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Learn German – Top Resource Guide Of Lessons and Courses

Learn German: Rosetta Stone
Rosetta Stone

When you learn German, it will widen your travel experience in Europe (German is spoken by 100 million people there) and possibly your social and professional life. This page is dedicated to my Portuguese husband. He helped me discover and evaluate a ton of resources, especially software and books. You will also find useful address for learning German in Vienna, from a one-hour session in a coffeehouse to exam preparation courses.


My husband reviewed quite a few pieces of German language training software when he decided to learn German. Learn more about his views of software, in particular of the Rosetta Stone German language training.


Being a linguist by education was an advantage when reviewing German language text books. Reviewing training books about your own native language would have otherwise be difficult. Learn more about the best German books.

Learn German In Vienna

It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t want you to visit my home town for language training. There are many great language schools, which offer courses for students, professionals and seniors. If you want to learn German with your own selected teacher over Skype or in Vienna, Teacher Finder is a good address. More about learning German in Vienna.

Learning German For Free

There are a few online language training communities that facilitate learning German for free. All you need to do in exchange for using the community resources is to help out other students who study your own native language. I signed up for a few to test them. Learn more about some of these communities and learning German for free.


Vienna Culture Guide: flea market sellerThe Viennese language is peculiar, unique, and full of interesting finds. Many Viennese still use it in everyday life. There are films and books in Viennese, and a dedicated form of song, the Wienerlied.

My Wienerisch guide provides a primer about the origins and essential characteristics of Viennese without getting too linguistic. You will also get tips on where in Vienna to experience real Wienerisch.

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