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Otto Wagner Vienna: 8 Must-Sees Of Art Nouveau and Modernism

Otto Wagner Vienna: Kaiserpavillon

Otto Wagner Vienna.  Unlike any other, Austrian architect, furniture designer, and interior decorator Otto Wagner holds the key to Viennese Modernist and Art Nouveau architecture. Essentially, Wagner catapulted Fin-de-Siècle Vienna into the 20th century by celebrating the beauty of simplicity. If you want to trace this period when in Wien, use these eight signature pieces below to plan your itinerary. Otto Wagner …

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Schönbrunn Palace Insider Guide: How To Prepare Your Visit

Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna

Because it’s Vienna’s top tourist attraction, you will benefit from a Schonbrunn Palace insider guide to Vienna’s most stunning castle. With millions of visitors per year the Hapsburg palace is a well-trodden path. To inspire your visit let me share my insider guide to pomp and stucco, hidden corners and insider experiences.  Why Is Schönbrunn Palace Important? A UNESCO World …

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Wachau Boat Trip – The 4 Most Dazzling Danube Rides

Wachau boat trip: Grand Wachau Cruise

In romantic, historic, and fun terms a Wachau boat trip through this quaint Danube valley is hard to beat. When I first took my Portuguese husband to the Wachau Valley he loved the boat trip most, floating on the wide Danube while being exposed to almost two hours of blissful vineyard, village and river gazing. Wachau Boat Trip – Which …

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Vienna Woods: 7 Enchanting Ideas For Your Day Out

Vienna Woods: Bridge in Helenental

I grew up in the Vienna Woods, at the Viennese’s favourite outdoors. Let me share the places I know, they are quite a few.  The Vienna Woods (Wienerwald) are a large belt of mixed woodland with a couple of small historic towns and hilly vineyards, and reach from Vienna’s north west right to the south east. Towns like Perchtoldsdorf, Mödling, and Baden in the south …

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