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Viennese Waltz – Straightforward Explained

Viennese waltz at Opernball

Learning more about Viennese Waltz not just finetunes your ears and motor skills. You also get to know another UNESCO Immaterial Cultural Heritage. Like many young Viennese women I learned Wiener Walzer in dancing school when I was 15 and have since waltzed across a few Viennese ballrooms. To up your musical and ballroom dance knowledge this guide introduces you …

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Smart Vienna Tourist Checklist – 7 Vital Holiday Planning Tips

Vienna Ringstrasse from above

After you have decided about your travel date and long before you advise your bank, mobile phone provider and pet of your trip, use a smart Vienna tourist checklist. Because Austria’s capital is small, many travelers underestimate its rich cultural offer, and booming tourism. ❑ 1. Check Seasonal Peaks, Highlights And Weekend Closures If you always dreamed of visiting certain …

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Siege of Vienna 1529: Why It Mattered In European History

Ottoman exhibition at Wien Museum

What is the Siege of Vienna? With the Siege of Vienna, the Ottoman Empire attempted to crown its first major territorial expansion to Central Europe. Initially, Ottoman commander-in-chief Sultan Suleiman (Süleyman) I The Magnificent aimed at gaining control of Hungary, a Habsburg territory. After defeating the Hungarian Habsburgs in the Battle of Mohacs, Suleiman decided to head further west. By that …

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Classical Vienna Concerts With Small Children – Where To Take Your Kids

Vienna concerts with small children: Vienna Boys Choir

To enjoy classical Vienna concerts with small children pick events with the right format at the right time of day. Unless your kids are night owls they will probably be calmer during day-time concerts. As for the set up, also consider smaller ensembles of one to four musicians. Sometimes, a few instruments will captivate their attention more than a grand …

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Vienna Ferris Wheel – 8 Insights Before You Board

Vienna Ferris Wheel

Would you enjoy a ride in the Vienna Ferris Wheel? By all means, add the Wiener Riesenrad to your list if you love nostalgic places, engineering breakthroughs, a gentle pace, and panoramic views. To prepare for your ride and everything around, gather insight and practical information below. 1. How Old Is The Vienna Ferris Wheel? Dating from 1897, the Giant …

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Vienna With Toddler: Discover 8 Top Tips

Vienna with toddler: Liliput train

What to do in Vienna Austria with a toddler? Or put differently – how to keep a 2 or 3-year old happy in a cultural capital? Because I often roamed Wien with my own toddlers, I thought I’d share my tried-and-tested tips with you. 1. Move Around In A Kinderkutsche If you like biking and have young children rent one …

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Is Vienna Safe? Must Knows For Travellers

Vienna sausage stand by night

Is Vienna safe to visit in 2020? Whether you simply like to go out at night, are a solo female traveller or an American tourist: safety matters. To give you a sound perspective I have collected the latest statistical evidence on safety and security in Austria’s capital. According to the 2019 Global Peace Index Austria ranks fourth among the most …

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Wine Tasting In Vienna: 3+ Top Finds Underground

Wine tasting in Vienna

As for guided wine tasting in Vienna local Austrian wine shops often beat vintners. Why? Simply because the latter are either busy cultivating wine, or serving food and drink in their wine taverns. In the city center, a small deli and wine store regularly pours out its knowledge about Viennese and Austrian wines. On top, you get to know one …

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Vienna Swimming Pool: Visiting Historic Outdoor Pool Neuwaldegg

Things to do in Vienna August: Neuwaldegger Bad

Vienna swimming pool. Especially when Vienna is sizzling you’ll do well adopting a fresh approach to sightseeing. Instead of adding another museum to your itinerary, pack your trunks and swimsuit for a dive into 1920s bathing culture. At barely 25 min from the city center, Neuwaldegg in the Vienna Woods lures with a sizeable vintage pool that could be taken …

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Wienerschnitzel in Vienna: My Restaurant Guide

Vienna insider tips: Pichlmaier's Zum Herkner in Vienna district Hernals

Where do you get the best Wienerschnitzel in Vienna? In a dedicated German schnitzel restaurant? Or in the neighbourhood tavern that no one in search of ‘der weinersnitchel’ ever heard of? To add local flavour, my Wiener Schnitzel restaurant guide largely reflects where Viennese residents like to go. I think you will love those places, too! Pichlmaiers Zum Herkner Wienerschnitzel …

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