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Museum of Applied Arts Vienna: Viennese Design and More

Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna

Museum of Applied Arts Vienna. Quite Italian in appearance and British in spirit, the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna (MAK) stores hundreds of designs and objects, from Austria and around the world. Most importantly, the MAK showcases the story of Viennese design. To give you an idea what to expect I’ll share the MAK’s key highlights, along with practical information. …

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Vienna Opera Ball 2024: What To Know

Vienna Opera Ball

More than any other ball in Wien, the Vienna Opera Ball embodies social traditions of the old Imperial Austria. Not only does the Wiener Opernball constitute Austria’s largest meeting point for art celebrities, entrepreneurs and politicians but attracts celebrities from all over the world. Here is a guide of what to expect, an update on preparations under Covid-19 and how …

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Forchtenstein Castle – Why Visit And What To Expect

Forchtenstein castle

Set in Austria’s hilly Burgenland, Forchtenstein Castle vividly connects visitors with 600 years of history and a world-class art collection. Across the 14th-century Austrian castle, the Hungarian Esterhazy princes tell their story of the 30-Year-War, the Ottomans, and Napoleon. And because it’s only an hour’s drive from Wien it makes a great day tour from Vienna. For military buffs, Forchtenstein’s …

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Vienna Tours Self Guided: How To Explore Vienna On Your Own

Vienna Tours self guided: Michaelerplatz passageway in Vienna

Vienna Tours Self Guided. If you are not into guided tours, even self guided trips are easy to do in Wien. As a matter of fact, Vienna is compact, well structured, not overcrowded and has one of the best public transport systems in Europe. On top, you will connect to the city on a truly local level as you will move …

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Contemporary Vienna Restaurants: Top 7 Bistro-Style Places

contemporary Vienna restaurant Lingenhel

Contemporary Vienna Restaurants. How does contemporary cuisine in Vienna taste? To try local beef tartare, grilled fish and the likes head for one of these relaxed restaurants. While they all excel in quality food each boasts a distinctive menu and interiors. Since the eateries are based in the center or in lovely neighborhoods you can integrate them easily into your walks. Price …

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Vienna Nightlife – Best Young Clubs And Student Bars

Vienna nightlife: club singer

Guest Post, by Sam As old as the city is, some Vienna nightlife takes years off it. In case you find yourself in Wien, the nightlife is your best bet to get fully acquainted with the city. Since Vienna Unwrapped has talked about some of the best bars in Vienna for the over 30s here I am going to take a look at …

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Austria Money and Currency Explained

Euro coins and banknotes

Austria money and currency. Since it is part of the Eurozone, Austria uses the euro as its currency. This means you can pay with the same euros in Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain. To start with, one euro represents 100 cents. Essentially, euro banknotes come …

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Austria After World War I: The First Republic

February fights in Vienna, 1934

Austria after World War I. What happened during Austria’s First Republic in Vienna? How did Vienna adapt after the Habsburg Empire broke up? Most dramatically, Austria shrank in size and importance from an Imperial capital to a small republic. To orientate yourself when visiting Vienna, read this 5 minute overview of the making of the republic of Austria. Since my …

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Vienna Tourism Guide Review: Which Is The Best Guidebook For Wien?

Vienna tourism guide review

Do you want to dig deep or wide when searching for the best travel tips in Austria’s capital? Picking the right Vienna Tourism Guide is essential if you’d like a complementary print guide, too. Ideally, it provides an overview, then details the most rewarding places to see. If you want a ‘second voice’ to Vienna Unwrapped, buy a good city guide. I have researched …

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Novels Set In Austria: 7 Bestsellers To Search Our Soul

Novels set in Austria: book illustration by Fritz von Herzmanovsky Orlando

Novels Set In Austria. At the latest since Sigmund Freud, it became evident that Austrians can be weird. Even more so, understanding where they come from and how they tick is key to unlocking local culture. To help you do that, I have pulled together 7 books that hold the keys. What to expect from Austrian literature? In short, many …

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