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Evening Dress Shops Vienna: Where to Get Ball Gowns

Evening dress shops Vienna: Dress and Impress

Evening Dress Shops Vienna. You have just bought ball or gala dinner tickets and are ready to implement the dress code. Where do you look first? Take your old dress with you? Buy or rent? Vienna’s top dress shops can compete head-on-head with the great European ateliers, but you get much more for your money here. See my favourite dress shops …

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Austrian Jewelry Stores: Best In Vienna

Austrian Jewelry: Frey Wille

Austrian Jewelry In Vienna Since I have a hang for Austrian jewelry are you and me after the same prey? Here is a list of the best Vienna addresses for fine and fashion jewelry: original styles and craftsmanship that shines through. Skrein Why it’s good for Austrian Jewelry. Skrein’s hand crafted pieces are probably the most poetic Austria jewelry; you can watch the goldsmith …

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Albertina Vienna Museum: 6 Reasons Art And Gourmet Fans Love It

Albertina Vienna

Every city has its boutique museums. In Wien, we have the Albertina Vienna, our little treasure chest of 19th and 20th century art, fine graphics, architectural sketches from Renaissance to Modernism, and Austrian vintage photography.  Albertina Vienna’s History And Collections Albertina Vienna. In fact, the Albertina’s name comes from Count Albert von Sachsen-Teschen, one of Empress Maria Theresa’s sons-in-law.  Different from most traditional …

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Vienna Art Nouveau Walk: Practical Guide and Map

Art Nouveau Walk: Majolika House

Vienna Art Nouveau Walk. To explore Art Nouveau on your own, embark on an enlightening walk using this comprehensive guide and mapped out walking route. Besides top works of Wiener Jugendstil like the Vienna Secession and Otto Wagner buildings you will discover precious hidden gems.  Net Duration of walk: 1 hour 10 min Length: 4.5 km / 2.8 m Anker …

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Vienna Insider Tips: 10 Local Favorites In Wien

Vienna Insider Tips: Museum of Folks and Folk Art

Vienna Insider Tips. Because culture goes beyond tourism attractions build local favorites into your sightseeing agenda. To make each insider tip relatable an ‘insider twin’ compares to each of 10 of Vienna’s best known attractions: A similarly beautiful attraction that comes without the crowds and will turn you from tourist to traveller. 1. Schönbrunn Palace – Hermesvilla Vienna Insider Tips. Schonbrunn Palace …

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Vienna Sightseeing: 15 Places To Capture The City

Vienna sightseeing: Secession

When in Vienna, where to visit? And what are the cornerstones of Vienna sightseeing? To be honest, even the key places to visit can be overwhelming if you have limited time. On top, a few of them extend to various football fields in size. For example, the whole historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage site. For an overview of …

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Empress Sissi in Vienna: Guide For Kaiserin Elisabeth Fans

Empress Sissi in Hungarian coronation dress

›Where in Vienna should you go if you like Empress Sissi of Austria? Is the Sissi Museum worth your time? Below I am sharing the best local places where to trace Habsburg’s Elizabeth of Hungary, aka Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie of Bavaria. To begin with, there are more stories about ‘Austria’s Diana’ as there are places in Wien related to her. On …

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Vienna Tourism Tips – 17 Facts You Should Pay Attention To

Vienna Tourism: Volkstheater

Vienna Tourism Essentials. What facts about Vienna, lifestyle, customs and key history do independent travellers need to know before they go? Which events have shaped my home city, which buildings fill the streets, which artwork fills museums, which parties fill our calendars, which books fill our thoughts, which food fills local tummies? Use these 17 reads to shape your trip …

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Vienna Museums – 17 Simple Choices

Vienna Museums: Heeresgeschichtliches Museum

How to make the best Vienna Museums and art collections manageable during your visit? Get the basics on 17 simple choices: from Kunsthistorisches Museum, Museums Quarter and Albertina to insider gems Vienna Clock Museum and Beethoven Museum. How Many Museums Are There In Vienna? Although the official number is more than 100 the Viennese Municipality lists more than 250 museums …

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Vienna Secession Building: What’s Behind The Scenes

Vienna Sights: Secession building

Vienna Secession. Whether you love good design, Art Nouveau or the smell of revolution, the Secession deserves a firm space in your itinerary. The Secession is the most successful provocation by Viennese architects and artists. It blends early Modernism and late Art Nouveau architecture like no other. The building’s stern white cubes boast gold-plated laurel leafs, owls and twirling lines, …

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