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Austria’s Second Republic: My Family In Post War Vienna

Austria's Second Republic: post war Vienna

Austria’s Second Republic. Vienna history books are full of accounts on what happened after World War II. This page provides you with a personal snapshot from a native’s point of view. Since my Viennese mother was five years old when the War ended she shared some of he earliest memories with me. Austria’s Second Republic Austria’s Second Republic. Just as the …

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Prince Metternich 1848 Revolution: Primer on the Metternich System

Barricade at Vienna University 1848, Werner F.

Prince Metternich 1848 Revolution. In the mid 19th century, Austrian Chancellor Prince Metternich (1773 to 1859), the most hated man in Austria-Hungary, set another milestone of local history. Once you have read this primer you will understand the Metternich system and what the big revolution of 1848 did to Austria. Just a few months after Napoleon had defeated the Habsburg Empire in 1809 Prince Metternich started his …

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Battle Of Vienna – Key European History For Travellers

painting of Battle of Vienna 1683

Why Was The Battle Of Vienna Important? The big Battle of Vienna, aka the Second Siege of Vienna, marked a milestone in defeating the Ottomans in Europe. It ensured Vienna and Europe maintained their Christian culture for the next couple of centuries. Most significantly, it marked the beginning of the end of the Great Turkish War (1663 to 1699) against …

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vienna Coffeehouse Conversations Find out more about the Vienna Coffeehouse Conversations by clicking on each question. Why should I join? What will happen at the event? Which conversation questions are on the menu? Who will my conversation partner be? I’d like to chat with a local but don’t want to spend time in Vienna without my travel partner. What should I do? …

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Vienna Restaurants on New Year’s Eve

by Jim (Dublin) I’m going from Ireland to Vienna with my wife and two boys (13 and 16). What would be a good restaurant to eat in on New years eve that would ring in the New year nicely? I don’t mind paying for a good night but don’t want to go for the Gala dinners, which would cost over …

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Michelin Restaurant Walter Bauer: Before You Go

Michelin star restaurant in Vienna: Walter Bauer

Michelin restaurant Walter Bauer represented a neat little nest hidden in a charming narrow street in old Vienna: brilliant material for a triumphal discovery of a ‘hidden restaurant gem’. For years, the traditional Viennese restaurant ranked top with not only locals and travellers, but the media and food guides. The Settings At Walter Bauer After an endless search for a …

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Famous Opera Singers At The Vienna Opera House

Famous Opera Singers At The Vienna Opera House My shortlist of the world’s most famous opera singers such as Renée Fleming, Anna Netrebko, and Charles Castronovo is a cross cut through contemporary opera singing. The celebrities on this list share on thing: They all perform regularly at the Vienna Opera House. The list of 10 of the ten most popular contemporary …

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Mozart Operas – Key Facts of Top 10 Operas by Mozart

Mozart Operas: installation of Mozart's Magic Flute

To boost your knowledge of Mozart operas this one pager will put you on the fast track. Likewise, it’s the perfect decision tool if you are planning to buy Mozart opera music, prepare for a music tour in Vienna or need to decide between various operas on stage. What Makes Mozart Operas Special? In total, Mozart (1756 to 1791) wrote …

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Things To Do In Vienna January 2021: 11 Tips To Kick Off The New Year

Things to do in Vienna January: Museum for Applied Arts MAK

Things to do in Vienna January 2021. Usually, January is a quiet tourism season. However, right from day one Vienna will host a series of amazing musical events and festivals. Other than that, watch the New Year’s Concert for free, understand Austrian history after World War I, join a Vienna ball, or do some ice skating. NOTE: As with all …

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Learn German Software – Rocket German Review

  Learn German Software: Have you come across Rocket Languages’ German course? Don’t know whether this is something for you? Since my husband doesn’t speak German and I am a trained linguist we have tested two of the most popular German language training software: Rocket German by Rocket Languages, and Rosetta Stone German.  While our views differ on some interesting aspects, they align on …

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