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Best Vienna Balls 2021/2022: 10 Ballroom Dancing Highlights

Johann Strauss: Viennese ball

This shortlist summarises the best Vienna Balls 2022 and lets you know about tickets, online ordering and dress codes for each event. Each year, Vienna hosts more than 400 balls: High profile ballroom dancing events with elegant dress codes next to contemporary balls, and dance events of the local firebrigade. I have pulled together 9 of the best traditional Vienna Balls …

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Vienna New Year Concert: Reviews And How To Get 2022 Tickets

Things to do in Vienna April: Wiener Musikverein

Millions watch the illustrious Vienna New Year Concert by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra on TV each year. Concert tickets are tricky to get and carry a price tag. Is it worth the time and money to experience the Neujahrskonzert? And how to get tickets if you were not successful in the online drawing? I asked Daniel Richter, a local Viennese, and Emmanuel G., …

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Vienna Opera House: Overview of Choices, Tours and Tickets

Vienna opera house at night

While the Vienna State Opera is the main opera house in Vienna, there are three other opera houses you should know of. In the subsequent post I’m sharing my experiences at both venues and how to get tickets. You will also find tips of the best opera venue for children. CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: From 3rd November 2020, Austria will enter into …

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Stephansdom: St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna

Stephansdom: St. Stephen's Cathedral

Actually, the story of Vienna’s Stephansdom (St. Stephen’s Cathedral) also tells the story of Vienna. Not least because it has been around for 900 years and is a key local landmark. As a native I instinctively associate ‘Steffl’ with mundane things like cream wafers, radio and school kids rattling charity moneyboxes in the streets; but you will get the key …

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Vienna New Years Concert: Ticket Information 2022

Vienna New Year's Concert, Daniel Barenboim

The Vienna New Year’s Concert is blasted live across millions of TV screens worldwide every New Year’s day. If you are a classical music fan, you’ll want more than watching this glorious event canned. Here is what to do to see the New Year’s Concert 2022 live. Try Your Luck At The Online Drawing As the demand for Vienna New Year’s …

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Vienna Ball Review from Hofburg: What It Is Really Like.

Vienna Ball of the Coffee Brewers

Vienna Ball Review. Unless you are a die-hard rock fan, visit a Vienna Ball. This complete first-hand report from Wiener Kaffeesiederball at Hofburg Imperial Palace will take you through the setting, the etiquette, the program, ballroom dancing, getting tickets in the first place, and most of all the fun! First and foremost, a Wiener Ball with all its glitz and …

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Vienna Concerts 2021 – 18+ Examples To Avoid Tourist Traps

Vienna Concerts: Vienna Symphonics at Konzerthaus

Every day, my home city stages one to three dozen Vienna concerts. To make things more complicated, the ‘capital of music’ hosts events with varying levels of quality. Let’s assume you are after quality music events and would like to avoid tourist traps. To facilitate your choice I’m sharing a list of great and good concerts below: from Vienna Philharmonic to …

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Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra – How To Get Concert Tickets

Things to do in Vienna December: Musikverein

Clearly, there are no more elusive musicians than the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Because of their outstanding fame, experiencing the Wiener Philharmoniker live has turned into a life goal for many classical music fans.  If you want more than TV and live streaming,  find out how to bag tickets for one of the most famous orchestras in the world. Wiener Philharmoniker …

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Music Tour Vienna: Mozart, Beethoven And Who Else Set The Tone

Music Tour Vienna. From sound of music to power of music on the fastest way: Once classical music connoisseurs go beyond nights at the Staatsoper to trace composers in Vienna, they will know that there is more to Vienna’s ‘capital of music’ label than a tourism tag.  To begin with, the Mozart House, the Beethoven House and top music venues such …

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Vienna Boys Choir Events in Vienna – Schedule and Tickets 2020

Vienna Boys Choir

When does the Vienna Boys Choir stage events in Vienna and how to get tickets? To help you experience the Wiener Sängerknaben during your stay, I’m sharing their schedule in 2020 at different locations and how to get tickets. Learn where best to hear their angelic voices, see them and even meet and greet the choir boys. 1. Boys Choir …

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