 400+ pages are informative and engaging. I focus on what I personally am passionate about: Vienna and its surroundings, where I was born, grew up and keep spending lovely times.

The site content is written and nurtured by me, a native Viennese, 30-years local, 20-years marketing professional, and frequent traveller to Vienna. An expert on Vienna, I write about the best hotels, tours, day trips, concerts, festivals, food and drink, shops, authentic regional products, and German language learning products and services.

Who Visits Vienna Unwrapped?

The typical visitor of Vienna Unwrapped is a well-heeled culture traveller in search of unique experiences in Vienna. Most of them visit the city for the first time, are on a tight timeframe and want to get the most out of their trip. I know that because I regularly engage with and advise my readers, via email, my monthly newsletter, the Vienna Unwrapped Facebook page, via Twitter and Google+.

All this creates a highly engaging, non-salesy, and insightful environment for businesses.

Vienna Advertising And Business Partners

Vienna Unwrapped is working with a range of business partners. Among them are the following premium providers of services to Vienna travellers:

Vienna Advertising: Classic Ensemble Vienna logo Vienna Advertising: partner Vienna Sunday Kitchen
Vienna Advertising: Providing Tickets Logo
Vienna Advertising: transfer services Vienna Advertising: InsightCities

Vienna Advertising: Client Testimonial

“Vienna Unwrapped is a great portal for Vienna travellers and expats from all over the world, offering vast information on the city, hot spots, and must dos in the gorgeous city of Vienna. No wonder we chose to promote our FSK Festival (in English – “Shameless Entertainment Festival” ) via Vienna Unwrapped. When it comes to the service, Barbara was super professional and met all my expectations for the website, social media and newsletter promotions. Long story short, I would not think twice before cooperating with Vienna Unwrapped again!”

Shai Tayeb
Event manager
CIDCOM Productions, Vienna

Media and Web Statistics

Monthly Website Stats

Unique visitors: 55,000 
Sessions: 65,000
Page Views: 108,000
Session Duration: 8 min 10 sec
Source: Google Analytics (01/12 to 31/12/18)

Web Authority

Global Alexa ranking: 609,397
Domain Authority (MOZ): 49
Page Authority (MOZ): 40
Date: April 2019

Social Media Stats

Facebook fans: 2,650
Twitter followers: 2,415
Date: April 2019

Advertising And Referral Opportunities

Vienna Advertising. At present, there are a few advertising and promotion opportunities available on Vienna Unwrapped, as well as a carefully selected number of direct referral programmes.
The ad and promo opportunities are exclusive for each category: hotels, tours, day trips, concerts, food and drink, shops, authentic regional products, and German language learning products.

Email me at barbara.cacao(at) to find out how to use Vienna Unwrapped for your business.


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