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Augarten: Exploring Vienna’s Forgotten Treasure

Vienna Sights: Augarten and air defence tower

What is there to see at Vienna’s Augarten? From fine Viennese porcelain in Europe’s second oldest porcelain manufactory to a manicured baroque garden and a World War II Air Defence Tower. These are just some of the local treasures that have been hiding from tourist swarms. Here are five things you can do there: 1. Stroll Through Oldest Baroque Garden …

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Vienna Tourism Calendar 2020 For Non-Tourists

Wienissimo food festival

Vienna tourism calendar. While it is hard to get lost in Vienna, you CAN lose yourself in its cultural offer. To help you focus, this month-by-month calendar lists the top highlights: from operas and concerts, music and food festivals, and top exhibitions, to the best seasonal tours and popular neighborhood events. To find relevant dates, addresses, opening times and booking …

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Vienna Balls Guide: Kickstart Your Planning In Less Than 10 Min

Vienna Balls: Fete Imperiale

To kick start your plans of attending a ball in Wien, this Vienna Balls guide will get you going in less than 10 minutes: from tickets and dress code to etiquette and must-know traditions. Clearly, attending a Viennese ball is a must if  you love glamorous dresses, are at least somewhat interested in dancing and won’t run a mile when hearing …

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Vienna Ball Report: What It Is Really Like.

Vienna Ball of the Coffee Brewers

Vienna Ball Report. Unless you are a die-hard rock fan, visit a Vienna Ball. This complete first-hand report from Wiener Kaffeesiederball at Hofburg Imperial Palace will take you through the setting, the etiquette, the program, ballroom dancing, getting tickets in the first place, and most of all the fun! First and foremost, a Wiener Ball with all its glitz and …

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Vienna Concerts 2020 – 18+ Examples To Avoid Tourist Traps

Vienna Concerts: Vienna Symphonics at Konzerthaus

Every day, my home city stages one to three dozen Vienna concerts. To make things more complicated, the ‘capital of music’ hosts events with varying levels of quality. Let’s assume you are after quality music events and would like to avoid tourist traps. To facilitate your choice I’m sharing a list of great and good concerts below: from Vienna Philharmonic to …

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Wachau Boat Trip – The 4 Most Dazzling Danube Rides

Wachau boat trip: Grand Wachau Cruise

In romantic, historic, and fun terms a Wachau boat trip through this quaint Danube valley is hard to beat. When I first took my Portuguese husband to the Wachau Valley he loved the boat trip most, floating on the wide Danube while being exposed to almost two hours of blissful vineyard, village and river gazing. Wachau Boat Trip – Which …

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Vienna Woods: 7 Enchanting Ideas For Your Day Out

Vienna Woods: Bridge in Helenental

I grew up in the Vienna Woods, at the Viennese’s favourite outdoors. Let me share the places I know, they are quite a few.  The Vienna Woods (Wienerwald) are a large belt of mixed woodland with a couple of small historic towns and hilly vineyards, and reach from Vienna’s north west right to the south east. Towns like Perchtoldsdorf, Mödling, and Baden in the south …

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Mini Danube Cruise – Vienna To Bratislava Day Trip

Twin city Liner catamaran on the Danube

Mini Danube Cruise. If you plan a day trip from Vienna to Bratislava by boat consider taking the catamaran during the warm months. At just 60 km distance from Vienna, this stretch of the Donau provides a great setting for a mini Danube cruise. Despite this being a fairly high-speed ride it feels super safe and is also child friendly. …

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Vienna Woods Hotel – Where To Stay In Austria’s Wienerwald

Vienna Woods Hotel Schloss Weikersdorf

To find the perfect Vienna Woods hotel for a weekend in Vienna’s countryside, start with these nine top choices: from a 19th century palace hotel in a spa town, a romantic tavern in a historic market town, or a hideaway wine growing estate in a sleepy village. Having said that, I have sifted through hundreds of accommodations across several square …

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Boat Trips In And Around Vienna: A Watertight Guide

Boat on the Danube in Wachau

Danube Boat Trips: Much like choosing a restaurant, taking a boat trip on the Vienna Danube opens up a confusing choice. Do you prefer enjoy lush scenery over contemporary architecture? Enjoy the thrill of a high speed transport or rather an elegant cruise ship, or chilling in a tiny ‘Zille’? If you ask me, the best location for a scenic …

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