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Vienna 1900 Walk: Gustav Klimt and Beyond

Vienna 1900: Gustav Klimt Tree of Life

These two Vienna 1900 walks below follow the likes of Sigmund Freud, Stefan Zweig, Gustav Klimt, and Otto Wagner. They are wrapped in two day itineraries, ready for your travel agenda. Vienna 1900: Designing The Viennese Style “Nothing that is not useful can be beautiful.” (Otto Wagner) On its journey to modernism, fin-de-siècle Vienna sparked a dozen ground breaking concepts in art, ...

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Vienna Bicycle Tour: Vienna Woods by e-Bike

Vienna bicycle tour: Vienna Woods

This Vienna bicycle tour has two eye openers in store: It will change the way you perceive Vienna, and it may change the way you perceive a bike. I joined that tour on a warm July day. Here is what happened. Vienna bicycle tour. Our small group of three met where town meets green, where plain meets hill, and where capitalist meets marxist. Heiligenstadt in ...

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Jewish Vienna Walk: Native’s Review

There isn’t much left of the Jewish Vienna you or your ancestors may have known. But what is left, and what has developed since, fascinates. I joined a guided Jewish Vienna tour. Here is my review, alongside the most intriguing questions answered during the tour. “There is no Jewish quarter in Vienna”, our guide Barbara introduced her tour. Not even Leopoldstadt. The ...

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Vienna Walking Tours: My Favourites

New Year's Eve Concerts: Hofburg Palace

Vienna walking tours. There are travellers who book a guided walk to cover off landmarks more efficiently. And then there are travellers who love to hear stories as they roam places that connect them more deeply with those. With a few great city walks being available, feel free to indulge in your own interests about Vienna: from Imperial history to ...

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Wachau Tour: Wine Tasting And Danube Biking

Wachau Tour: Duernstein

Wachau Tour: What is it like to pedal through a 1,000-year-old wine region set alongside Europe’s second largest river, boasting postcard villages, medieval castles, apricot and apple orchards, and edible rabbit poo? I found out. Wachau Tour Highlights The guided bike and wine tasting tour threw a 24 km loop around the best bit of Wachau Valley, between Krems and Weissenkirchen. I ...

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Wachau Valley Tour Review: Wine And Danube

Wachau Valley Tour: Duernstein

Wachau Valley Tour. For us Austrians, Wachau Valley resonates with sweet apricots, excellent white wines, countryside baroque, memories of school trips, and black-and-white romantic 1940ies films. Officially, the UNESCO World Heritage site at a 45 min drive from Vienna is one of the best places in Europe to visit.  I joined a small group wine tasting tour – read my review. Wine Tasting ...

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Vienna Art Wine Tour: Klosterneuburg

Things to do in Vienna November: Babenberg family tree at Klosterneuburg abbey

Vienna art wine tour. What would you prefer – exploring historic artwork in a Vienna winery estate or roaming baroque wine cellars in a key historic site? I thought both would be terrific, and toured Klosterneuburg monastery and wine estate. Actually, it wasn’t my idea but my friend Regina’s, a local tour guide living in Klosterneuburg. Like El Escorial in Spain, the ...

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Hydrofoil Vienna Budapest Review

Hydrofoil Vienna Budapest

Hydrofoil Vienna Budapest review. Gliding on the Danube between Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna is an option if those cities are on your travel itinerary, and you are prepared to stay overnight. The small fast ship travels both ways in around six hours. However, there are a few caveats for this boat trip which you need to know before you decide to ...

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Imperial Vienna Tour: A Native’s Review

Imperial Vienna Tour: Hofburg

Imperial Vienna Tour. Does your travel itinerary leave space for 34 football fields, packed with prime landmarks and cultural treasures?  That is the size of Vienna’s Imperial Palace (Hofburg). Gertrude, a local tour guide, mapped out a special route to provide the big picture along with a few anecdotes of Imperial Vienna in two hours. Here is my review. A Family ...

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Vienna Sightseeing: Vienna Mini Car Tour Review

Vienna sightseeing: Belvedere Palace

Vienna Sightseeing Review. When visiting Vienna with my family, I want to show them how diverse it is. The sheer idea exhausts them, and bus tours are a no no: too little privacy for a family trip to Vienna.  I decided to test a Vienna mini car tour: 3 hours, 60 kilometres and 40 sights of Vienna: from the city centre to the Vienna Woods, from ...

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