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Thanksgiving Restaurants in Vienna

This page came together thanks to a user inquiry a while ago. I thought other users may find themselves in the same situation. Here is Dave’s inquiry, and my tips (updated in 2016).

Dear Barbara,

I am enjoying using your site to prepare a trip to Vienna for friends from 28 November to 01 Dec. We are Americans, British and Italians from Naples, Italy. I hope you might be able to help me with a recommendation.

The American holiday of Thanksgiving will be on Thursday, 28 November, the day we arrive. This holiday is celebrated with a large family-style dinner that always includes turkey, potatoes, vegetables, and many other dishes such as pies and breads.

I would like to plan a large dinner to celebrate the holiday, but since we will be in Wien, I would like it to be a traditional Austrian meal, instead of the usual turkey. I am not yet sure how many people will attend, but it likely be between 5-10 people.

Are you able to recommend some restaurants I could contact, where we could have a large meal like this? I would like to spend about 40 euro per person. Family-style service (large dishes for sharing) would be nice, and I would be happy to find a restaurant that had a private room, but these two things are not requirements.

Thank you very much for your time and help!

Dave Appezzato

Dear Dave,

Thanksgiving Restaurants Vienna: Biowein Petershofthe best places for large family dinners in Vienna are either taverns (‘Beisln’) or wineries (‘Heurige’). They are usually family run, serve down-to-earth Austrian food and are very reasonably priced. Heurige also offer buffet style food with lots of cold and warm meals. Large dishes for sharing are easier to get at a Heuriger.

My top recommendation is Bioweinbau Petershof, a lovely old organic winery in the northern outskirts of Vienna in Stammersdorf. Unlike other popular winery areas, Stammersdorf remains largely off-the-beaten tourist track. The winery arranges family events in their old wine cellar.

The other winery for great family dinners is Weinhof Zimmermann in the picturesque suburb of Neustift am Walde. The building and interiors are very traditional.

One of Vienna’s best taverns that is just a stone’s throw off the city centre is Gasthaus Grünauer. Their food is lovely, the wines good, and the interiors cosy.

The other tavern I warmly recommend is Silberwirt in the fifth district of Margareten. The 200 year old Beisl serves fantastic food and good wine. Its interiors have been updated but preserve the cosy look and feel of the classic taverns.

All of these places do have either non-smoking rooms or non-smoking tables. Do make sure to address this when you book a table. Some Austrians do still love to smoke…

I hope one of these places will become your touchdown for celebrating Thanksgiving in Vienna. A happy (early) Thanksgiving to you and your family!


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